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While you prep for the emotional turmoil of Tuesday’s (March 11) epic episode of “The Originals,” “Farewell to Storyville,” you should probably fire up your CWTV app, because star Joseph Morgan wants you to marathon the past two episodes.

He tells Zap2it that episodes 14, 15 and 16 “are sort of a chapter in themselves.” Explains the star, “They’re sort of a three-parter. If you had them all on DVD you’d watch them as a marathon. Sixteen should be called ‘Family Business’ because it’s very much centered around Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah.”

The episode will feature the surviving Mikaelson siblings finally getting in some much-needed group therapy. “It’s them in one location thrashing out everything. Everything comes out — all the secrets. Everything’s out on the table and they realize we have to deal with this as a family now. Can we move forward? Can we forgive each other? Can we forget?”

“The Originals” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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“I intend to put up with nothing that I can put down.”
- Edgar Allan Poe

The climax of this week’s episode of The Originals centers around Le Théâtre du Grand-Guigno (“The Theater of the Big Puppet”), known as the Grand Guignol. It was a theater in the Pigalle area of Paris from 1897-1962, that specialized in naturalistic horror shows. Its name is often used as a general term for graphic, amoral horror entertainment (Source: Wikipedia). Klaus reveals to Cami what really happened the night the Mikaelsons ran for their lives from New Orleans. Celeste’s final act backfires on her. Elijah makes a deal with a surprising ally. Rebekah and Marcel return to New Orleans to get help, but face certain death.

As the episode opens, we’re in a New Orleans jazz club in 1919. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Lana (Morgan Alexandria), the queen of the Crescent werewolves, are toasting to “a new era collaboration in the face of Prohibition” (werewolves, vampires and corrupt cops). The woman toasts to their docks, their alcohol and her theaters for hiding it under. Elijah looks out over the club and tells Klaus it was his vision, it was all him. Back to the present day, a bare chested Klaus is lying in bed with the blade still inside him, obviously in pain. Elijah looks at him and says, “this was all you.” (A full circle moment?)

Cami (Leah Pipes) enters the compound where she asks Elijah if he knows how to help her hexed uncle Kieran. He says he will help her but needs her assistance. She angrily tells him she’s not playing games as her uncle is getting worse every day. Elijah tells her he doesn’t have time for games either, with Haley missing and Klaus having a mystical torture device buried in his chest. Inside the bedroom where Klaus is, Cami asks who stabbed him with the knife and to her shock, Elijah admits to doing it. She asks why she’s there and Elijah responds that of all the people who could be, she’s the only one Klaus wouldn’t immediately slaughter (nice comforting thought). Also that Klaus respects her in some way “by challenging him to see others in a new light.” Elijah cuts open Klaus and with his hand, digs deep into his chest and brings out the knife. Cami gasps in shock (And we along with her!). He then asks Cami to feed Klaus slowly from her wrist so it takes time for him to gain strength. She counters with using the blood bags, but Elijah says her blood has vervain so Klaus will ingest it slower. He asks if she would try to convince him not to murder Rebekah. He then leans down to whisper to Klaus that he meant him no pain but didn’t want harm to come to Rebekah and that he will put an end to Celeste. Klaus whispers back that Elijah will pay for what he has done. (A nice thank you for removing that painful blade from my chest, eh?)

Meanwhile in the Bayou, shotgun wielding Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Eve (Tasha Ames) are holding Celeste hostage. Celeste (Shannon Kane) apologizes to Haley (for almost killing her in the house fire) and says that she wasn’t after her. Haley tells her she’s not going to kill her and let her jump into another body. Haley warns Celeste that if she hexes her, Eve will kneecap her and if she goes for Eve, she’ll really make things hurt, referring to the howling wolves near them (Haley sounds like she’s head of the Werewolf Mafia). Celeste asks if she wants revenge for her putting the curse on the werewolves for Marcel. To Celeste’s surprise, Haley says no, she wants her to undo the curse.

Back at the compound, Cami offers Klaus her wrist to feed, amazed at herself that she is doing such a thing. Cami asks Klaus how he can hate Rebekah and he responds that she has managed to do to him what no one has done in a thousand years – rip his heart out (Whoa, didn’t see that coming!). We immediately go into a flashback, to the same jazz club in 1919. As Klaus watches Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), he points out to Elijah, that he knows Rebekah and Marcel are together, even though they are trying to act like they are not. Klaus stands up and announces he knows about two people sneaking around behind his back. Then to Rebekah and Marcel’s surprise, he toasts to the progressive attitudes in the new era and wishes Marcel, his right hand man and Rebekah, his loving sister, that they find happiness with each other. Then he goes to Rebekah and explains that he’s always thwarted her loves in order to protect her when they’ve had to run. But they have found a home and no longer have to run, so he tells her to be happy and kisses her cheek. Rebekah, in shock, says nothing. (I think she’s realizing she made a big boo boo calling father back!).

