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When Joseph Morgan joined The Vampire Diaries, his character Klaus took the show by storm. At first, we hated him, but the bad boy quickly found a place in our hearts. Now with his own show, The Originals, which has found widespread popularity with fans, Morgan is clearly enjoying the experience. We talked with the actor about the upcoming Season 1 final and the future of the show and Klaus.

On Klaroline
Of course, we had to know about Caroline (Candice Accola)! We asked Morgan if there was any news on another crossover for him on The Vampire Diaries in the near future. Though he was a bit reluctant to go into detail, he did say he’s sticking to his words at The Originals’ TCA panel.

“There’s nothing I can say to you that I didn’t sum up already,” Morgan told us. “That was my wise answer to the whole Caroline question, so I really don’t have anymore to say about it, you know?”

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The war is about to reach fever pitch on The Originals, but Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has an even bigger threat on his mind: his father.

As crazy things started happening on the other side, Klaus’ dead evil stepfather Mikael (Sebastian Roche) managed to appear not only in Klaus’ dreams, but also in the dreams of those connected to Klaus. In the final minutes of last week’s episode, Mikael approached witch Davina (Danielle Campbell) with a way to take down Klaus once and for all.

“I’m the only one who could rid you of [Klaus] forever,” Mikael told Davina. “First, my little witch, I need you … to bring me back to life.”

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There is one thing we know for sure about the cast of The CW’s The Originals: They’re all ridiculously good looking. But there’s more to them than just their dashing good looks — like where they got their starts and their many other talents. Check out these 10 facts you may not have known about the cast of The Originals.

1. Joseph Morgan supports Positive Women: Even though Klaus is a borderline despicable creature on the show, the actor who portrays him (Morgan) is actually a pretty solid dude. Morgan is a huge supporter of Positive Women, which is an organization that works to improve the lives of women and children across Africa by eliminating poverty and sparking social change.

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Ian Somerhalder (“The Vampire Diaries”) plays another round of People’s Choice Against the Clock.

Against the Clock with…Joseph Morgan

Against the Clock with…Caroline Dries

Against the Clock with…Paul Wesley

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“The family – that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.” – Dodie Smith

This week’s episode of The Originals focuses on the Mikaelson siblings coming to grips with their troubled family history and relationships. Elijah tries to save Rebekah from Klaus as they find themselves trapped in the Lafayette Cemetery by Celeste’s boundary spell. Marcel makes a deal with a surprising ally.

As the episode opens with a flashback, Rebekah (Callie McClincy) is a little girl in her bed, frightened of a lightening storm outside. Next to her straw bed, Klaus (Aidan Flowers) as little boy, and another brother are sleeping in another straw bed. Klaus wakes up and goes over to Rebekah. He tells her not to be afraid, that it’s only a storm and he won’t let it hurt her. He then retrieves a carved wooden toy that is a knight on a horse. He gives the large chess piece to Rebekah. He says it’s a brave knight and that now she will be brave too. She asks him to stay with her until the storm ends. Klaus takes her hand and says he will be with her to the end, no matter what. (So sweet!).

Back to present day, inside the Lafayette Cemetery, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) corners Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt). He tells them both not to move, but Elijah tells Rebekah to run. She says she can’t because of the boundary spell and then points out (no pun intended) that Klaus has the white oak stick. Klaus points it at Rebekah and says it’s for her. Elijah gets Rebekah to leave because it only angers Klaus seeing her, and she disappears. Klaus accuses him of siding with “that traitor” to which Elijah says he is not taking sides. Armed with the torture blade, Elijah tells Klaus he will not allow him to hurt their sister. Klaus reminds him they can’t leave the cemetery, and asks how long he can defend her. Elijah says however long it takes, by whatever means necessary. (Let the battle begin!)

Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) is at St. Anne’s, on his cell with Rebekah promising that he won’t leave her and to do everything to stay alive; he’ll find a way to get her out. He tells her to stay away from Klaus. Rebekah says she’s never seen Klaus out of his mind with such rage before. She reminds him of the boundary spell and says her options of staying away from Klaus are quite limited. Marcel tells her Davina will find a loophole and get her out and then they can all leave together. Rebekah tells him she can’t go back to running for centuries, like she has done before. Marcel again promises to rescue her.

Meanwhile, up in the attic of St Anne’s, Marcel brings Davina (Danielle Campbell) some organic candles, incense, and other “stuff” to help her get back to normal. He tells her the witches are celebrating that 3 of the 4 sacrificed girls are back and now they are stronger. He tells her that they say their ancestors were teaching them while they were dead. Davina says that it was not like that for her. It was just cold, empty, and dark and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Back at the cemetery, Rebekah eave drops on Klaus and Elijah’s battle of words. Elijah tells Klaus that he will never beat him. Klaus says he will kill him to get past him and reminds him that Elijah stabbed him with the torture blade causing him unspeakable pain. He tells Elijah that maybe his rage should be directed towards him. To which Elijah replies that Klaus needs to take a look at himself. What with the posturing and murderous rage, he looks just like father. (Uh-oh. Do not poke the bear, Elijah!). Surprisingly, Klaus is momentarily speechless and looks like he’s going to cry. He screams that he is not like their father; that his anger toward Rebekah is justified; their father’s was out of a mad man. He tells Elijah that none of them were subjected to their father’s cruelty like he was. Klaus tells Elijah that he’s forgotten what he was like but Elijah denies it and remembers back to their childhood in a flashback.

In the flashback, young Elijah (Perry Cox) is teaching a young Klaus how to shoot using a bow and arrow to hunt a deer. When Klaus misses the deer, Elijah tells him his aim is improving. Their father approaches and questions Elijah’s encouragement. Their father Mikael (Sebastian Roché) tells him that Klaus grows pathetic every day. When Klaus denies he is, his father tells him not to talk back. He takes the bow and arrow and tells Klaus if he can’t hunt, then he’s nothing but a burden. When Klaus apologizes, Mikael says it’s too bad they can’t feed on sad-eyed apologies because that’s his one and only skill. Then Mikael smacks him to the ground. Elijah tries to stop him, but Mikael tells him not to interfere or he’ll be next. Mikael kicks Klaus while he lies on the ground saying he needs to be made strong.

Back to the present day, Elijah tells Klaus to not be like their father; to do what he could not — show mercy not petty cruelty. Klaus says Elijah doesn’t know him at all if he’s asking him to show mercy to someone who has wronged him. Rebekah appears and tells them to stop. She tells Klaus that he is as guilty as she is and before he kills her, she wants to tell him how it was his cruelty and spite that led them to this. Klaus tells her to go ahead and when she is done, he will give her the punishment she deserves even if he has to go through Elijah.

In the attic at St. Anne’s, Cami (Leah Pipes) goes to see Davina after Marcel tells her Davina is there. She asks Davina what happened. Davina tells her she died and when she did, she was alone at first. Then she heard the ancestors whispering to her; that they were so angry with her for using her magic against the other witches. They told her that if she misused it again, they’d do horrible things to her. Meanwhile, down in the rectory, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) is lecturing Marcel. He sums up for Marcel how Marcel betrayed Klaus, a very powerful vampire, a century ago and the only one who can save him is Davina who he locked up in the attic, but she’s a basket case so his only hope is Cami, a psychoanalyst, to resurrect a teen witch. (Great summary!). Marcel reminds him that he’s hexed but then suggests that Davina could find a loophole to save him. Kieran responds that the hex will kill him (With the stuffy head cold he has?). Marcel suggests he have more faith. Kieran tells him that he has no faith because when he came back to New Orleans he’d hoped to stop the war between the vamps and the witches but Marcel dashed that hope for the city, and for himself, when he brought back an Original. Marcel says Davina will bring Klaus down but Kieran disputes that. He says Klaus will hunt down Marcel and tear him apart. He reaps what he sows. (Ouch!).

Back at the cemetery, Klaus sits up high on a grave stone and announces that the trial of Rebekah Mikaelson has begun. Rebekah remarks that his ego is still in tack. Elijah tells her to speak her truth and he’ll keep Klaus in check. Klaus asks her how she pleads to betraying her own blood. She tells him to shut up and listen. He asks her why she summoned their father and she said because she knew Klaus feared him and wanted Klaus to run. She says Klaus is hateful and denied her the freedom to love. She tells him he was cruel and manipulative; Klaus counters he was trying to protect her from imbeciles, leeches and her own poor judgment. (How comforting). She asks him why he forbid her to love Marcel. Klaus angrily tells not to mention his name. She asks Klaus whatever happened to the sweet boy who made her laugh; gave her gifts, who loved art and music. Rebekah says she wanted to be like him and asks how he could have fallen so far. Elijah chimes in that Klaus accuses Rebekah of betrayal yet no one has stood by his side for so long. Perhaps it is Klaus who has forgotten.

In a flashback, Mikael is beating Klaus with a whip as Elijah recounts their father did this because he caught Klaus whittling chess pieces with his hunting knife. Elijah feared for Klaus’ life and tried unsuccessfully to stop the beating. Rebekah tried to stop it by pointing a large sword at their father. He takes the sword away and accuses her of standing against him for Klaus. Their father then leaves them. Back to the present, Klaus accuses Elijah of painting Rebekah as his protector but that she betrayed him out of lust for Marcel. He tells Elijah that he might temper his rage if Rebekah admits that she betrayed him out of her own idiocy. That Marcel used her so that he could oust the Mikaelsons and take his city. Rebekah denies that Marcel manipulated her. She says they loved each other and it was the lack of respect for their love that led to Klaus’ ruin. Klaus asks why then did Marcel not come after her? Rebekah says she will not renounce Marcel. It was she who called Mikael, not Marcel. She did it because of Klaus’ wickedness. Elijah tries to interrupt twice, seeing Klaus getting more and more worked up, but Rebekah talks over him (Elijah looks exasperated. You can’t stop a woman when she’s on a roll!). She admits she was afraid of their father and hated him, but he was a lesser evil than Klaus. She tells Klaus she’d do it all over again if she had to. Klaus tries to stab Rebekah but Elijah knocks him down and grabs the white oak stake. Elijah tells Rebekah to leave. He tells Klaus that since he wouldn’t listen to her, he must deal with him. Elijah raises his arms holding the white oak stake in one hand, and the torture blade in the other. (Klaus doesn’t look like he’s worried!).

Back in the attic, Cami tells Davina she’s studied the effects of trauma and abuse; the witches that forced her into the ritual lied to her. Davina tells her that nothing Cami has studied in a book can help her. She tells Davina that when her brother died she became sad and self-blaming for what happened but she decided that after weeks of feeling that way, she wasn’t going to let it affect her. Davina says it isn’t that simple; the witches aren’t going to let her go. Cami tells her that no one can control her. Davina asks who can she even trust. Meanwhile, Marcel is on his way up the stairs to her room when he stops to listen to their conversation. She tells Cami can she trust herself. Marcel tried to use her again to help Rebekah as soon as she came back. She asks Cami to be honest; that she wants something too. Cami says yes, to get Davina’s help for her sick uncle. She tells Davina she’s only there because she cares. Davina says the only the witches can help her, but she can’t ask for their help because they hate her for what she did. A dejected Marcel turns around and leaves without going in to see Davina.

At the cemetery, a hidden Rebekah tells Marcel (via cell) that she isn’t surprised that Davina can’t help. Marcel promises to get another witch but Rebekah isn’t convinced. Marcel tells her not to provoke Klaus again but she said she did when he accused Marcel of seducing her to get Mikael. Marcel denies it. Rebekah regrets that they almost got away even though Klaus would eventually hunt them down. Marcel doesn’t think Klaus will kill her, because she’s his sister, but Rebekah tells him that Klaus will surely kill him even though he is like a son to Klaus. Rebekah finds death terrifying; being here one minute and gone the next. She never has had to think about hit because she is an Original. She tells Marcel to run before the moon is at its apex and Klaus is free. She ends the call.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the cemetery, Klaus asks Elijah what he’s going to do. Tunde’s blade could put him down but the white oak stake would finish him off for good. Elijah tells him he has no taste for fratricide unlike Klaus. He’s got the stake to keep it from Klaus and the blade is insurance. Klaus asks why Elijah defends Rebekah because she also betrayed him when she summoned Mikael. Elijah responds that he likes to remember her the way she was, before they became what they became. (I feel flashback coming on). Flashback to when they were children, all five siblings playing together and having fun. He remembers her as an innocent girl; quick to laugh and full of life. Klaus says his memories make the betrayal more painful so Elijah asks him if he can’t accept part of the blame. Klaus scoffs at his remark and says she’s always hated him. She didn’t want to run him off, she wanted him dead. Elijah says that’s not true and that he has no idea what Rebekah was prepared to do for him. (Flashback coming!). In a flashback, Rebekah is holding a knife over her sleeping father.

