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The Originals’ Klaus is about to become a baby daddy, but will that change anything in the villainous vampire?

“I hope so,” Joseph Morgan tells “There is certainly potential for it. If Klaus sees the baby or gets to hold the baby, I don’t know if it’ll make him go more in that [nurturing] direction or send him the other way. I can see him not being able to handle it. With him becoming a father it’s interesting to see how that affects his bloodlust.”

On Tuesday’s freshman season finale, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will try to protect her unborn child from the witches who have taken her into captivity with plans to suck up all the baby’s magical powers. As we’ve seen in the preview, the baby will definitely be born, but will Klaus figure out a way to keep her alive? Keep reading for more from Morgan and co-executive producer Michael Narducci about the Season 1 finale, as well as some scoop on next season, including Rebekah’s return.

How, if at all, will the birth of the baby change Klaus?
Michael Narducci: The birth of the child will humble Klaus, fill him with a newfound connection to his own family, and offer him a glimpse at the kind of unrequited love he’s longed for his entire life. At the same time, the child represents an incredible vulnerability, and Klaus will be shaken to his core by the threat his enemies pose to his child.

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