Back to the present, Klaus tells Cami he was a fool to give in to happiness as Rebekah and Marcel had already betrayed him and called back their father. Signal the incoming flashback back to 1919 on the streets of New Orleans. As Marcel walks by, Mikael (Sebastian Roché) the Mikaelsons’ father looks at him and then down at the photo of them (that Genevieve burned while doing her spell). Cami’s response to that is “Oh” to which Klaus mockingly repeats, “Oh”. Cami tells him that Marcel and Rebekah could be anywhere in the world but Klaus doesn’t think so.

Meanwhile, on their way out of town, Rebekah and Marcel stop the car to discuss their predicament beginning with a flashback to the jazz club. Rebekah tells Marcel that she thinks Genevieve’s spell failed because it has been six months and their father hasn’t shown up. Marcel thinks they dodged a bullet. (Uh, don’t think so). As Rebekah leaves to take care of some town business, she is watched by her father sitting at the bar. Back to present day, Rebekah tells Marcel they’ll never out run Klaus. He tells her they have to go through with their plan. Back to Klaus who tells Cami that Rebekah and Marcel will need a cloaking spell and for that they need a witch. Back to Marcel and Rebekah (whiplash!) in the car. Marcel says they resurrect Davina, leave town with her and she can hide them forever from Klaus. Rebekah argues they don’t even know the right witch to kill to bring Davina back. They decide to kill the three that ambushed Klaus and head back to the Quarter. Back to Klaus (whiplash again), he tells Cami that the only place they can go, is home.

Elijah pays a visit to Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami) at the cemetery and tells her he needs to find Sabine because she has taken Haley (“someone important to me” he says). Monique scoffs at the thought of helping him. She says Sabine (Celeste) is committed to the rise of the witches to which Elijah counters that she is only committed to the destruction of his family. Monique asks why that would be a bad thing. He tells her that his mother was once a powerful witch and thanks to his family, her power flows through Monique’s veins. He says once Sabine/Celeste has what she wants from manipulating everyone, she’ll jump into another body and disappear, leaving the witches powerless. Monique doesn’t believe this. Elijah gives Monique a spell from his mother’s Grim memoir that will guarantee her safety and the witches and stop Celeste. If Celeste sacrifices herself, the power will return to the ground, however, if she jumps to another body, the spell will have her arrive in a very different destination (whoa! where would that be?). He asks Monique to locate Sabine.

Meanwhile, Rebekah meet with Thierry (Callard Harris) to enlist his help in killing Genevieve, Bastianna and Celeste so that Davina will be resurrected and they can leave with her. Rebekah admits their chances are slim in pulling it off and try to convince him they need his help. Thierry asks Marcel if he’s ever gone up against those kind of odds before and lived. He says yes, the worst of them all. Flashback time! We’re back in the jazz club where Mikael and Marcel bump into each other. Mikael remarks to Marcel how lucky he is to have a woman like Rebekah who reminds him of his late wife. They toast each other and then Mikael remarks on how charming New Orleans is and wondered why he hadn’t come sooner. He thanks Marcel for extending the invitation. Marcel asks who he is and Mikael produces the picture (that we’ve seen umpteen times now). He compels Marcel to sit, and tells him he didn’t know at first what Marcel hoped to gain in calling him there, the one man who hates Klaus more than Marcel does. But he realizes it’s obviously for love. Mikael tells Marcel he’ll give him the rule of the city and Rebekah if he tells him where he can find Klaus and Elijah.

Back at the compound, Cami tells a weak Klaus that he won’t get to the blood bags in the kitchen and to get back into bed. Klaus counters that if he could have a quid for every time a woman tried that line on him. To which Cami (hilariously) replies that he’d have nothing. Klaus says women have found him charming and flashes back to guess where — 1919. He’s in bed with the Lana, when Elijah walks in on them. Klaus shows the theater tickets she has given all four of them for that night’s opera. Lana promises to introduce Elijah to the soprano if he doesn’t eat her. Elijah responds, “Oh Lana, a good soprano is never dinner” (oh my!). Back to the present, Klaus tells Cami his favorite opera is Guignol, a kind of Romeo and Juliet story where in the end there is a great massacre and the father kills his own son, to which the irony is not lost on Klaus.