Elijah says she can be stubborn, impetuous, dangerous when she perceives an injustice. And never more so than the night she tried to kill Mikael. Klaus doesn’t believe him. Elijah says she would have done it if he had not stopped her. A flashback shows Elijah taking the knife from her. He wishes he could go back to that moment and finish the task himself. Klaus asks him why he’s telling him this now. Elijah says Rebekah acts without thinking sometimes, that she’s quick to temper and to fall in love, but she loves Klaus. Rebekah listens in as Elijah tells him that his malicious actions have broken her heart. He doesn’t blame her for summoning their father even though it was a mistake. Klaus says he does and quickly moves across the cemetery and Elijah blocks his path. Klaus tells him he’ll just have to use the white oak stake, because if he uses the blade, he’ll have to take it out again some day and Klaus will hate him as much as Rebekah. (Goading him!). Klaus accuses him of seeing in himself what he abhors in Klaus; that Elijah just dresses it up with suits and a mask of civility and eloquence when he’s every bit the abomination that Klaus is, or worse. Klaus tells him to use the stake, but Elijah throws it away. Elijah tells Klaus that he isn’t such a coward that he would kill him; but if he has to make him suffer to protect Rebekah, he will. Klaus turns and walks away saying that Elijah won’t do it because he still thinks there’s hope to redeem Klaus, the bastard, and if so, then there’s hope for himself. Klaus suddenly attacks Elijah, sticking the blade into his stomach. Elijah screams out in surprise and pain as Klaus gets up into his face and says, “Now you know how it feels.” The blade disappears into Elijah and he collapses. Rebekah appears behind Klaus shortly afterwards and says, “That was supposed to be my line”. (Yes, it was!). Klaus turns around to see Rebekah holding the stake. She tells Klaus she now decides who lives and who dies. (You go, girl!). Rebekah tells Klaus she’s taking out the blade from Elijah but Klaus says she has to kill him first. And she has the means to do so now. Rebekah says she didn’t want to kill him; she wanted him to run. Klaus calls her a liar. She tells him that he wants to kill her to justify what he did instead of accepting it was his own fault. She says instead of him being happy for her and Marcel, but in his paranoia, he feared losing them both, and he did. And he only has himself to blame. Klaus asks where Marcel is now; he’s left her trapped inside the cemetery with him.

Back in the Quarter, Marcel is meeting with Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) at Sabine’s shop. She tells Marcel that the witches lack direction but fortunately the coven now have her as their new leader. She notes that Marcel has asked her to lower the boundary spell cast by Celeste, but he doesn’t control the witches any more and last time she agreed to a deal, he tried to kill her. Marcel says he learned his lesson and wants to broker a deal that if she accepts, he promises no more vampires in the cauldron and no more executions. Genevieve calls it a nice start but she wants Davina in exchange for lowering the spell. She tells Marcel it’s his fault that Davina was shunned by the ancestors in death but now that’s over, the witches can welcome her home. She’ll be safe and not surrounded by vampires. If he brings her Davina, she will find a way to break the boundary spell; if not, she won’t be the one to mourn Rebekah. (She has you over a barrel, Marcel. She has Klaus’ negotiation skills).

Meanwhile, Klaus is taunting Rebekah about her standing a chance against him if Marcel were with her. That by now, he’s probably found another younger, prettier girl. Rebekah tells him that Klaus takes joy in other people’s pain and then wonders why she hates him. And Klaus says that is why she wanted him dead. He badgers her to admit that she wanted him dead and she counters she only wanted him to run. Klaus offers in exchange for her to admit it, he will allow her to help Elijah but Rebekah won’t. He keeps screaming inches from her face to admit she wanted him dead. She finally gives in and says maybe she did. (Nah. He just broke her down with all that screaming in her face.). A shocked Klaus (Really?) takes the stake and drives it into Rebekah’s chest but not her heart which is fatal. As she drops to the ground, Klaus looks defeated at what he’s done (Maybe he’s not the monster he believes he is).

Rebekah recovers and tells Klaus he missed her heart. He responds that maybe he did; maybe he didn’t want to kill her but for her to feel a fraction of the fear that he felt when their father came for him. He says she calls him evil yet she conspired to kill her own blood. Rebekah says that he made their lives a living hell; he tormented them. A tearful Klaus (oh he has a heart after all!) says he loves his family, her and Elijah. He loved all of them. He says he can be difficult but he didn’t make himself that way, it was Mikael that ruined him. A tearful Rebekah says Mikael ruined her too and that’s what Klaus forgets. She says they are broken centuries later — Klaus with his anger and paranoia, her with her fear of abandonment, and Elijah (she glances at him still unconscious with the blade in him) who dedicates himself to everyone but himself. She says they are the strongest creatures on the earth but are damaged beyond repair. They live without hope but they will never die. They are the definition of cursed, always and forever. Klaus doesn’t respond, only looking at her through his tears (Bring out the tissues! Heart breaking scene).

Back at the attic, Cami is with a sleeping Davina when Marcel walks in and asks how she is. Cami says she’s depressed and would be better off in an institution getting help and medication. (Wow, really?). Marcel says she’d never get out if she goes into one and has a better idea. He suggests taking her back to the witches but Cami doesn’t like the idea. He tells her it’s the only chance she has and when Cami says they have to talk about it, he says he’s not asking for permission.

In the cemetery, Klaus goes to Elijah who lies suffering on the ground. He smashes his fist into his chest (Ewwww) and takes out the blade as Elijah screams out in agony. He looks at Elijah and says, “Now we’re even”.

Back in the Quarter, Marcel visits Genevieve in her shop. She asks if they have a deal and Marcel says that Davina is sleeping and when she wakes up, he’ll explain everything to her, but now he wants the barrier taken down. She tells him she’ll channel Celeste’s power that went back into the ground after she died. She says it’ll take some doing (to break the powerful boundary spell) but she’s pretty good at what she does. (No ego problem here!). Marcel asks her to heal Father Kieran. Genevieve says there’s no undoing a hex once it’s taken root. He says fine but just get Rebekah out. She tells him to break the spell she has to let them all out, not just Rebekah. Marcel says okay but if she hurts Davina — to which Genevieve tells him it’s over, he lost, and to try and have a little dignity. (Sharp tongued aren’t we).

Back at the cemetery gates, Rebekah tells Klaus that they are still trapped and to do to her now whatever it was he was going to do. Klaus reminds her that she said their father ruined them but he wonders if Mikael’s father ruined him. A breeze stirs up some leaves and the cemetery gates slowly swing open. Klaus remarks that the barrier is down (Thank you, Captain Obvious). Rebekah tells him that she knows he hates her, but what’s done is done. To which Klaus replies, what’s done is never done; The story that we tell ourselves remains inside us so we know who we are — A vicious father. Bastard son. A sister who betrayed him. He tells her that perhaps it’s time for a new story. He asks her what she wants. Rebekah answers she wants the same things she wanted as a child — a home, a family, someone to love her, and to live. He tells her to go; to go and never come back. He tells her they are far too damaged than to remain together now. They are a volatile mix of ingredients. Klaus tells her that New Orleans will be his; he will raise his child in the city Rebekah took from him. He says Elijah will no doubt stay but that she is free. She looks at Klaus surprised and then she walks past him and walks through the gates.

Elijah finds Rebekah in the burned out mansion. She tells him she came to collect her things that didn’t burn and then she’s leaving. She asks him if he has any desire to join her. He tells her he hopes she finds everything she’s looking for. Rebekah tells him that when she brought Mikael that she didn’t mean to hurt him. He said he knows. She said that she was sure Klaus would kill her and maybe he changed his mind but just maybe, the brother they knew is still deep down inside. Elijah responds that yes, deep down; he’s still in there. She kisses him on the cheek and asks Elijah to help Klaus find his way.

Back at the compound, Klaus encounters Marcel and his vampires. He tells Klaus they need to settle things out in the open. Klaus is surprised that Marcel hasn’t run off by now but Marcel says this is his town. He came to face Klaus, to end it, in front of his people. Marcel says if he’s going to kill if for that, to get on with it. Klaus says nothing and proceeds to walk upstairs. Elijah enters and body slams Marcel into a wall. He announces that this was once his family home and he’s taking it back. He tells Marcel that out of respect for his sister, Marcel can keep his life, but he’s now exiled from the Quarter and if he’s seen there, it won’t end well for him. He tells the others to “run along” and everyone slowly and quietly walks out. Klaus tells Elijah that was nicely done and he’s beginning to sound like him; he’s impressed. Elijah doesn’t look too happy about that observation.

Rebekah meets with Marcel at her mother’s grave site at the mansion. She tells him that she, unlike her mother, isn’t bound to the land; that she is finally free. Marcel says her brothers came into town acting like they owned it and him. They took his home, his people and everything. He can’t just run away. She tells him she’s not asking him too; she’s no fool. She knows how much he loves the city. And she’s not the kind of girl that likes to share. She remarks that it was too bad he didn’t finish building their home; it would have been the last beautiful thing standing. They share one last passionate kiss and she says goodbye to Marcel and tells him to try and stay alive.

At the Bayou, Rebekah says goodbye to Haley. She asks what happened to the girls sticking together. She tells Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) that she and Klaus came to an all or nothing arrangement. He allowed her to live if she left town for good. She believes that there’s hope for him in their unborn child. She tells Haley to keep her safe from the family’s enemies. Haley tells her she can always come back and visit; she’s known to keep a secret from Klaus. Rebekah asks her to tell the child crazy stories about her Auntie Beks and tell her that she loves her very much (We know the gender of the kid already?).

Back at the compound, Klaus opens up a box of items from his past and pulls out the carved knight. He looks at it intently and remembers the night he had given it to Rebekah to hold, that night she was scared of the storm.

Meanwhile, Rebekah leaves New Orleans as she arrived — in her little red convertible. With the roof down, and her hair flying carelessly around her, she breaks out into a big smile. Freedom feels good.

What an incredible episode that was. The only sad part was obviously seeing the exit of Claire Holt as Rebekah. Her strong character will be greatly missed and here’s hoping she might return for a few guest spots in the future. But it seemed the only logical ending to the story of the broken and damaged Mikaelson family, after they aired all their past hurts and grievances, with an uneasy truce. There was no other way to have them go on because there would always be that lack of trust and between Rebekah and Klaus. It looks like Genevieve will be playing a more pivotal part as she takes over the coven of witches in the Quarter. Klaus may be in for a surprise. What will the witches do with Davina? Where will Marcel go? Will he challenge Klaus to get New Orleans back? Will Haley leave her family once their curse is broken or remain with them? Will Father Kieran beat the hex or will Cami watch him slowly go insane? Will Cami find a way to help him? Did Genevieve lie to Marcel about the hex not being curable?

What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts!

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“I intend to put up with nothing that I can put down.”
- Edgar Allan Poe

The climax of this week’s episode of The Originals centers around Le Théâtre du Grand-Guigno (“The Theater of the Big Puppet”), known as the Grand Guignol. It was a theater in the Pigalle area of Paris from 1897-1962, that specialized in naturalistic horror shows. Its name is often used as a general term for graphic, amoral horror entertainment (Source: Wikipedia). Klaus reveals to Cami what really happened the night the Mikaelsons ran for their lives from New Orleans. Celeste’s final act backfires on her. Elijah makes a deal with a surprising ally. Rebekah and Marcel return to New Orleans to get help, but face certain death.

As the episode opens, we’re in a New Orleans jazz club in 1919. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Lana (Morgan Alexandria), the queen of the Crescent werewolves, are toasting to “a new era collaboration in the face of Prohibition” (werewolves, vampires and corrupt cops). The woman toasts to their docks, their alcohol and her theaters for hiding it under. Elijah looks out over the club and tells Klaus it was his vision, it was all him. Back to the present day, a bare chested Klaus is lying in bed with the blade still inside him, obviously in pain. Elijah looks at him and says, “this was all you.” (A full circle moment?)

Cami (Leah Pipes) enters the compound where she asks Elijah if he knows how to help her hexed uncle Kieran. He says he will help her but needs her assistance. She angrily tells him she’s not playing games as her uncle is getting worse every day. Elijah tells her he doesn’t have time for games either, with Haley missing and Klaus having a mystical torture device buried in his chest. Inside the bedroom where Klaus is, Cami asks who stabbed him with the knife and to her shock, Elijah admits to doing it. She asks why she’s there and Elijah responds that of all the people who could be, she’s the only one Klaus wouldn’t immediately slaughter (nice comforting thought). Also that Klaus respects her in some way “by challenging him to see others in a new light.” Elijah cuts open Klaus and with his hand, digs deep into his chest and brings out the knife. Cami gasps in shock (And we along with her!). He then asks Cami to feed Klaus slowly from her wrist so it takes time for him to gain strength. She counters with using the blood bags, but Elijah says her blood has vervain so Klaus will ingest it slower. He asks if she would try to convince him not to murder Rebekah. He then leans down to whisper to Klaus that he meant him no pain but didn’t want harm to come to Rebekah and that he will put an end to Celeste. Klaus whispers back that Elijah will pay for what he has done. (A nice thank you for removing that painful blade from my chest, eh?)

Meanwhile in the Bayou, shotgun wielding Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Eve (Tasha Ames) are holding Celeste hostage. Celeste (Shannon Kane) apologizes to Haley (for almost killing her in the house fire) and says that she wasn’t after her. Haley tells her she’s not going to kill her and let her jump into another body. Haley warns Celeste that if she hexes her, Eve will kneecap her and if she goes for Eve, she’ll really make things hurt, referring to the howling wolves near them (Haley sounds like she’s head of the Werewolf Mafia). Celeste asks if she wants revenge for her putting the curse on the werewolves for Marcel. To Celeste’s surprise, Haley says no, she wants her to undo the curse.

Back at the compound, Cami offers Klaus her wrist to feed, amazed at herself that she is doing such a thing. Cami asks Klaus how he can hate Rebekah and he responds that she has managed to do to him what no one has done in a thousand years – rip his heart out (Whoa, didn’t see that coming!). We immediately go into a flashback, to the same jazz club in 1919. As Klaus watches Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), he points out to Elijah, that he knows Rebekah and Marcel are together, even though they are trying to act like they are not. Klaus stands up and announces he knows about two people sneaking around behind his back. Then to Rebekah and Marcel’s surprise, he toasts to the progressive attitudes in the new era and wishes Marcel, his right hand man and Rebekah, his loving sister, that they find happiness with each other. Then he goes to Rebekah and explains that he’s always thwarted her loves in order to protect her when they’ve had to run. But they have found a home and no longer have to run, so he tells her to be happy and kisses her cheek. Rebekah, in shock, says nothing. (I think she’s realizing she made a big boo boo calling father back!).

Back to the present, Klaus tells Cami he was a fool to give in to happiness as Rebekah and Marcel had already betrayed him and called back their father. Signal the incoming flashback back to 1919 on the streets of New Orleans. As Marcel walks by, Mikael (Sebastian Roché) the Mikaelsons’ father looks at him and then down at the photo of them (that Genevieve burned while doing her spell). Cami’s response to that is “Oh” to which Klaus mockingly repeats, “Oh”. Cami tells him that Marcel and Rebekah could be anywhere in the world but Klaus doesn’t think so.

Meanwhile, on their way out of town, Rebekah and Marcel stop the car to discuss their predicament beginning with a flashback to the jazz club. Rebekah tells Marcel that she thinks Genevieve’s spell failed because it has been six months and their father hasn’t shown up. Marcel thinks they dodged a bullet. (Uh, don’t think so). As Rebekah leaves to take care of some town business, she is watched by her father sitting at the bar. Back to present day, Rebekah tells Marcel they’ll never out run Klaus. He tells her they have to go through with their plan. Back to Klaus who tells Cami that Rebekah and Marcel will need a cloaking spell and for that they need a witch. Back to Marcel and Rebekah (whiplash!) in the car. Marcel says they resurrect Davina, leave town with her and she can hide them forever from Klaus. Rebekah argues they don’t even know the right witch to kill to bring Davina back. They decide to kill the three that ambushed Klaus and head back to the Quarter. Back to Klaus (whiplash again), he tells Cami that the only place they can go, is home.

Elijah pays a visit to Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami) at the cemetery and tells her he needs to find Sabine because she has taken Haley (“someone important to me” he says). Monique scoffs at the thought of helping him. She says Sabine (Celeste) is committed to the rise of the witches to which Elijah counters that she is only committed to the destruction of his family. Monique asks why that would be a bad thing. He tells her that his mother was once a powerful witch and thanks to his family, her power flows through Monique’s veins. He says once Sabine/Celeste has what she wants from manipulating everyone, she’ll jump into another body and disappear, leaving the witches powerless. Monique doesn’t believe this. Elijah gives Monique a spell from his mother’s Grim memoir that will guarantee her safety and the witches and stop Celeste. If Celeste sacrifices herself, the power will return to the ground, however, if she jumps to another body, the spell will have her arrive in a very different destination (whoa! where would that be?). He asks Monique to locate Sabine.

Meanwhile, Rebekah meet with Thierry (Callard Harris) to enlist his help in killing Genevieve, Bastianna and Celeste so that Davina will be resurrected and they can leave with her. Rebekah admits their chances are slim in pulling it off and try to convince him they need his help. Thierry asks Marcel if he’s ever gone up against those kind of odds before and lived. He says yes, the worst of them all. Flashback time! We’re back in the jazz club where Mikael and Marcel bump into each other. Mikael remarks to Marcel how lucky he is to have a woman like Rebekah who reminds him of his late wife. They toast each other and then Mikael remarks on how charming New Orleans is and wondered why he hadn’t come sooner. He thanks Marcel for extending the invitation. Marcel asks who he is and Mikael produces the picture (that we’ve seen umpteen times now). He compels Marcel to sit, and tells him he didn’t know at first what Marcel hoped to gain in calling him there, the one man who hates Klaus more than Marcel does. But he realizes it’s obviously for love. Mikael tells Marcel he’ll give him the rule of the city and Rebekah if he tells him where he can find Klaus and Elijah.

Back at the compound, Cami tells a weak Klaus that he won’t get to the blood bags in the kitchen and to get back into bed. Klaus counters that if he could have a quid for every time a woman tried that line on him. To which Cami (hilariously) replies that he’d have nothing. Klaus says women have found him charming and flashes back to guess where — 1919. He’s in bed with the Lana, when Elijah walks in on them. Klaus shows the theater tickets she has given all four of them for that night’s opera. Lana promises to introduce Elijah to the soprano if he doesn’t eat her. Elijah responds, “Oh Lana, a good soprano is never dinner” (oh my!). Back to the present, Klaus tells Cami his favorite opera is Guignol, a kind of Romeo and Juliet story where in the end there is a great massacre and the father kills his own son, to which the irony is not lost on Klaus.

Back in the Bayou, Celeste finishes mixing up herbs and a paste in a jar and hands it to Haley. Celeste tells her it will act like a conduit so that on the next full moon when her people are human, she needs to feed it to them and the curse will be broken. Haley thinks it’s a great way to poison them. Celeste says she has no reason to hate her; that she likes her in fact. She says she was Haley once; she was in love with Elijah who only loved Klaus and a lot of people died for it. She’s giving Haley the one chance she didn’t take – to be free of the Originals. Eve asks Haley is she believes her when Elijah arrives on the scene and tells Haley that Celeste lies and can’t be trusted. Haley tells him she knows he wants revenge, but he can have her the next full moon when the cure works. Elijah suggests it would take an army to hold Celeste for an entire month. Haley responds that she’s got one and the wolves around her begin to howl. Haley tells Elijah to help her or get out of her way, and he grabs the jar and Celeste and takes off. (Not very nice of you, Elijah!)

Elijah throws Celeste against a tree (her hands now tied) and confronts her about the elixir in the jar he holds. Celeste says it will break the curse and Elijah wants to know why she’s breaking the curse after the years of torment she placed on the werewolves. Celeste responds because it’s the best thing she can do for Haley and the worst she can do to Elijah. She said if Elijah kills her and breaks the jar, Haley will hate him for taking her family from her. He has a choice to either give Haley the jar and lose her or deny her and see what happens.

At a warehouse on the docks, Thierry is meeting with Bastianna (Shannon Eubanks) and Genevieve (Elyse Levesque). Genevieve wants the information he said would interest them. Thierry tells them that Marcel and Rebekah are back in town and think that by killing all three of them (includes Sabine) then they can resurrect Davina. He says he’ll take them to Marcel and Rebekah but wants something in return. When Bastianna asks what that is, he says, “your life” and bares his fangs. But Bastianna starts chanting, sending Thierry to the floor holding his head in pain. Out of nowhere come Marcel and Rebekah. Marcel takes down Bastianna, rips her head off and it flies across the room (Ewwww!) while Rebekah slams Genevieve up against some crates. But Genevieve fights them off with a spell and escapes, warning them she’ll burn them if they follow her. Marcel tells Rebekah it’s okay but she says they’ve lost the element of surprise. Marcel refuses to leave without Davina.

Back at the compound, Klaus tells Cami not to speak to him about Elijah. Cami counters that Elijah loves him to which Klaus agrees. He says he has proved it over and over even when his father enlisted Elijah to kill him (I feel a flashback coming on). And we’re back in 1919 at the mansion where a dapper looking Elijah is confronted by Mikael who takes the theater tickets. He tells Elijah he would never hunt him; he was always his son. He asks Elijah to help him put down Klaus for good. He goes for Mikael who easily body slams Elijah into the wall (splintering it no less!). While picking wood off his jacket (too funny), Elijah tells Mikael he would never betray Klaus. Mikael counters that Klaus is an abomination that you do not talk to or reason with, you get rid of him and he’s asking Elijah to help him kill Klaus. Back to present day, Cami reminds Klaus that he’s immortal but Klaus says The Originals can be killed. His father had the means to do it — a white oak stake fashioned by him that would take away their immortality.

Returning to the flashback, Mikael attacks Elijah with the white oak stake, asking him to choose; Either stand with him or fall with Klaus. Elijah holds him off with “I will always…”, his father thinking he has chosen his side. But when Mikael lowers the stake, he finishes the sentence “with him,” and Mikael takes a piece of splintered wood out of the wall and stabs Elijah in the chest. (Clever set-up; This is why the wall splintered into wood pieces when Elijah fell into it). Back to present day, Klaus tells Cami that Elijah has always carried the guilt of not stopping their father. Klaus told him there’s nothing you can do about it when your father wants to kill you. Klaus’ cell phone buzzes and he announces that Rebekah and Marcel have been spotted in town. He tells Cami that story time is over and smashes a small bust. Out of it, Klaus pulls a white oak stake that he tells Cami is his own special kind that unlike his father’s, it can not be destroyed. Klaus then flashes from the room with Cami in pursuit.

Outside, Cami finds Klaus feeding on a passer-by. When she asks him what he is doing, he tells her if she’d been paying attention he is going to kill his sister (great line). He just needed sustenance with a little less vervain in it. Cami tries to reason with him that even when Davina showed her everything he had done and taken from her; when she had the opportunity to stab him with the blade, she weighed the good she saw in him to the evil he has done and stopped because she knew she’d regret it. She reminds him that he’s going after his sister and that she knows the pain of losing a sibling. He tells her the only pain he’s known was when Rebekah called their father back to town. Cami tells him not to become his father, terrorizing and hunting down Rebekah and Marcel. Klaus counters that he’s been called all kinds of things but never his father. His father was the monster that monsters were afraid of. Klaus takes her by the arm and says he’ll show her.

Back in the Bayou, Celeste and Elijah meet with Haley. Elijah gives her back the jar of elixir and tells her it will work. She gives him a big smile, looks at the jar and back at Elijah (looking a bit uncomfortable) telling him that come full moon, she’ll round up as many of the wolves as she can and she’ll finally have her family back. She grabs him for what looks like a kiss (yes!) but then hugs him tightly. Elijah looks pained and after some awkward minutes, pulls her away and plants a kiss on her forehead (he did it again; avoided the kiss!) while Celeste watches. He tells Haley he wonders if the werewolves realize how lucky they are to have you (hmm don’t you wish it was you, Elijah?). Haley smiles, looks at the wolves and walks away. (She looks like someone in a candy store who just scored all the candy). Celeste mocks him for such a “chaste” kiss and calls him meek. Elijah counters with he never knew her to be so cruel. When he asks her what the end game is, she tells him that her game never ends but she has already won. Elijah has lost Haley who he never made a move on because of his family and now his family is in ruins. Elijah counters that his family will heal in time. Celeste tells him that if he hadn’t been so busy with his brother, he’d have figured out, like Klaus has, that Marcel and Rebekah came back to town. That Marcel loves Davina and under the right circumstances she could be resurrected. Elijah grabs her and bites her neck (and what will that do?).

Back in the Quarter, Klaus takes Cami to the spot where the city’s theater once stood before his father burned it down in 1919. Klaus tells her that was when his father was at his worst.
Flashback yet again to 1919 and we’re inside said theater before the curtain rises on the Guignol play. Klaus and Rebekah are sitting in one of the theater boxes. Klaus asks her why Marcel isn’t there since it is their first public outing since he blessed their union. He speculates that he’s tired of her and run off with a showgirl to which Rebekah replies, “Don’t be such a shoe rack” (Great line! Even Klaus is almost laughing). As she leaves to find Marcel, he asks her to find where Elijah is as well. (This doesn’t look good; both are missing). As Klaus settles in, Mikael sits down behind him. (Here, in my opinion is one excellent performance by Sebastian Roche. Even I got terrified listening to him!). With the white oak stake in Klaus’ back (near his heart), Mikael tells him not to try to run away. Then launches into his hatred of Klaus (great monologue; too long to quote) and how they will chat first before he sheds Klaus’ immortal skin off him. Klaus responds that he will no longer beg for scraps of his father’s affection and he will die knowing his hatred of Mikael was just and he will fall, proud of all he has achieved in New Orleans. Mikael tells Klaus that he intends not only to kill him, but to wipe out everyone who ever knew Klaus so that the deeds of the mighty Klaus will be remembered by no one and it will be as though Klaus never existed. As the curtain is about to rise, Mikael tells Klaus he has made some alterations to the play which he will love. As the curtain rises, there are several bloodied, staked bodies hanging like puppets over the stage. An unconscious Marcel is tied by his wrists to an X of wood planks; Lana has a huge piece of wood through her chest; Two other men on stage are also staked and hanging in odd positions.

Back to the present day, Klaus tells Cami that Mikael compelled the audience to laugh as though it were a comedy and applaud. He tells Cami that he tried to save Marcel but his father intervened. Returning to the flashback, we see Klaus trying to untie Marcel but Mikael attacks him; then Rebekah tries to save Marcel and Mikael attacks her. Then Elijah shows up and tells Klaus they must run, so they do. Mikael then stakes Marcel in the chest and grabs a lantern and throws it on stage, It breaks and starts a fire. Klaus says as they fled, the theater burned to the ground and they assumed Marcel died. Klaus says that night it was his humanity that his father took from him.
He assures Cami that he won’t spend centuries tormenting and dehumanizing Marcel and Rebekah, he will just quickly end them. Then to Cami’s dismay, Klaus disappears.

Elijah has taken Celeste to the Lafayette Cemetery. With her hands bound, she tells him he didn’t have to bite her to get her there. She tells him she died for the myth of his family and Elijah counters that she’s alive for the moment. Celeste asks him if that is a threat because there’s always another pretty, young body for her to jump into. As she backs away from him and toward the gates of the cemetery, she says every time he connects with a woman he’ll wonder if it’s her. He’ll end up trusting no one and spend eternity alone. Elijah goes for her, but crashes into an invisible barrier. It’s an Originals boundary spell she has cast — they can enter but they can’t leave the cemetery.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cemetery, Marcel and Rebekah have Davina (Danielle Campbell) or rather, her body. As Marcel walks ahead, carrying Davina out of the cemetery gates, Rebekah hits the invisible boundary. She tells Marcel it’s a trap and to run and take Davina. But Marcel won’t leave without her. She tells him to go and get Davina to some place safe and she will join him later. Marcel quickly leaves carrying Davina.