Back in the Bayou, Celeste finishes mixing up herbs and a paste in a jar and hands it to Haley. Celeste tells her it will act like a conduit so that on the next full moon when her people are human, she needs to feed it to them and the curse will be broken. Haley thinks it’s a great way to poison them. Celeste says she has no reason to hate her; that she likes her in fact. She says she was Haley once; she was in love with Elijah who only loved Klaus and a lot of people died for it. She’s giving Haley the one chance she didn’t take – to be free of the Originals. Eve asks Haley is she believes her when Elijah arrives on the scene and tells Haley that Celeste lies and can’t be trusted. Haley tells him she knows he wants revenge, but he can have her the next full moon when the cure works. Elijah suggests it would take an army to hold Celeste for an entire month. Haley responds that she’s got one and the wolves around her begin to howl. Haley tells Elijah to help her or get out of her way, and he grabs the jar and Celeste and takes off. (Not very nice of you, Elijah!)

Elijah throws Celeste against a tree (her hands now tied) and confronts her about the elixir in the jar he holds. Celeste says it will break the curse and Elijah wants to know why she’s breaking the curse after the years of torment she placed on the werewolves. Celeste responds because it’s the best thing she can do for Haley and the worst she can do to Elijah. She said if Elijah kills her and breaks the jar, Haley will hate him for taking her family from her. He has a choice to either give Haley the jar and lose her or deny her and see what happens.

At a warehouse on the docks, Thierry is meeting with Bastianna (Shannon Eubanks) and Genevieve (Elyse Levesque). Genevieve wants the information he said would interest them. Thierry tells them that Marcel and Rebekah are back in town and think that by killing all three of them (includes Sabine) then they can resurrect Davina. He says he’ll take them to Marcel and Rebekah but wants something in return. When Bastianna asks what that is, he says, “your life” and bares his fangs. But Bastianna starts chanting, sending Thierry to the floor holding his head in pain. Out of nowhere come Marcel and Rebekah. Marcel takes down Bastianna, rips her head off and it flies across the room (Ewwww!) while Rebekah slams Genevieve up against some crates. But Genevieve fights them off with a spell and escapes, warning them she’ll burn them if they follow her. Marcel tells Rebekah it’s okay but she says they’ve lost the element of surprise. Marcel refuses to leave without Davina.

Back at the compound, Klaus tells Cami not to speak to him about Elijah. Cami counters that Elijah loves him to which Klaus agrees. He says he has proved it over and over even when his father enlisted Elijah to kill him (I feel a flashback coming on). And we’re back in 1919 at the mansion where a dapper looking Elijah is confronted by Mikael who takes the theater tickets. He tells Elijah he would never hunt him; he was always his son. He asks Elijah to help him put down Klaus for good. He goes for Mikael who easily body slams Elijah into the wall (splintering it no less!). While picking wood off his jacket (too funny), Elijah tells Mikael he would never betray Klaus. Mikael counters that Klaus is an abomination that you do not talk to or reason with, you get rid of him and he’s asking Elijah to help him kill Klaus. Back to present day, Cami reminds Klaus that he’s immortal but Klaus says The Originals can be killed. His father had the means to do it — a white oak stake fashioned by him that would take away their immortality.

Returning to the flashback, Mikael attacks Elijah with the white oak stake, asking him to choose; Either stand with him or fall with Klaus. Elijah holds him off with “I will always…”, his father thinking he has chosen his side. But when Mikael lowers the stake, he finishes the sentence “with him,” and Mikael takes a piece of splintered wood out of the wall and stabs Elijah in the chest. (Clever set-up; This is why the wall splintered into wood pieces when Elijah fell into it). Back to present day, Klaus tells Cami that Elijah has always carried the guilt of not stopping their father. Klaus told him there’s nothing you can do about it when your father wants to kill you. Klaus’ cell phone buzzes and he announces that Rebekah and Marcel have been spotted in town. He tells Cami that story time is over and smashes a small bust. Out of it, Klaus pulls a white oak stake that he tells Cami is his own special kind that unlike his father’s, it can not be destroyed. Klaus then flashes from the room with Cami in pursuit.