Celeste tells Elijah that the spell will only last to the next moon rise but doesn’t think Rebekah will last that long. She smashes a lighted candle holder and taking a shred of glass, she tells Elijah it’s time she find another body to play in, and jams the glass into her own throat. As Sabine’s body lies on the ground, Monique appears and tells Elijah that he was right and points him in a direction to go. In a flashback, we see Monique casting Elijah’s mother’s spell over the bones of the original Celeste and covering them over with a cloth. Elijah walks in the direction Monique pointed. Meanwhile, the bones have turned into flesh and bone Celeste and she wakes up (Never saw this coming! Bravo, Elijah!). Elijah walks in on her and a shocked Celeste (Raney Branch) in a French accent asks Elijah how this is possible. He says he won a wager with Monique about Celeste’s ability to keep a promise. She begs him in French as he tells her that she was so obsessed with her revenge, she lost the trust of those around her. And in an ironic twist, he stabs her with the very blade that she created to destroy Klaus. As she falls dying, he catches her and lays her gently onto the ground (Shows he still cared; his expression is of pain and loss).

Marcel takes Davina somewhere (to the attic at St Anne’s?) and lays her onto a bare mattress. She comes back to life in a panic mode as Marcel calms her, telling her she’s safe and he won’t let anyone harm her. (I guess Celeste’s death allowed for her resurrection). Meanwhile, Klaus arrives at the cemetery carrying his white oak stake and screams out Rebekah’s name. Showing a history repeats itself type flashback to 1919, we see Mikael walking the Quarter screaming out for the whereabouts of his children. Klaus carrying Rebekah and Elijah right with them, momentarily stop as they hear their father. Klaus feeds Rebekah so she can walk and Elijah takes a metal stake from a near-by building. Rebekah asks about Marcel. Elijah tells her he is gone and tells Klaus to flee the city and he will hold Mikael off. Klaus says they will stay and fight but Elijah tells him they can’t. The best way is to deceive him and lead him astray which he will do. He tells Klaus to take her far away from the city. Rebekah tells him it’s her fault but Klaus says it’s his and says his sorry. Just then, the see the theater go up in flames. Elijah demands that they leave and Klaus takes Rebekah and flees the city.

Back to present day at the cemetery, Rebekah meets up with a shocked Elijah asks her why she isn’t half way across the world by now. She tells him that he knows that wouldn’t be far enough. Klaus appears and tells Elijah to get away from her, that Rebekah is his. Elijah grips the torture blade in his hand and bares his fangs at Klaus. Klaus’ gold eyes show his wolf side. The fight has begun (Bring it on!).

What a powerful and brilliant this entire episode this was, ending with the stand-off for an epic Battle of the Brothers. Lots of answers to that night at the theater. Loved how the writers brilliantly tied in the name of the real theater — The Theater of the Big Puppet (I mentioned it at the beginning of this recap) — with how Mikael had everyone positioned on the stage. We finally see the end of Celeste and her body jumping days and what Elijah did, in having her return to her original body, was fantastic revenge. Her revenge game has worked as Klaus and Elijah are now pit against each other over Rebekah. Each holds an instrument of death, so who will die or will anyone die? Will we see a major character die? We knew Rebekah and Marcel couldn’t stay away from New Orleans, for different reasons. But will Davina be able to save Rebekah or will she want to? Will she help Marcel get Rebekah back? And what happened to Genevieve? Will she and Monique band together to bring back the witches? Or team up to destroy the Originals? Will this be the new threat? Will this be possible, now that Celeste’s power has returned to the earth? What happened to Mikael that night? Did Elijah destroy him or is he still on the loose?

What did you think of this episode? Tell us what you think!

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While you prep for the emotional turmoil of Tuesday’s (March 11) epic episode of “The Originals,” “Farewell to Storyville,” you should probably fire up your CWTV app, because star Joseph Morgan wants you to marathon the past two episodes.

He tells Zap2it that episodes 14, 15 and 16 “are sort of a chapter in themselves.” Explains the star, “They’re sort of a three-parter. If you had them all on DVD you’d watch them as a marathon. Sixteen should be called ‘Family Business’ because it’s very much centered around Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah.”

The episode will feature the surviving Mikaelson siblings finally getting in some much-needed group therapy. “It’s them in one location thrashing out everything. Everything comes out — all the secrets. Everything’s out on the table and they realize we have to deal with this as a family now. Can we move forward? Can we forgive each other? Can we forget?”

“The Originals” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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Consider the consequences, of betrayal; for there is no greater a driving force for revenge, than the betrayal of another’s trust. – Wes Fessler

In this week’s episode of The Originals, revenge for betrayal is the central theme. The witches Genevieve and Celeste put their torturous plan into action as Elijah and Marcel race to rescue Rebekah and Klaus. The secret of 1919 is revealed, resulting in deadly consequences for Marcel and Rebekah.

The episode opens with a wounded and bloody Rebekah (Claire Holt) awakens in a busy old-fashioned hospital. She sits up in a panic and what she saw dissolves into a run-down, abandoned hospital but no for long. Suddenly she sees patients on hospital beds, coughing up blood or dead with blood all over themselves. Then the hallucinations abruptly end and a frightened Rebeka hears laughter. She asks who is there but gets no reply so she hightails it out of the room and finds the exit. The building looms large behind her as she runs, passing a leaf covered, weathered stone marker that says ‘Fleur-De-Lis’ Sanatorium. As she stands at the top of the stairs leading down from the sanatorium, a large knife is stuck into her back. She collapses and sees her attacker is no other than Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) (Ta-da!). She tells Rebekah she thought that they might reminisce. Rebekah passes out and Genevieve looks up at one of the windows, and smiles at Celeste who is watching. Celeste (Shannon Kane) makes her way over to Klaus (Joseph Morgan), who is regaining consciousness, strapped down to a wooden gurney. His naked chest (oh yeah) reveals a pattern of red spidery lines down the middle.

At the Lafayette Cemetery, workers are bricking up Sophie inside the family crypt where her niece, Monique recently came back to life. Her niece is watching with a crowd of mourners when Elijah (Daniel Gillies) elbows his way in and politely asks where his siblings are. Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami) tells him he’s interrupting Sophie’s consecration to which a shocked Elijah asks what happened. She tells him Sophie was a casualty of war. Elijah threatens her to tell him where Klaus and Rebekah are, but Monique has a message from Celeste. She throws her hand up toward Elijah and he watches as tattoos are burned into his skin. She tells him to follow the path and he’ll find what he’s looking for.

Back at the sanatorium, Rebekah is back inside, knife still protruding from her body. She’s on a bed trying to pull out the knife while Genevieve mixes some herbs and her own blood in a bowl, near-by. Genevieve pulls out the knife and lets Rebekkah’s blood drip into the bowl. She asks Rebekah how she liked the wolf boy who seemed her type, trashing and willing, Rebekah threatens to take her head off. Genevieve tells her she takes care of her friends and reminds her that they once were friends. She places a wet cloth on Rebekah’s forehead and we get a flashback.

It’s 1919 in New Orleans and Rebekah is a nurse at the Fleur-De-Lis Sanatorium. It’s the year of the Great Flu Epidemic. She seems a bit out of her league as she tends to sick patients who cough blood everywhere, including on her. One particular man patient is having a coughing fit and Rebekah calls Genevieve, also a nurse then, to attend to him. A timid Genevieve explains to Rebekah that she only gave the man an herbal remedy to help his cough when Rebekah calls her a witch. Rebekah asks for tips in helping and Genevieve comments that it’s weird having a vampire do that. Rebekah says as an Original vampire and it being her city, she feels it’s her duty to help. Rebekah thinks they’ll be fast friends and invites Genevieve to a jazz club for fun. When Genevieve hesitates as she looks over at another nurse named Clara (Teri Wyble) (Is this Celeste?), Rebekah invites them both. Genevieve then brings Rebekah back to the present, leaving Rebekah alone, in agony from her wolf bite wounds.

Back at the compound, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) tells an arriving Elijah that his Day Walkers are still putting the word out. Elijah asks Marcel for a pen and paper to which Marcel takes offense. He asks if he and Elijah are in this together, not him working for Elijah. As Marcel looks for pen and paper, Elijah unbuttons his shirt (swoon!) and calls out for Haley. Haley (Phoebe Tokin) enters the room asking if he’s heard anything and stutters on her words as she sees a chest bare Elijah holding his shirt. (Looking hotter than hot!). She asks what’s going on and he asks her to write down the names that are tattooed onto his body. (I’d never be able to concentrate!). As Haley looks over his body, reading (yeah, right) when she sees Sabine’s name. Elijah says he believes they are the names of the women Celeste has inhabited for the past two centuries. Marcel says it’s called Debenett (??), an old school riddle used to teach kids. You solve the riddle and it disappears. Haley asks what the point is. Elijah says that Celeste is mocking his choice of saving Haley over his siblings with a childish game. The longer the game, the more Klaus and Rebekah will suffer. To find them, they must solve the riddle. Marcel points out Annie Le Fleur, a witch who was shunned from her coven the year before but didn’t know why. He volunteers to find out.

Back to shirtless Klaus strapped to the gurney at the sanatorium (And is just as hot as Elijah).
Genevieve lightly touches the his chest, picks up a knife and tells him she’s there to help. She cuts him open and plunges her hand inside his chest, pulling out the blade that Sophie stabbed him with. Much to Klaus’ agony and he looks at her with murderous fury.

Marcel and Elijah find a man (Annie’s man?) who tells them that Annie was a good person but the witches did her wrong, accusing her of practicing dark magic. They said they had proof, so she quit. He said that once you’re shunned, there’s no point in going on. Elijah calls Haley to tell her that Annie drowned herself in the Mississippi River. He said that Celeste was tired of the body and ready to take Sabine’s. Haley asks how he know this and he says that Annie jumped from the very spot that he and Celeste had their first kiss. Elijah says they have to find out where the names take them; The names of all the lives that Celeste took to take her revenge. Haley asks Elijah to ask Marcel if he knows anything about one of the names – Bren Deveroux. If Celeste was this person, then she might still be able to break the Crescent werewolf curse because Sophie said it was her blood line that was the only one to break it.

Meanwhile, at the sanatorium, Genevieve has bandaged Klaus’ chest and put his sweater on (Damn! Don’t do that!). He’s in a weakened state and complains that the wound isn’t healing and she replies that there was a lot of black magic in that wound and it will take time to heal. Klaus asks her if she is one of the witches back from the dead seeking vengeance, why show him kindness. She strokes his face and tells him that she pities him. He offers to reward her “in ways she’s never fathomed” (Oh my!) if she joins his side. She gets close enough to kiss him before she tells him she’s flattered that he’s offering her a deal, but first, they need to talk about Rebekah. Klaus warns her about harming her, but Genevieve says that what he and she have in common is that they’re no strangers to Rebekkah’s treachery. She tells him to drink from the bowl she earlier concocted of her and Rebekkah’s blood, reassuring him that it will show him Rebekah’s betrayal. She places her hand on his forehead.

Out in the hospital halls, a weak Rebekah is trying to find a way out when she see’s Klaus.
She calls out to him but he disappears. As she passes rooms, she hallucinates, seeing patients coughing up blood or are bloodied, reaching out to her. Terrified, she stumbles into the crematorium which takes us into a flashback. It’s 1919 and Rebekah is in the crematorium where she makes out with Marcel (No surprise!) with gurneys of dead people around them (That will get you into the mood. Not.). He asks if she’s asked Genevieve to do the spell so they can be together forever. She says she will when the time is right but hesitates because she feels bad about using her. Marcel asks if she’s changed her mind. She says no, if this is the only way to love him without Klaus’ interference. As they make out, Genevieve walks in on them and leaves embarrassed. Rebekah calls after her and walks out the door and into the present day.

Klaus tells Genevieve he already knew about Rebekah and Marcel and this was adding up to be a waste of her endeavor as Genevieve slides her hand up his thigh (holy cow, lucky girl!) and then pulls away. She says it’s not the sum total of their treachery.

Meanwhile, back in the Quarter, Elijah and Marcel are at The Pit interrogating the city mayor about where the file of the supernatural community’s death records is located(that the former mayor kept). When he says he doesn’t know, Elijah calls him out on his “fib” (love it) and asks the vamps if anyone is hungry. That convinces the mayor to tell Elijah that the records were moved after the former mayor’s death, to St. Anne’s Church.

Back at the sanatorium, Rebekah is still running through the halls trying to find a way out.
She encounters not so real twin boys of 1919 whose screams throw her back into a wall. Genevieve then appears and asks her is she’s had a rough day and that her bites are looking nasty. Rebekah asks why she is making her relive the past since they both know how it ends. Genevieve says that’s true, but Klaus doesn’t, so she linked her mind to his to show him. Rebekah begs her not to but Genevieve tells her its too late and sends her reeling in pain to the floor where she passes out.

At St. Anne’s, Elijah and Marcel looks through the record books. Elijah finds the name from their list — Bren Deveroux who drowned herself 20 years ago. Marcel says he recognizes her name; she used to do spells for him. She cursed the werewolves for him because they were making him angry. Marcel says he knows about the wolf pack party out at the mansion and thanks him for letting it burn down. He asks Elijah what Haley has to do with the wolves to which Elijah threatens to kill him if he lays a finger on her. Marcel thinks he’s hit a nerve and Elijah ignores him when he finds the name of Clara Summerlin. He says that every name on him signifies a witch that died by her own hand except one – Clara. Marcel asks how she died and Elijah says influence epidemic of 1919. Marcel and Elijah watch as the names disappear from Elijah’s skin.
Elijah says they have their answer, but doesn’t know what it means. Marcel does and his face shows it.

Meanwhile, Genevieve puts on a jazz record that wakes up Rebekah. She begins to have a flashback that stops. She runs to find the source of the music while Genevieve rejoins Klaus.
She tells him that what Klaus feared the most came to pass. Marcel and Rebekah’s love overcame their love for him and turned it into hate. They conspired to rid themselves of Klaus forever.
Rebekah finds the record player and smashes the record, but then she flashes back to the night
at the jazz club.

Inside the club, Genevieve tells Rebekah she thinks her family is quite elegant (as she spots Elijah across the room) but admits her attraction to Klaus. Rebekah is surprised she would prefer the bad boys. At the bar, Clara is jostled by a man and his drink is spilled over her. Elijah appears, gives her his handkerchief and tells her to keep it. Clara (Celeste) watches him walk away with a knowing smirk on her face. (Pretty cool that she looks just like Celeste when she makes that expression). Rebekah tells Genevieve if she likes bad boys, she’d probably like her brother Cole but can’t tell her where he is. In the background, we see Klaus observing them (through the mind link). She tells Genevieve their family has had its ups and downs and then asks if she can help her contact someone they haven’t seen in a very long time but no one can know. Genevieve agrees and Rebekah tells her it’s their father, Michael she wants to contact.

Klaus comes back to the present, tears in his eyes, screaming at Genevieve that it’s all lies. She confronts him not to dismember the messenger (now that’s creepy), that part of him must have known or suspected. She continues that his father came to New Orleans in 1919 to kill Klaus and as the city burned, he almost succeeded. Klaus argues that their family has done some horrible things, but no matter how angry Rebekah was with him, she would not call his father. Genevieve compliments him for being sweet in believing that, but he’ll be convinced once things are over.

Back at the compound, Elijah secretly tells Haley that she was right about Bin Deveroux. Marcel comes in and asks if she’s found out anything about Clara. Looking at the laptop, Haley says not much, except she was a nurse at the Fleur-De-Lis Sanatorium. Marcel looks uneasy. She asks Elijah if he recognizes her as she points Clara out in a picture online. Elijah says he doesn’t.
Elijah notices Marcel pacing back and forth and tells him if he knows something, to say it.
Marcel tells him that the sanatorium is where he’ll find Klaus and Rebekah. Elijah and Haley ask how does he know. Marcel responds that he and Rebekah did something that the witches are trying to use against Rebekah. Something that Elijah is not going to like.

Genevieve takes Klaus back to the mind link to see more proof. In yet another flashback, Rebekah and Marcel are in the Lafayette Cemetery with Genevieve as she does her spell.
Klaus is in the background, watching them. Genevieve produces the newspaper photo that Cami was so obsessed with and crumples it up. She then takes a blade and holds it over a candle’s flame. In the present, she asks Klaus what he sees. He says the blade is his father’s that was lost when he was a boy. He now realizes Rebekah had stolen it, but Klaus’ father beat him because he thought Klaus had. He said she can’t stand weapons that aren’t meant for girls. Then we go back to the cemetery where Genevieve is finishing the spell. Back to the present again, and Klaus screams out her name in anger.

Back at the compound, an angry Elijah tells Marcel that he wondered for half a century how his father had found them; what they had done to bring him to the city. He even blamed himself for a time. He body slams Marcel by the neck up against a wall. He tells Marcel that Klaus treated him like a son and he goes and does that with Rebekah. He tells Elijah that he loved and still loves Rebekah. He said as long as Klaus was around, they could never be together. Marcel equates his and Rebekah’s situation to him (implying him and Haley). (Touché, Marcel). Elijah lets him go with a warning. He won’t let Rebekah suffer Klaus’ wrath when he finds out. Marcel says they must get to Klaus before he learns the truth.

At the sanatorium, Rebekah runs into Celeste who tells her to give it up. Rebekah calls her Sabine but Celeste corrects her. She tells her of all the names she’s had, she still prefers the first one, Celeste. She thinks it’s because of the way it sounded on Elijah’s lips. She says what a good liar he is and all of them are. She tells Rebekah that the family loyalty will do them in. Once Klaus finds out the truth, he’ll kill Marcel, do something horrible to her and never forgive Elijah. This will pit brother against brother and their bond will crumble. Rebekah says she’ll kill her, but Celeste said she already did but at the time she was someone else.

Back to 1919 at the sanatorium (whiplash anyone?) Genevieve and Clara are tending to a patient who is coughing blood into a cloth Genevieve is holding to his mouth. Rebekah asks to see Genevieve privately. As she leaves, Clara tells her to wash up and incinerate the cloth full of blood (her face turns into Celeste’s. Guessed that one!). Back to the present, Rebekah tells Celeste it wasn’t any of her business but Celeste says she suspected that her friend was being exploited. Again, back to 1919. Inside the crematorium, a tearful Rebekah asks Genevieve to call off the spell, that it was a mistake that will tear apart her family for her own selfish happiness. She says if Klaus finds out Genevieve did it, her and her entire family will die. Rebekah begs her, but shocked Genevieve says she can’t. She suggests telling Klaus what they’ve done but Rebekah says not to say a word. Genevieve realizes that Rebekah’s friendship was only to get a favor from her and now she wants it back. She tells Rebekah that she won’t perish because she was foolish enough to trust her. She makes Rebekah’s head spin in pain. Rebekah grabs the bloodied cloth out of Genevieve’s uniform and holds her down with the cloth against her mouth and apologizes to her. She can’t let Klaus destroy her. Clara (Celeste) walks in on them.

Back to the present, Celeste reminds her that she infected her too and then compelled the orderlies to keep them in quarantine until they died. Back to 1919 where we see Clara and Celeste dying in the isolation room. Klaus stands outside, watching this through the mind link and when it breaks, he nods to Genevieve. Celeste tells Rebekah that she just took another body, but Genevieve wasn’t so lucky. She tells Rebekah her luck has run out. Genevieve tells an angry, tearful Klaus she’s sorry, but he needed to know the truth, to see it. And to take his and her revenge. She let him feed off her so he can become strong again. She then unlocks his shackles and gives him the blade. He goes to kill her, but changes his mind. He’s off to find Rebekah.
Elijah and Marcel arrive at the sanatorium and decided to split up to search for Rebekah and Klaus. Klaus finds Rebekah where she says it isn’t true but Klaus says her face tells a different story. She limps/runs off with Klaus in walking pursuit. He tells her she can’t hide nor can she run (funny boy!).

Outside, Celeste is coming down the stairs of the building when she is knocked unconscious by Haley. (Where did she come from?) She tells Celeste that they’re going to have a little chat.
Meanwhile, Rebekah is still trying to escape Klaus and finds herself trapped in a downstairs room with no way out. Klaus catches up with her. He tells her no more dagger for her, it will be the blade (he shows her it) which will be far less merciful. She will be in a living hell, which fits her treachery. Rebekah tells him to go ahead and do it. He tells her he was looking forward to her begging for mercy. He asks what her father would think of her now and she tries to run. He throws her through a wall. She grabs an iron something and whacks him about the head to no avail. He gets up and smiles with so much evilness, like he’s enjoying this. He then body slams her to the ground. Marcel comes in and he throws him across the room. Rebekah tells him that Marcel had nothing to do with what happened. Klaus replies that if she had just the fraction of the loyalty for him as she does for Marcel, he wouldn’t have to knife her. As he raises the blade, Elijah grabs his arm and plunges the blade back into Klaus’ chest, to the horror of Marcel and Rebekah. Klaus looks up at Elijah in disbelief. Elijah tells Marcel and Rebekah to run as far and as fast as they can. He holds Klaus until he collapses in his arms.

Well, that episode finally answered the eternal question about what happened in 1919. Not quite what I was expecting and a bit underwhelming. Now we have a Romeo and Juliet kind of love story as Marcel and Rebekah run for the lives. Not sure how that is going to pan out but I suspect they don’t get far. Rebekah will most likely feel some regret or guilt and go back. Will Elijah pay for what he’s done to Klaus if Klaus recovers? Will Haley force Celeste to break the werewolf curse on her family? What did happen after she knocked out Celeste? What about the other witches, Genevieve and Bastianna? Will they seek more revenge? Will they help Klaus? Will Elijah get rid of them and Celeste, but how will he do it?

What did you think of this episode? Let us know!

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“The Originals” Episode 114, “Long Way Back from Hell,” packed one heck of a punch for vampire/werewolf hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and his myriad trust issues. He found out that his sister, Rebekah (Claire Holt), was the one who sent the deadly Original family patriarch Michael to New Orleans to kill him so that she could be with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).

Although there was technically some double betrayal at the end of the episode when Elijah (Daniel Gillies) stabbed Klaus so that Rebekah and Marcel could get away from Klaus’ rage, Klaus will be focused on Rebekah first when he wakes up.

“When Klaus learns the truth and comes out of it, he will see red and in that red will be Rebekah. That’ll be his target,” Morgan tells Zap2it. “She’s family, she’s known him for 1000 years, she’s his sister and he’s always felt protective over her. This is a huge and personal betrayal so I would imagine he would be most angry with her.”

He’ll be pretty mad at Elijah and Marcel too — “Marcel was like a son to Klaus, but that relationship only goes back 200 years so it’s far less than his brother and sister. I think he will be very angry with both of those two guys as well.” — but Rebekah will be the target of his rage.

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When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.
- Viktor E. Frankl

In this episode of The Originals, everyone will be making life changing choices. Klaus’ rule of New Orleans will take a wicked detour when Celeste unleashes her devious plan to destroy the Mickaelsons and take control of the city.

As the episode opens, Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami), Sophie’s niece, who was sacrificed in the Harvest, wakes up inside her tomb. Panicked, she cries out for someone to help her.
At St. Anne’s Church, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) is conducting a service to celebrate the opening of the newly constructed church. Cami (Leah Pipes) steals a look across the aisle of parishioners at Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). When Klaus meets her gaze, she turns away in disgust. Marcel meanwhile has spotted a red headed woman that he recognizes, sitting across the way. When Klaus looks at Marcel and asks if there is a problem, to which he replies no. As the service concludes, Bastianna (Shannon Eurbanks) enters and waits at the back of the church.

Meanwhile, Celeste is giving a tour of the cemetery and stops at the Deveraux family tomb,
pointing out that the family has strong ties to witchcraft. Monique hears them and starts screaming and punching on her enclosure. Celeste points out that the fresh bricks indicate someone recently has died. The tourists hear Monique screaming inside and their confusion turns to shock when Monique kicks out the wall and falls out of the tomb. As the tourists snap photos, Celeste calmly approaches a confused Monique and welcomes her back to land of the living.

Sophie Deveraux (Daniella Pineda) rushes to the cemetery, sees where the tomb has been broken. Not far away in the witches area, Sophie finds Celeste and asks what is going on. Celeste claims it’s a miracle as Monique turns around. Sophie hugs her but Monique’s face reveals no emotion, no connection. (Red flag that all is not what is seems).

Back at St. Anne’s, Father Kieran is greeting parishioners as they leave the service. Klaus asks him if his sources have revealed anything about Papa Tunde and Kieran replies that no one has seen him. Marcel stresses that Tunde is walking around with all of absorbed of his Garden vampires and warns him to put his ear closer to the ground. Klaus gets a call from Diego saying they have a big problem on their hands. Diego is looking at the dead body of Tunde but won’t disclose that to Klaus. Klaus and Marcel leave and Bastianna approaches Kieran. He is shocked to see her (Especially when she’s dead!). She grabs his hand in hers and tells him to give her regards to his nephew Shaun when he sees him in hell. Then she places a hex on him by chanting and scratching an ‘X’ into his hand.

At the compound, the bloody body of Papa Tunde (Owisa Odera) is sprawled out inside of a white diagram. Elijah (Daniel Gilles) is examining the body when Klaus asks him if he get him a magnifying glass or perhaps a pipe. (It’s Sherlock Elijah! Best line of the episode). Elijah asks if Klaus wants to share anything but Marcel says that witches used to threaten people by leaving a dead chicken on doorsteps in the old days. To which Elijah replies, “A rather large and ominous chicken, wouldn’t you say?” (He even sounds like Sherlock Holmes here). Klaus wonders why Tunde, who is the witches prize fighter would be killed and left in their compound. Rebekah (Claire Holt) walks in and announces that a “girl exploded from a grave” while a tour was being given of the City of the Dead. And that girl is Monique, causing celebration among the witches. Marcel thinks it could be a miracle, given that she was a Harvest girl. He suggests that is how they get Davina back — kill the witch that took her place. Haley interrupts, suggesting it is Celeste is that witch. She reminds them that Davina warned them that a great evil was coming (and shows them the sketch of Celeste). Klaus says he believes the witches are declaring war on the vampires, not just attacking them.

Later, Elijah asks Rebekah to take Haley to the Plantation house where she would be safe.
Rebekah asks if he trusts her and Elijah says he does, that’s why he’s asking. She asks why he doesn’t and Elijah responds then he’d be the hypocrite that Rebekah accuses him of being. Since he shows his emotions, he’ll take action instead. She agrees to do it only because she wants to end the silly quarrel between them.

As Rebekah goes to find Haley, Marcel ambushes her in the hallway. He tells her that he thinks he has seen a resurrected witch at the church service that morning — Genevieve. Rebekah is shocked to hear her name. Marcel believes she’s back because of unfinished business and she has secrets that he and Rebekah don’t want getting out. Rebekah tells him she’s taking Haley to the Plantation but to go find Genevieve and end it like they did last time. (They must have killed her back then?).

Meanwhile, at Sophie’s bar, Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) walks in, sits at the bar and orders tea from Cami, who is bar tending. Father Kieran walks in and sits down not far from Genevieve, looking distracted and overwrought. Cami confronts him on the fact that she tried to make amends that morning with him at the church and is angry that she sees him conducting business as usual with Klaus. Kieran says it is business as usual and has been for three centuries, to keep the peace. Kieran asks for a drink and Cami watches him shakily down it. She asks him what is wrong and he tells her that he’s been hexed like Shaun was and the same things are going to start happening to him. As Genevieve listens in, Cami tells him there must be an antidote. He tells her to stay away from him once it starts, but she tells him she won’t, there has to be a solution. Genevieve approaches them and tells them there is. She tells Cami that to save her uncle’s life, all she has to do is take the bone knife (that she has unwrapped and laid out on the bar) and stab Klaus in the heart. A shocked Cami stares at her.