Outside, Cami finds Klaus feeding on a passer-by. When she asks him what he is doing, he tells her if she’d been paying attention he is going to kill his sister (great line). He just needed sustenance with a little less vervain in it. Cami tries to reason with him that even when Davina showed her everything he had done and taken from her; when she had the opportunity to stab him with the blade, she weighed the good she saw in him to the evil he has done and stopped because she knew she’d regret it. She reminds him that he’s going after his sister and that she knows the pain of losing a sibling. He tells her the only pain he’s known was when Rebekah called their father back to town. Cami tells him not to become his father, terrorizing and hunting down Rebekah and Marcel. Klaus counters that he’s been called all kinds of things but never his father. His father was the monster that monsters were afraid of. Klaus takes her by the arm and says he’ll show her.

Back in the Bayou, Celeste and Elijah meet with Haley. Elijah gives her back the jar of elixir and tells her it will work. She gives him a big smile, looks at the jar and back at Elijah (looking a bit uncomfortable) telling him that come full moon, she’ll round up as many of the wolves as she can and she’ll finally have her family back. She grabs him for what looks like a kiss (yes!) but then hugs him tightly. Elijah looks pained and after some awkward minutes, pulls her away and plants a kiss on her forehead (he did it again; avoided the kiss!) while Celeste watches. He tells Haley he wonders if the werewolves realize how lucky they are to have you (hmm don’t you wish it was you, Elijah?). Haley smiles, looks at the wolves and walks away. (She looks like someone in a candy store who just scored all the candy). Celeste mocks him for such a “chaste” kiss and calls him meek. Elijah counters with he never knew her to be so cruel. When he asks her what the end game is, she tells him that her game never ends but she has already won. Elijah has lost Haley who he never made a move on because of his family and now his family is in ruins. Elijah counters that his family will heal in time. Celeste tells him that if he hadn’t been so busy with his brother, he’d have figured out, like Klaus has, that Marcel and Rebekah came back to town. That Marcel loves Davina and under the right circumstances she could be resurrected. Elijah grabs her and bites her neck (and what will that do?).

Back in the Quarter, Klaus takes Cami to the spot where the city’s theater once stood before his father burned it down in 1919. Klaus tells her that was when his father was at his worst.
Flashback yet again to 1919 and we’re inside said theater before the curtain rises on the Guignol play. Klaus and Rebekah are sitting in one of the theater boxes. Klaus asks her why Marcel isn’t there since it is their first public outing since he blessed their union. He speculates that he’s tired of her and run off with a showgirl to which Rebekah replies, “Don’t be such a shoe rack” (Great line! Even Klaus is almost laughing). As she leaves to find Marcel, he asks her to find where Elijah is as well. (This doesn’t look good; both are missing). As Klaus settles in, Mikael sits down behind him. (Here, in my opinion is one excellent performance by Sebastian Roche. Even I got terrified listening to him!). With the white oak stake in Klaus’ back (near his heart), Mikael tells him not to try to run away. Then launches into his hatred of Klaus (great monologue; too long to quote) and how they will chat first before he sheds Klaus’ immortal skin off him. Klaus responds that he will no longer beg for scraps of his father’s affection and he will die knowing his hatred of Mikael was just and he will fall, proud of all he has achieved in New Orleans. Mikael tells Klaus that he intends not only to kill him, but to wipe out everyone who ever knew Klaus so that the deeds of the mighty Klaus will be remembered by no one and it will be as though Klaus never existed. As the curtain is about to rise, Mikael tells Klaus he has made some alterations to the play which he will love. As the curtain rises, there are several bloodied, staked bodies hanging like puppets over the stage. An unconscious Marcel is tied by his wrists to an X of wood planks; Lana has a huge piece of wood through her chest; Two other men on stage are also staked and hanging in odd positions.

Back to the present day, Klaus tells Cami that Mikael compelled the audience to laugh as though it were a comedy and applaud. He tells Cami that he tried to save Marcel but his father intervened. Returning to the flashback, we see Klaus trying to untie Marcel but Mikael attacks him; then Rebekah tries to save Marcel and Mikael attacks her. Then Elijah shows up and tells Klaus they must run, so they do. Mikael then stakes Marcel in the chest and grabs a lantern and throws it on stage, It breaks and starts a fire. Klaus says as they fled, the theater burned to the ground and they assumed Marcel died. Klaus says that night it was his humanity that his father took from him.
He assures Cami that he won’t spend centuries tormenting and dehumanizing Marcel and Rebekah, he will just quickly end them. Then to Cami’s dismay, Klaus disappears.