Rebekah and Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) arrive at the Plantation house where Haley tells her that she wants to throw a party for her clan that night. It’s going to be a full moon but her clan will be human unlike other werewolves (because of the curse placed on them). Haley asked Josh to get the message to Eva and the others. Rebekah notes that Josh isn’t dead and says she’s glad to hear a good survivor story. They watch a delivery man coming out of the house to which Haley confirms he has delivered the kegs out back. Rebekah notes that Haley hasn’t waited to get permission to throw a kegger party. Haley says she can tell on her, send her to her room, or join her in throwing the party. (Party on!)

Back in the Quarter, Elijah meets up with Celeste and proposes they become allies, since she’s helped them in the past, in order to avoid conflict with the witches. Celeste responds that a deal may be possible with the “noble” Elijah, but there will never be peace while Klaus is around. Elijah asks if they want him out of town, but Celeste says this is how the witches feel; they’re scared and desperate but not dumb. She states that Elijah has a niece on the way and want to discuss running Klaus out of the city. He suggests they take a walk and talk; maybe she can take him on one of her famous tours. (Said the fly to the spider!).

Meanwhile, Monique asks Sophie what happened to her mother. Sophie says she believed in the Harvest and she sacrificed herself for the cause, for the witches and for her. Monique asks if Sophie has her faith. Sophie admits that she lost it and tried to get it back because of Monique. Marcel enters the room and greets Monique. Sophie confronts him that he killed her mother and now is threatening Monique, but he denies threatening anyone. He tells Monique he wants to bring back the other three girls who were sacrificed at the Harvest. Sophie says he just wants Davina back so he can use her power again. He replies that he just wants Davina alive. Monique says he’s telling the truth; she can feel it; he’s loyal to Davina and is there to help.

At St. Anne’s Church, Cami stashes the bone knife under a hymn book as Klaus walks in. He says he got her message and wants to know where Kieran is. She says he’s resting and praying in the attic. She asks if he’ll go crazy like Shaun did, and die. She feels remorse that they had a stupid fight over him lying about knowing about the vampires and witches. Klaus says he knows she hates him, but he says Kieran is a good man with a loyal heart who told lies to protect her. He reminds her that Kieran is her family. Klaus says that the attack on Kieran by the witches should be proof enough they are the enemy and that he and Kieran are united.
As Klaus gets up, Cami takes the knife and stands behind him. She calls his name and when he turns around, she is pointing the knife at him. He stares at it and then at her, but Cami turns the handle towards him, and he takes it. He recognizes it as Papa Tunde’s blade. Cami tells him a witch gave it to her and said it would cause unknown pain and torment even to an Original. Sticking it in Klaus’ heart would cure Kieran, she was told. Klaus responds that even so, she rejected the witches offer. Cami says she would have done it but she’s not like him. To which Klaus replies “a monster”, but Cami says no, she’s not stupid. If there’s a war, she wants to be on the winning side. Klaus tells her they will see what they can do to save Kieran.

Outside the Plantation house in the evening, Haley is hanging clothes on a clothesline. The wolf that has been watching her for awhile, approaches. She tells the wolf is she looking forward to meeting it again, soon.

At St Anne’s, Klaus pours his blood into the altar’s chalice, which Father Kieran finds offensive. Klaus reminds him he is a vampire trying to reverse a hex put on Kieran by witches and is surprised that Kieran finds his use of the chalice sacrilegious. Kieran cuts his hand and bleeds out. Klaus explains to Cami that this might not work, but they need to bleed Kieran out because he can’t counter a witch’s hex if Kieran has vervain in him. Cami tells him to do what he has to do.

Back the Plantation house, the wolves (now naked people) of Haley’s clan raid the clothes line and get dressed. Rebekah is in the kitchen leaving an angry voice mail for Marcel because he hasn’t updated her on Genevieve. Just then, in walks a half naked man, to Rebekah’s surprise; she was expecting someone “furry-er” (hahaha!). They are clearly attracted to each other and the werewolf introduces himself as Oliver (Chase Coleman). She introduces herself and calls out to Haley that the party has arrived. (Oh and what a party!).

Meanwhile, while Monique looks on, Marcel has Sophie prepare a locator spell to find the witches. But first, Sophie tells Marcel that she wants a deal She doesn’t want Monique getting into the middle of the vampire vs. witch conflict. The Quarter isn’t safe for her, and if the witches know what Sophie has done (located them; betrayed them) they will kill Sophie. Marcel offers protection but Sophie shrugs him off, saying he can’t protect her. She asks Marcel for money in order to get Monique out of the Quarter. Marcel tells her to find the witches and he’ll give her anything she needs.

At the Plantation, the party is in full swing outside in back of the house. The werewolves are playing instruments and dancing. Oliver finds Rebekah and persuades her to dance with him in celebration of the few hours they have to be human. Haley heads back inside the house and is greeted by name by a man who introduces himself as Jackson (Nathan Parsons). When he says it’s nice to see her again, she acknowledges that he’s the wolf who’s been watching her. He says he’s been protecting her because his interest is in her, not the baby. She counters that he doesn’t know her. He says his and her parents who were of the same people, but not of the same bloodline, knew each other. And according to pack hierarchy, he and Haley had their part to play which was that she was supposed to have been his wife.

Celeste is giving Elijah an architecture tour and she notices that he doesn’t appear very interested. He tells her that not everyday someone asks him to betray his brother and calls her Celeste. She asks how he knew. He said Davina drew her likeness and then Sophie discovered there was no magic in her bones; he wondered if she had cheated death by placing her essence into the body of another. And figured out that would be Sabine, who long ago had recognized who he was. Also, the visions of Klaus’ baby resulted in the death of the last person in her coven, ensuring that the Harvest wasn’t completed unless she controlled it. He asks her to what end is she playing this game. She responds by kissing him (uh-oh, watch out!). Elijah starts to feel woozy. She tells him that she died because of Klaus and even though he lied about her death, Elijah stood by Klaus because of his vow. Elijah asks what she has done to him and she tells him just a simple enchantment. It won’t kill him, but it’ll teach him the error of his ways, that his vow was his biggest mistake. He collapses partially to the ground.

At St Anne’s, Kieran drinks Klaus’ blood from the chalice. Klaus then compels Kieran to resist the dark urges of the witches hex and overcome it. Cami asks Kieran if it worked and he lashes out at her, saying he doesn’t know. But now that the vervain was gone, he’s at the mercy of the murderous bastard Klaus. Then he lashes out at a shocked Cami. As Kieran staggers off, she asks Klaus what he’s going to do and he said he’s going to find the witch who did it and do what he does best. (Oh goody!)

Sophie works the locator spell under the eyes of Marcel and Monique. She finds one witch but Marcel reminds her he needs all three for the deal. Marcel tells her to keep trying when Klaus appears and takes Monique, saying he has all the leverage with her.

Meanwhile, a crumpled Elijah tells Celeste that she has poisoned him with a kiss. She says she is going to cure him of his devotion to his lunatic family. She tells him she will have her revenge and Klaus will know pain and torment like never before, unless Elijah saves him. Or he can save Rebekah who will soon have herself in quite a predicament. (With Oliver, perhaps?) But then that would leave Haley in jeopardy. Elijah is going out of his mind at this point. Celeste says Haley doesn’t know how dangerous it is to be loved by him. She tells him that he will just enough time to recover from her spell to choose one person to save; he can’t save them all. She says she can’t wait to find out who he chooses. (And this is the woman he once loved? Yikes!)

Out in the streets of the Quarter, Klaus calls out to the witches that he has Monique and he will kill her (he has the bone knife in one hand and Monique gripped in the other) if they do not give up Bastianna to him. Marcel appears and reminds Klaus about rule of not killing kids rule to which Klaus reminds him that didn’t stop Marcel from killing Monique’s mother.
Klaus calls out to Bastianna threatening to kill Monique with the blade meant for him. Marcel warns him again and Klaus holds the knife to her neck. Marcel then attacks Klaus and gets him to drop the knife. They trade body slams until Klaus breaks Marcel’s neck. He tells Marcel he decides who lives and dies. As he turns around, Sophie stabs Klaus in the chest with the blade and they watch it slowly disappears into his chest. Klaus screams out in agony and then collapses unconscious next to Marcel. Bastianna appears and tells Sophie she’ll take it from there.

Back at the Plantation house, Haley tells Jackson she never thought meeting her family would mean meeting her husband of an arranged marriage. Jackson says she didn’t know because there was no one around to teach her. He explains that the Crescent blood line goes back to the beginning of two families — his and Haley’s. Haley isn’t impressed that they’re like royalty. Jackson further explains that the werewolves used to rule New Orleans but lost it to infighting. They were defeated by the vampires because they weren’t united. So, their parents brought the two lines back together and betrothed Jackson and Haley. He told her that by not backing down from the vampires, Marcel had them cursed by a witch. He tells her that she (he calls her Andrea) is the last of her blood line and that their people will follow her because of what she represents — she can fight back. And she will break their curse. Haley asks how and Jackson tells her that her witch friend told her she was coming here tonight to do it. Haley asks what witch friend. (Uh-oh; can only mean Genevieve).

In the woods, Oliver and Rebekah are enjoying a romantic interlude when he backs off. He tells her he’s sorry, that he really liked her, but said it was the deal “we” made. Rebekah asks him what deal when several snarling wolves appear out of nowhere. She turns to run and they give chase.

Back at the cemetery, Celeste, Bastianna and Genevieve light candles at the sight of the Harvest altar and begin to chant and fire ignites in the altar columns. Meanwhile, Elijah wakes up as his cell phone is buzzing. It’s Haley telling him there’s something going on with the witches. Elijah tells her she’s right, Celeste is back. He tells her that she, Klaus and Rebekah are all in danger. The doors to the kitchen slam shut and Jackson asks what’s going on. Haley tells him it’s a trap; she didn’t make a deal with any witch. Elijah tells her to find Rebekah and stay with her until he gets there. She tries the doors, but they are locked and then a fire breaks out. She tells Elijah it’s a spell trapping them inside. As the witches chant, fire breaks out all over the house and all the doors shut and lock. They run into the piano room where Jackson tries to break a window with the piano stool, but can’t. They hide under the grand piano and Jackson gives Haley a cloth soaked in water to hold over her mouth. They watch the room going up in flames but Elijah swoops in and rescues Haley (Our hero!). When he gets her outside he asks where Rebekah is, but she doesn’t know. She begs Elijah to rescue Jackson still trapped inside, which he does, although he’s torn, wanting to go find Rebekah. (Poor guy; it’s a gut wrenching decision).

Rebekah is lying in the woods, bleeding from the wolf attack, barely conscious. She sees someone and asks for help. But it’s Genevieve, who tells her it’s been such a long time; she’s going to enjoy this. Later, Elijah finds a dead wolf and Rebekkah’s jacket in the woods. Celeste asks him if he’s missing something (hahaha). Genevieve and Bastianna are following behind her. Celeste knows he won’t hurt her because only she can break the curse on Haley’s family. Genevieve knows where Rebekah is and Bastianna has Klaus who is suffering terribly. Elijah tries to go for her, but she holds him back with intense power, and he collapses in pain. She calls the ending of his family pathetic; that nothing is forever.

Back at the burning Plantation house, Jackson tells Haley he must go and she thanks him for protecting her, not only tonight. He said he’d been dreaming of meeting her since he was a kid, but never dreamed it would turn out like it had. Haley promises to Jackson that she won’t stop until she finds a cure for the curse. Jackson gives her a sad smile and leaves.

Cami and Kieran are walking in the Quarter as Cami tries to reach Klaus by phone. Bastianna stops them and tells Cami that Klaus is indisposed. She asks what happened and Bastianna says someone completed her task for her. She tells Cami that her uncle will die in aguish because she like Kieran, has decided to side with evil. His punishment will atone him for trying to prevent the Harvest and his suffering will purify him. She warns Cami it’s best she not oppose the witches as it is to oppose the natural order by force or by choice. The witches of the French Quarter will rise again.

Back at the compound, Diego reports to Marcel that Klaus isn’t anywhere in the Quarter. Elijah arrives yelling at Marcel as to where Klaus is. He says his guys are out looking for him. Elijah throws a few of the vamps to the wall and Haley yells out at him. Marcel tells Elijah that Klaus snapped his neck, tried to take on a coven of witches and got dropped. He doesn’t know where he is or how to find him. Elijah says they also have Rebekah and he says they will all help him find them and he will kill them all. (You go, Elijah!)

Meanwhile, Sophie has loaded her truck and tries to get Monique to get in, but she won’t.
Sophie tells her there’s no time for a debate because she just stabbed Klaus and he’ll be coming to kill her. She tells Monique she’s sorry she didn’t get her before the Harvest, but now she can live a normal life without being a witch. But Monique argues she is a witch and that she doesn’t want to leave. Sophie suddenly has pain inside her head. Monique tells her the ancestors said Sophie didn’t have enough faith and she was hoping they were wrong. Sophie is bleeding from her mouth and nose and tells Monique not to do this. She tells Sophie she was wrong not to complete the Harvest. The four witches will have enough power when they return to rid New Orleans of vampires and will kill anyone who doesn’t keep the faith. She says Sophie should have believed. She joins up with Celeste, Bastianna and Genevieve and they walk out of the Quarter. Sophie collapses and dies in the road.

Wow, a lot was packed into one episode! Shocker that Sophie is obviously dead but I guess she’s outgrown her usefulness. What have the four witches have in store for Klaus and Rebekkah? If they can’t kill them, will they just drive them insane? Why did Celeste spare Elijah? Was his punishment not being able to save his family, the breaking of his vow? Will he be able to save them both now? How will the vampires and Elijah defeat the four witches without any witch allies? Will the werewolves be able to help or will they be on the witches side hoping for a cure to the curse? Will Father Kieran be cured or will he meet the same fate as his nephew? Will Cami help her uncle find the cure? Will Jackson continue to protect Haley? What did Monique mean by “when they return”? Are they not holding Klaus and Rebekah in the Quarter? And will they try to gain more power for their return by destroying Klaus and Rebekah? Are all werewolves hot when they become human? Is it mandatory of them to wear beards too?