Elijah has taken Celeste to the Lafayette Cemetery. With her hands bound, she tells him he didn’t have to bite her to get her there. She tells him she died for the myth of his family and Elijah counters that she’s alive for the moment. Celeste asks him if that is a threat because there’s always another pretty, young body for her to jump into. As she backs away from him and toward the gates of the cemetery, she says every time he connects with a woman he’ll wonder if it’s her. He’ll end up trusting no one and spend eternity alone. Elijah goes for her, but crashes into an invisible barrier. It’s an Originals boundary spell she has cast — they can enter but they can’t leave the cemetery.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cemetery, Marcel and Rebekah have Davina (Danielle Campbell) or rather, her body. As Marcel walks ahead, carrying Davina out of the cemetery gates, Rebekah hits the invisible boundary. She tells Marcel it’s a trap and to run and take Davina. But Marcel won’t leave without her. She tells him to go and get Davina to some place safe and she will join him later. Marcel quickly leaves carrying Davina.

Celeste tells Elijah that the spell will only last to the next moon rise but doesn’t think Rebekah will last that long. She smashes a lighted candle holder and taking a shred of glass, she tells Elijah it’s time she find another body to play in, and jams the glass into her own throat. As Sabine’s body lies on the ground, Monique appears and tells Elijah that he was right and points him in a direction to go. In a flashback, we see Monique casting Elijah’s mother’s spell over the bones of the original Celeste and covering them over with a cloth. Elijah walks in the direction Monique pointed. Meanwhile, the bones have turned into flesh and bone Celeste and she wakes up (Never saw this coming! Bravo, Elijah!). Elijah walks in on her and a shocked Celeste (Raney Branch) in a French accent asks Elijah how this is possible. He says he won a wager with Monique about Celeste’s ability to keep a promise. She begs him in French as he tells her that she was so obsessed with her revenge, she lost the trust of those around her. And in an ironic twist, he stabs her with the very blade that she created to destroy Klaus. As she falls dying, he catches her and lays her gently onto the ground (Shows he still cared; his expression is of pain and loss).

Marcel takes Davina somewhere (to the attic at St Anne’s?) and lays her onto a bare mattress. She comes back to life in a panic mode as Marcel calms her, telling her she’s safe and he won’t let anyone harm her. (I guess Celeste’s death allowed for her resurrection). Meanwhile, Klaus arrives at the cemetery carrying his white oak stake and screams out Rebekah’s name. Showing a history repeats itself type flashback to 1919, we see Mikael walking the Quarter screaming out for the whereabouts of his children. Klaus carrying Rebekah and Elijah right with them, momentarily stop as they hear their father. Klaus feeds Rebekah so she can walk and Elijah takes a metal stake from a near-by building. Rebekah asks about Marcel. Elijah tells her he is gone and tells Klaus to flee the city and he will hold Mikael off. Klaus says they will stay and fight but Elijah tells him they can’t. The best way is to deceive him and lead him astray which he will do. He tells Klaus to take her far away from the city. Rebekah tells him it’s her fault but Klaus says it’s his and says his sorry. Just then, the see the theater go up in flames. Elijah demands that they leave and Klaus takes Rebekah and flees the city.

Back to present day at the cemetery, Rebekah meets up with a shocked Elijah asks her why she isn’t half way across the world by now. She tells him that he knows that wouldn’t be far enough. Klaus appears and tells Elijah to get away from her, that Rebekah is his. Elijah grips the torture blade in his hand and bares his fangs at Klaus. Klaus’ gold eyes show his wolf side. The fight has begun (Bring it on!).

What a powerful and brilliant this entire episode this was, ending with the stand-off for an epic Battle of the Brothers. Lots of answers to that night at the theater. Loved how the writers brilliantly tied in the name of the real theater — The Theater of the Big Puppet (I mentioned it at the beginning of this recap) — with how Mikael had everyone positioned on the stage. We finally see the end of Celeste and her body jumping days and what Elijah did, in having her return to her original body, was fantastic revenge. Her revenge game has worked as Klaus and Elijah are now pit against each other over Rebekah. Each holds an instrument of death, so who will die or will anyone die? Will we see a major character die? We knew Rebekah and Marcel couldn’t stay away from New Orleans, for different reasons. But will Davina be able to save Rebekah or will she want to? Will she help Marcel get Rebekah back? And what happened to Genevieve? Will she and Monique band together to bring back the witches? Or team up to destroy the Originals? Will this be the new threat? Will this be possible, now that Celeste’s power has returned to the earth? What happened to Mikael that night? Did Elijah destroy him or is he still on the loose?

What did you think of this episode? Tell us what you think!

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