Tell us your thoughts about this episode!

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The Originals’ Rebekah and Klaus are about to go through living Hell.

At the end of the last episode, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) had been taken by the new band of witches, dead set on exacting their revenge. From the first minute of Tuesday’s episode (8/7c, The CW), the two are in dire circumstances, separated, and being tortured. What unravels is not for the faint of heart.

“The episode is possibly the most terrifying episode of The Originals to air so far,” Morgan tells “I jumped out of my seat a few times and I knew what was coming. I’d advise not to show the episode to young children. It’s pretty frightening.”

As Morgan explains, the witches’ attack on the Original family and the repercussions of that will play out over the next three episodes “coming to a terrifying conclusion.” But before then, the two — with the help of the witches, of course — will be torn apart due to the decades-long secret Rebekah and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) are hiding. If Klaus were to learn his sister and best friend were behind bringing their father to New Orleans — an event that eventually caused Klaus and Co. to flee — could “Always and Forever” be done for good?

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sorry for the last minute notice folks…


Submit questions NOW here on Facebook ( )

Then tune in for the LIVE Q&A Saturday 2/22 (TODAY) at 9:30p UK | 4:30p ET | 1:30p PT on Twitter and use hashtag #ArmisticeMovie at


Send me or @LukeMassey your questions about @ArmisticeMovie and we will try our best to answer. We’re filming this for later ;)

Here’s the link to download @ArmisticeMovie</a Enjoy

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You might think Joseph Morgan is living the dream, starring as the lead vampire on one of the biggest hit shows of the year. But JoMo has another dream job on his mind. The Originals star loves playing Klaus, but he admits he would love to work with Stephen King! But fans need not worry. Klaus isn’t going anywhere quite yet. He says he’s grateful for the success of The Originals. And when the show returns February 25th, you’re going to see a whole new side of his character, the victim!

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Added 17 HQ stills from the upcoming episode “Long Way Back from Hell” of “The Originals”. Click preview photo to view entire album!

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Tickets for the individual panels can be purchased here, info on all the other panels can be found here

Saturday, March 22, 2014: The Vampire Diaries & The Originals (7:00 pm)
The Vampire Diaries:
Moderator, Kristin Dos Santos, Reporter, E! News & E! Online

Nina Dobrev, “Elena Gilbert / Katherine Pierce”
Paul Wesley, “Stefan Salvatore”
Ian Somerhalder, “Damon Salvatore”
Julie Plec, Executive Producer
Caroline Dries, Executive Producer

The Originals: Moderator: Jarett Wieselman, Senior Editor, BuzzFeed

Joseph Morgan, “Klaus Mikaelson”
Daniel Gillies, “Elijah Mikaelson”
Phoebe Tonkin, “Hayley”
Charles Michael Davis, “Marcel Gerard”
Leah Pipes, “Camille O’Connell”
Danielle Campbell, “Davina”
Julie Plec, Creator & Executive Producer
Michael Narducci, Coexecutive Producer

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Want to send your beloved a Vampire Diaries themed Valentine’s Day E-Card? Look no further. Last year we set up a collection of ship-related E-Cards for you to send to your beloved.

Send your greeting by clicking here!

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You may know Joseph Morgan as Klaus from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but he’s fighting different demons in his latest role.

Joseph stars in the new film Armistice as a Royal Marine who finds himself trapped in a house occupied by inhuman enemies. We caught up with the London native to hear how he prepped for the movie, his biggest challenge on it and his dream role.

1: What made you want to play A.J. in Armistice?

JM: When the director pitched it to me, it was just the concept of a man alone in the house with himself essentially. The idea of playing this man who is kind of struggling with his demons–both literally and metaphorically. And not having another actor to bounce off–just doing that is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an actor.

2: How did you prepare for a role that required you to be stuck in a house the whole time?

JM: I just came straight off doing a mini series so I was physically–I felt more ready for it. I’ve been through a kind of boot camp. Then I worked a lot with our producer and military adviser who was a royal marine. Luke [the director] and I spent a night or two in the war house improvising scenes and playing with ideas.

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Behind the scenes footage of Joseph Morgan’s cover shoot with Maniac Magazine. The heartthrob graced the cover of Maniac’s January/February Men’s Issue. Check out our shoot and Joseph’s Most Maniac Moment!

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“The only completely consistent people are the dead.” – Aldous Huxley

This episode of The Originals unveils the secrets of the year 1919. Celeste unleashes a powerful warlock on the French Quarter. Rebekah is sacrificed and Haley’s baby holds the key to her rescue. Cami comes to Marcel’s aid in a most unexpected way.

As the episode opens, Celeste (Shannon Kane) leads her summoned warlock Papa Tunde
(Owiso Odera) and witches Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) and Bastianna (Shannon Eubanks) through the witches’ cemetery. Genevieve remarks how she remembers this place and Celeste admits she has returned to this cemetery many times over the past century, but “wearing one face or another” (Is she a body snatcher?). Celeste stops at a wall of grave markers. They all have the Chopin last name and begin with Edna born in 1847- died 1919, then Simon 1852-1937; Flora 1899-1963; Charles 1902-1974; Lucy 1930-1986 and ending with Grace 1937-2007. Celeste lights a incense stick and when she blows them out, the names disappear from the bottom up as Celeste remembers each person (Maybe not her because they overlap in births. Her original family maybe?). The only plaque remaining is Edna Chopin.

Cut to a flashbacks of different women over time, ending with someone called Clara Somerline. Clara is taken by Genevieve out to the cemetery where they witness what looks like a voodoo ceremony with dancers all dressed in white. Genevieve tells Clara that every witch in the Quarter is there to see Papa Tunde. Shortly thereafter, he makes his appearance with a boa constrictor wrapped around his neck. He hands it off to one of the men in the circle and claps. The dancers and drummers stop and all eyes are on him. He thanks the witches for coming out to welcome him. Papa Tunde warns them they will need to draw on the strength of their ancestors because a great darkness is coming to New Orleans, which is currently over run with pirates, beasts and vampires. He throws the snake onto the fire and explains he practices sacrificial magic to vanquish his enemies as will he punish theirs. In exchange, the witches are to accept his twin sons into their coven and him as their leader.

Next is another flashback to a year unknown (maybe 1930?). Elijah (Daniel Gilles) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) have invited two members of the Gurerra (spelling?) crime family to broker a deal. Elijah assures them it will be done in peace, to which Klaus responds lucky for them that Elijah is there. Klaus mocks them about their crimes being compared to what happens on a full moon. (A werewolf crime family? Interesting!). Elijah tells them that their bite is not lethal to an Original and conflict is not either. He states that he and Elijah own the docks and don’t want the Feds attention on them once Prohibition ends. So he proposes a system where by the Guerra family, under Elijah and Klaus’ supervision, still traffic in alcohol into New Orleans for a profit, and their rule would remain a secret. A clapping is heard and they see Papa Tunde enter the room. He asks Elijah how his proposal would benefit the witches.

Elijah says their meeting is private; Tunde responds that he knows it’s for Kings of the City but that he too is a king with rules. Klaus mocks him about being impressed and asks who he is. Tunde responds with his real name and asks that the witches be given fair tribute for allowing them to exist in New Orleans. Elijah asks if he speaks for the witches, to which he responds that yes, he speaks for the witches of the French Quarter and to guarantee smooth negotiations he has brought them a gift. One of his sons presents to them a case. Tunde says he looks forward to their next gathering and leaves. Klaus opens up the bag and says it looks like they’ll need a new mayor. Inside is the mayor’s head with a star pattern cut into his forehead.

Back to the present day. The Day Walker vampires are gathered inside the compound. Diego (Erka Darville) approaches Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) as he comes down the stairs. He wants to know where Klaus is since he called a meeting and then didn’t show. Marcel asks what he wants from him; it’s a new regime and Diego needs to get used to it. Just then, in walks Klaus with Thierry (Callard Harris) saying that he has pardoned him and asks everyone to welcome him back. Elijah watches from the shadows. Marcel remarks that Klaus has been in such a good mood and he should visit Mystic Falls more often (hahahaha! More like visit Caroline more often!). Klaus smiles like a devil and says he would, but he has more pressing responsibilities here. He tells his men that since Davina is dead, it will be hard to keep tabs on the witches, but since their Harvest failed, they will soon lose their power forever. Klaus suggests keeping them on their toes and orders Diego to do a rousting in the Cauldron. Marcel tells a disappointed Klaus that he won’t be joining in; he’s taking a personal day (Hahaha…Does he get vacation days too?)

Meanwhile, Elijah and Rebekah (Claire Holt) are taking a stroll down in the Quarter. Elijah noted that Klaus actually showed mercy to Thierry, an enemy and asks her if that’s not progress. Rebekah responds that she is the one who got Klaus to let Thierry out of The Garden. She sees him as valuable because he dated a witch and knows all about French Quarter covens and therefore he might lead her to who stole the Harvest magic. Then, she’d like to make an ally out of that person. Elijah asks her to what end and she responds she is tired of being bullied by Klaus and needs power to tackle a tyrant like him. Elijah expresses his disappointment that she is behaving like Klaus and asks if she doesn’t see Klaus making an effort to change. Rebekah says Klaus lulls them in with a sense of camaraderie and kinship and then he’ll turn on them like a snake (Oooh maybe like a cobra?). Elijah says that leadership is perhaps a good thing for him, but if she can’t support Klaus, he asks that she promise to do nothing to provoke him. Rebekah glares at him and walks away. (Seriously, Elijah? Remember who you’re talking to!).

Back at the compound, Klaus confronts Marcel about shirking his responsibility in front of the other vampires. Marcel responds that he isn’t interested in vampire “hi-jinx”. Klaus points out that Marcel is wallowing in his sorrow for Davina while Klaus takes on all the responsibility of ruling. Diego interrupts their argument to alert them there is a problem. Outside, in the Cauldron are two Day Walkers are lying dead inside a white circle, asterisk shapes carved into their foreheads. Diego said they went missing while they were rousting the witches and later found them as they are. He says the two dead vampires weren’t staked. Marcel walks off and Klaus calls him out on it. Marcel says he wants no part of taking revenge and warns the others not to. He points out that the marks are of some serious “mojo”. Klaus tells the other Day Walkers he will find out who did this and show them what suffering is.

Meanwhile down at the docks, Thierry takes Rebekah to a warehouse to show her something he has found before Klaus does, and it makes his skin crawl. He said he’s never seen anything like it. They see a large white circle with curious white markings and animal bones inside it, and white unlit candles outside. Rebekah has seen it before, a long time ago and she thinks someone is copying a very dangerous witch. It is used to draw power from a sacrifice. Rebekah wonders why anyone would leave it there unless they wanted it to be found. Someone calls out to Rebekah and when she and Thierry turn around, there is Papa Tunde. She can’t believe it’s him and when she confronts Tunde, he grabs her around the throat and chants. Thierry sees what is happening and quickly leaves (To get help hopefully!). Tunde takes out a serrated bone knife and starts carving into her forehead. (Uh-oh. Sacrifice time!)

Back at the compound, Elijah and Klaus are examining the bodies of the dead Day Walkers. Klaus says he will kill who ever did it, to which Elijah says he agrees (Put so elegantly too!). Elijah remarks that he would like to know who is practicing this dark magic as he hoped never to see that symbol again. Klaus recognizes the symbol from a rival he long did away with and believes it is an “upstart” witch who has dug up old tricks. Klaus asks Diego to take all the vampires out that night and bring back the head of the person who did this, on a stick. Diego tells him that they are all scared since it’s been a while since a witch killed a vampire, citing that Marcel kept it that way for them. Klaus points out that Marcel has run away and they’re stuck with Klaus. He asks the vampires who will help to defend their home and none of them answer. Klaus asks if they are so afraid of the new threat that they won’t stand with him. He tells them they should know better and then leaves, saying he will handle it himself.

Meanwhile, Cami (Leah Pipes) is at the messy Rousseau bar trying to reach Sophie on her cell but Sophie isn’t picking up the phone nor her messages. In walks Marcel and Cami threatens him with a bottle and warns him not to try anything since she’s on vervain. Marcel responds that Klaus mentioned she’d broken free of his compulsion. He asks if Sophie is around and Cami says she’s not and asks him why. He replies that he’s having witch problems and wanted to see if she could help. He makes himself comfortable at the bar, pours himself a drink and says he’ll wait. Cami is surprised and asks if he has Klaus problems. He glares at her. She comments she thought he’d be happy now that Davina is back. Marcel tells her Davina is gone, that it wasn’t Klaus’ fault. Her powers became too big for her and they tried The Harvest ritual but it didn’t work and she’s now in limbo waiting on her ancestors. He throws the bottle across the bar and breaks down. Cami tells him she’s sorry and he replies he is too.

At the compound, Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) is looking through Davina’s drawings of Celeste when Elijah enters her room. Elijah notes the drawings and she tells him she wonders why Davina made the sketches of Celeste. She says she’s killing time while on vampire lock-down (Not a Klaus lock-down?). Elijah assures her they’ll take care of what is happening. Haley notes that it took a supernatural threat for him to be in the same room as her. He apologizes for neglecting her but he’s been busy and also reminds her that their interactions enrage Klaus. (He’s so sweet and polite!). Haley responds that she gets it; she and Elijah can’t hang out because he’s trying to be the good big brother to Klaus. Elijah for once, doesn’t have an answer. (That’s okay, we can just stare at his hot self).

Back in the bar, Marcel draws the symbol he saw on the dead vampires, onto a napkin. He ignores a call from Klaus, telling Cami that Klaus likes to keep tabs on his people. Cami asks Marcel why he is so loyal and Marcel retorts that for someone who dislikes Klaus, she asks a lot of questions about him. She says her interest is purely academic. Marcel warns her not to take revenge on Klaus for using her because it won’t end well. He tells her the story, shown in a flashback, of someone who went up against Klaus.

In the flashback, Marcel narrates that right after he returned to New Orleans after serving in World War I. (Here we get the story behind 1919) He notes that he’d been wanting to get away for awhile but Rebekah kept drawing him back. In his Army uniform, Marcel enters a Welcome Home party for him at the compound (Looking good!). He approaches a table where Rebekah and two men are talking and drinking. Marcel asks her if she’s going to welcome him home, to which she doesn’t. He asks how long is she going to hate him and she responds that he left her in a box for 52 years and that seems like a good start (Ouch! She’s punishing him for not standing up to Klaus when he daggered her). She gets up from the table and leaves with the two men. Klaus welcomes Marcel home with a big bear hug and a few drinks. Elijah comments that Klaus was beside himself when Marcel was gone. (Jealousy?). Klaus tells Marcel he wants him to settle an argument. While Marcel was gone, a war has begun in the Quarter with a rouge witch who is trying to take over New Orleans and Elijah wants to negotiate, to which Klaus thinks is wrong. Elijah argues that Marcel has seen how small the world is, how news travels fast, etc., and that the best way to defend their home is to use discretion. Marcel asks who Klaus wants to kill (to Elijah’s almost eye roll!) and he says Papa Tunde, who Klaus thinks is a charlatan. Just then, in walks said warlock, followed by Tunde’s twin boys (with the symbol on their foreheads), and Genevieve. Marcel questions Klaus’ decision to invite them. Klaus replies they’re not savages (hahaha smooth operator) and welcomes Tunde. He offers Tunde anything he wants (booze, women).

Back to the present day, Marcel tells Cami that he didn’t get why Klaus would invite his enemy into his home, why be so generous to someone he wanted to kill. But then realized that is how Klaus planned it. He feels Tunde out to find his weaknesses, his strengths, getting him to let his guard down and then goes in for the kill. Cami responds that Klaus is just a two-faced sociopath; a monster. Marcel tells her they are all monsters; Klaus doesn’t have to hide it because he’s powerful. Cami retorts that Davina was powerful but not a monster. Marcel just nods.

At the warehouse, an unconscious Rebekah is laid out inside of the lighted circle. Papa Tunde scarifies a snake, pours its blood on her calves and then lays the corpse at her feet (Major gross-out!). He touches the symbol on her forehead and lets out a cold breathe. Celeste appears and he tells her that all the Original power from Rebekah now flows through him. She asks if it’s enough to hurt Klaus and Tunde responds that he will make him suffer the way Klaus made him, and Klaus will wish he could die.

Back at Rousseau, Cami starts cleaning up the place but doesn’t intend to open it because she doesn’t want Marcel eating the customers. Marcel gets a call from Klaus who asks him to meet him at the Cauldron so they can stake passer-byes. (Now that’s a visual! Love his sense of humor). Marcel turns him down, saying he’s going to follow up on his own leads. He’s going to stay at Sophie’s bar until she shows. Klaus responds that Marcel could get out of his funk and help him end what is going on. Marcel hangs up on him.

Klaus glances up and sees the circle design written on the wall in front of him that the dead vampires were placed on earlier. A drunk Sophie holding a half empty bottle of alcohol, appears behind him and says, “Big, Bad, Klaus Michaelson” (Not the way to get on his good side). Klaus responds by putting his hand around her neck and asking her to explain the attacks on his men. (Uh-huh, see what I mean).

Back at the compound, Elijah tells Haley is worried that he can’t reach Rebekah on her phone. Haley asks if he’s worried she might have met with the person who killed the vamps, but Elijah is more concerned she has something to do with what is going on. He says she’s unhappy with Klaus and has been conspiring with others. Elijah then sees Thierry sitting in the corner, drinking and asks what the magnetism is between he and Rebekah. Throwing Thierry up against the wall in a hand choke, he asks what Thierry knows. He replies that she asked him to keep an eye out for “witch stuff” and when he found something, he showed it to her. He said that some guy then desiccated her with his touch. Elijah accuses him of being a coward and leaving her. He said he couldn’t be expected to fight a warlock. Haley asks where this took place and Thierry says at Warehouse 57, on the docks. He asks they don’t tell Klaus about it, to which Elijah responds by tossing him against a wall and saying he’ll take it into consideration. Haley tells Elijah she is coming with him against his wishes but he relents when she promises to stay close to him.

Back at the bar, Marcel is still drinking away his troubles. He tells Cami he broke things off with her to save her from all this. She asks him about what happened with Klaus and Tunde. Marcel says that Tunde wanted to empower the witches, but really wanted money and territory. When Klaus and Elijah didn’t give that to him, Tunde went on a rampage where no one was safe.

Flashback with Marcel narrating. Tunde killed the human faction (he slaughtered police), the Guerra werewolf crime family (he displayed their heads on sticks), and the witches who opposed him. Elijah arranged to meet Tunde with a promise to negotiate. But Klaus didn’t want that and had a plan and he turned up to the meeting Tunde instead of Elijah. Tunde threatened him with his power but Klaus tells him he has learned all about his power. The twin boys with the distinctive marks is where Tunde gets his power from and Klaus wondered what would happen if it were taken away; if his sons were suddenly struck down. Cue Marcel into the room carrying a large case (gee, wonder what’s in there?). Tunde looks in the case and there are the heads of his sons. He tells Klaus he will kill him, but Klaus retorts that he can’t be killed and gouges out Tunde’s eyes (Holy cow; that will make you squirm!).

Back to present day, Cami comments awful that was, and Marcel responds it’s only business to Klaus. She asks Marcel if he wonders if one day he’ll end up one of Klaus’ victims too. Before he can answer, Papa Tunde appears in the bar. He challenges Marcel “to climb out of the shadow of his father so he can die like a man.” Marcel tells Cami to run (which she doesn’t) but Tunde tells her to stay to watch the show he’s about to put on. Marcel lunges at him and breaks his neck, but Tunde recovers and laughs. He grabs Marcel telling him he has the power of an Original and soon he will have all three. Tunde begins chanting to desiccate Marcel, but Cami smashes a bottle over Tunde’s head (Big mistake). He in turn throws Cami over the bar and into a wall of bottles and resumes with Marcel.

Meanwhile, a more sober Sophie tells Klaus that the pattern/symbol on the wall is powerful old school type spell rooted in sacrilegious magic. She says whoever did it, killed the vampires to get power and the more they kill, the more power they receive. Klaus gets a frantic call from Cami asking him to come to Rousseau’s because there’s a crazy witch doctor trying to kill Marcel. Klaus tells her to get as far away from the bar as she can. (Of course we know she won’t listen to him).

At the warehouse, Elijah and Haley find Rebekah in the circle but can’t enter it because of a boundary spell. Elijah tells Haley someone is channeling her power which is usually lethal, but being an Original, she won’t die, making her an endless source of power. Haley asks what should they do and Elijah (stating the obvious) says they need to get her out of the circle.

Back at the bar, Tunde is standing over an unconscious Marcel. As he prepares to kill Marcel with the bone knife, Klaus appears. He says he remembers killing Tunde a long time ago and will enjoy doing it again. Tunde grabs Klaus by the throat and body slams him into the wall. He tells Klaus that he is stronger now and he will consume both him and Marcel.

At the warehouse, Elijah is on the phone with Sophie about the containment spell around Rebekah and asks how he can break it. Sophie tells Elijah it’s a convoluted spell, a witches’ recipe and they can break it by adding a more potentate ingredient to it like mystical binding, “volcanic ash, rock salt, anything up to and including eye of newt.” (Love that line!). Elijah asks what about witch’s blood and Sophie asks if they have any. Elijah hangs up and tells Haley he needs a favor. She responds the baby’s is a quarter witch and holds up her arm for Elijah to draw the blood. He takes her hand and spills the blood on the white powder around the circle. The powder boils and bubbles (sorry, bad joke) as the blood touches it.

Back at the bar, Tunde has a hold of Klaus and is about to carve his forehead. Cut back to Elijah and Haley, where they complete their task. Elijah enters the circle and carries Rebekah out of it. Cut back to Tunde going in for the carving. Klaus’ eyes roll into the back of his head but Tunde falls backwards, gasping. Klaus throws something at Tunde and he collapses, only to disappear when Klaus goes to check on Marcel. Cami enters the bar and asks if Marcel is dead. Klaus tells her to get out of there but she refuses (predictable Cami!). He tells her Marcel is not dead but he needs blood and to get someone off the street. She refuses and says she will give Marcel blood, but Klaus doesn’t want her involved. Her response is that Klaus doesn’t control her any more and she goes to Marcel. She tells him it’s all right as he feeds off of her. Marcel briefly recognizes it’s her and repeats “no” as he feeds. (What will happen to her? Did Marcel “heal” her afterwards?).

Back in the Quarter, Rebekah confronts Thierry about what happened and he apologizes saying it’s every man for himself. She tells him she’s sick of narcissists who can’t commit to an alliance. Before Thierry can answer her, Elijah breaks his neck. Elijah confronts Rebekah on her being warned about making moves against her own blood/family. She retorts that Klaus is growing stronger while he does nothing. Elijah believes that Klaus being in charge over the vampires (derelicts — good one) will bring Klaus some happiness. Rebekah asks him what about her happiness that Klaus has denied her for over a thousand years. Elijah says he will never stand against her or Klaus even when making sacrifices is part of the family. She asks him about his feelings for Haley which will bring more harm to their family than her treachery would. She calls him out as a hypocrite, for choosing love over family and then condemning her for doing it too. She walks away, leaving Elijah speechless (gotcha, big brother!).

At a shop in the Quarter, Rebekah is looking at a symbol painted on the wall when Marcel walks in. He says the symbols have been painted up and down the Cauldron. Rebekah thinks it’s Papa Tunde making his mark. After confirming he encountered Tundre, Marcel says it brings up a lot of memories. Rebekah says those are better left alone. (I feel a flashback coming on).

Flashback to the compound in 1919 again, at the Welcome Home party. Rebekah walks into the room and nods to Genevieve at a table. She goes over to her but something catches her eye. It’s Marcel drinking by himself at a corner table. Rebekah goes over to him and asks if he’s celebrating Klaus’ victory over Papa Tunde. Marcel says no, more like drowning his sorrows. He admits that he brought Tunde to New Orleans. While overseas he made some inquiries where to find the most powerful witch and he did it for her. The plan was to have Tunde occupy Klaus or have him chase Klaus out of New Orleans so that Marcel could get Rebekah back. She confronts him with the fact that he has risked his life and what they have built with the hope that she would show him some affection. He acknowledges that he would do it all again. Rebekah tells Marcel that there is only one man that Klaus has ever feared and that is their father, Michael, the vampire that hunts vampires. She said if Michael were to come to New Orleans, Klaus would flee and never turn back. And all they need is a witch to find Michael. Rebekah looks over at Genevieve and back at Marcel. (Ah-ha that is how their father chased them all out; her plan obviously back-fired).

At the compound, Haley studies Davina’s drawings again and then walks outside her room. Elijah watches Haley come out onto the balcony briefly. She looks around and goes back into her room. Elijah’s expression is one of contemplation (or is it resignation?) over what Rebekah had said to him earlier. (Is it decision making time?).

Later, Klaus calls his men together and announces that it is they that need to earn his loyalty and respect, not the other way around. He states that their community is under attack and he needs warriors not cowards to stand with him. Klaus then gives them an ultimatum to either stay and fight or to leave. After a few moments, about a quarter of them leave, much to Klaus’ surprise.

Over drinks, Marcel expresses surprise that Klaus didn’t lose more men. Klaus responds that he doesn’t need cowards in his kingdom. He tells Marcel it’s time to move on to other business, and Sophie who is in the room, says she has no reason to help either of them. Klaus wants her to explain how a witch he killed a 100 years ago came back for revenge. Sophie points out the obvious to them — resurrected witches with great power is the Harvest. Four girls were meant to be resurrected but weren’t. So, someone has hijacked the power and used it to bring back four witches, just not the right ones. Marcel realizes that maybe then they could use that power to bring back Davina. Klaus brushes his suggestion off; he wants to know how to stop Tunde. Sophie says he needs a lot of vampires to sacrifice to get their power. Klaus then realizes the one place where there are vampires ready to be sacrificed. They go to The Garden and discover Tunde has done just that — scarified all of the entombed vampires.

Meanwhile at the cemetery, Tunde is on his knees, chanting over his serrated bone knife when Celeste asks him if it’s done. He says the knife now contains all of the power from the harvested vampires and it will do things worse than death, even to an Original. Celeste stands in front of him and asks if he is ready for the final offering. He says in the name of the witches of the French Quarter, it is his honor. Celeste takes the knife, stands behind Tunde, thanks him and slits his throat. (Was hoping he’s stay around a bit longer!)

Quite an episode! Lots of secrets finally revealed — First off, that nagging question about what was so important about 1919; The secret Rebekah is holding over Marcel that would make Klaus hate Marcel forever. Here are my questions are: What the heck happened to Cami after Marcel fed on her? Did he “heal” her with his blood? Did she become a vampire (that would be entertaining)? If Celeste now has a knife powerful enough to kill the Originals and all vampires, why did she bring the two other witches back from the dead? Will Elijah have to deal with his feeling for Haley head on or bury them to protect the family? When will this baby werewolf be born? Who will figure out that Celeste has the Harvest power? Will it be Haley since she’s studied the drawings enough?

What did you think of this episode? Tell us your thoughts!

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Added some HD captures from the latest promo video featuring The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to our gallery. Click previews to view entire album!

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