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“The family – that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.” – Dodie Smith

This week’s episode of The Originals focuses on the Mikaelson siblings coming to grips with their troubled family history and relationships. Elijah tries to save Rebekah from Klaus as they find themselves trapped in the Lafayette Cemetery by Celeste’s boundary spell. Marcel makes a deal with a surprising ally.

As the episode opens with a flashback, Rebekah (Callie McClincy) is a little girl in her bed, frightened of a lightening storm outside. Next to her straw bed, Klaus (Aidan Flowers) as little boy, and another brother are sleeping in another straw bed. Klaus wakes up and goes over to Rebekah. He tells her not to be afraid, that it’s only a storm and he won’t let it hurt her. He then retrieves a carved wooden toy that is a knight on a horse. He gives the large chess piece to Rebekah. He says it’s a brave knight and that now she will be brave too. She asks him to stay with her until the storm ends. Klaus takes her hand and says he will be with her to the end, no matter what. (So sweet!).

Back to present day, inside the Lafayette Cemetery, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) corners Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt). He tells them both not to move, but Elijah tells Rebekah to run. She says she can’t because of the boundary spell and then points out (no pun intended) that Klaus has the white oak stick. Klaus points it at Rebekah and says it’s for her. Elijah gets Rebekah to leave because it only angers Klaus seeing her, and she disappears. Klaus accuses him of siding with “that traitor” to which Elijah says he is not taking sides. Armed with the torture blade, Elijah tells Klaus he will not allow him to hurt their sister. Klaus reminds him they can’t leave the cemetery, and asks how long he can defend her. Elijah says however long it takes, by whatever means necessary. (Let the battle begin!)

Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) is at St. Anne’s, on his cell with Rebekah promising that he won’t leave her and to do everything to stay alive; he’ll find a way to get her out. He tells her to stay away from Klaus. Rebekah says she’s never seen Klaus out of his mind with such rage before. She reminds him of the boundary spell and says her options of staying away from Klaus are quite limited. Marcel tells her Davina will find a loophole and get her out and then they can all leave together. Rebekah tells him she can’t go back to running for centuries, like she has done before. Marcel again promises to rescue her.

Meanwhile, up in the attic of St Anne’s, Marcel brings Davina (Danielle Campbell) some organic candles, incense, and other “stuff” to help her get back to normal. He tells her the witches are celebrating that 3 of the 4 sacrificed girls are back and now they are stronger. He tells her that they say their ancestors were teaching them while they were dead. Davina says that it was not like that for her. It was just cold, empty, and dark and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Back at the cemetery, Rebekah eave drops on Klaus and Elijah’s battle of words. Elijah tells Klaus that he will never beat him. Klaus says he will kill him to get past him and reminds him that Elijah stabbed him with the torture blade causing him unspeakable pain. He tells Elijah that maybe his rage should be directed towards him. To which Elijah replies that Klaus needs to take a look at himself. What with the posturing and murderous rage, he looks just like father. (Uh-oh. Do not poke the bear, Elijah!). Surprisingly, Klaus is momentarily speechless and looks like he’s going to cry. He screams that he is not like their father; that his anger toward Rebekah is justified; their father’s was out of a mad man. He tells Elijah that none of them were subjected to their father’s cruelty like he was. Klaus tells Elijah that he’s forgotten what he was like but Elijah denies it and remembers back to their childhood in a flashback.

In the flashback, young Elijah (Perry Cox) is teaching a young Klaus how to shoot using a bow and arrow to hunt a deer. When Klaus misses the deer, Elijah tells him his aim is improving. Their father approaches and questions Elijah’s encouragement. Their father Mikael (Sebastian Roché) tells him that Klaus grows pathetic every day. When Klaus denies he is, his father tells him not to talk back. He takes the bow and arrow and tells Klaus if he can’t hunt, then he’s nothing but a burden. When Klaus apologizes, Mikael says it’s too bad they can’t feed on sad-eyed apologies because that’s his one and only skill. Then Mikael smacks him to the ground. Elijah tries to stop him, but Mikael tells him not to interfere or he’ll be next. Mikael kicks Klaus while he lies on the ground saying he needs to be made strong.

Back to the present day, Elijah tells Klaus to not be like their father; to do what he could not — show mercy not petty cruelty. Klaus says Elijah doesn’t know him at all if he’s asking him to show mercy to someone who has wronged him. Rebekah appears and tells them to stop. She tells Klaus that he is as guilty as she is and before he kills her, she wants to tell him how it was his cruelty and spite that led them to this. Klaus tells her to go ahead and when she is done, he will give her the punishment she deserves even if he has to go through Elijah.

In the attic at St. Anne’s, Cami (Leah Pipes) goes to see Davina after Marcel tells her Davina is there. She asks Davina what happened. Davina tells her she died and when she did, she was alone at first. Then she heard the ancestors whispering to her; that they were so angry with her for using her magic against the other witches. They told her that if she misused it again, they’d do horrible things to her. Meanwhile, down in the rectory, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) is lecturing Marcel. He sums up for Marcel how Marcel betrayed Klaus, a very powerful vampire, a century ago and the only one who can save him is Davina who he locked up in the attic, but she’s a basket case so his only hope is Cami, a psychoanalyst, to resurrect a teen witch. (Great summary!). Marcel reminds him that he’s hexed but then suggests that Davina could find a loophole to save him. Kieran responds that the hex will kill him (With the stuffy head cold he has?). Marcel suggests he have more faith. Kieran tells him that he has no faith because when he came back to New Orleans he’d hoped to stop the war between the vamps and the witches but Marcel dashed that hope for the city, and for himself, when he brought back an Original. Marcel says Davina will bring Klaus down but Kieran disputes that. He says Klaus will hunt down Marcel and tear him apart. He reaps what he sows. (Ouch!).

Back at the cemetery, Klaus sits up high on a grave stone and announces that the trial of Rebekah Mikaelson has begun. Rebekah remarks that his ego is still in tack. Elijah tells her to speak her truth and he’ll keep Klaus in check. Klaus asks her how she pleads to betraying her own blood. She tells him to shut up and listen. He asks her why she summoned their father and she said because she knew Klaus feared him and wanted Klaus to run. She says Klaus is hateful and denied her the freedom to love. She tells him he was cruel and manipulative; Klaus counters he was trying to protect her from imbeciles, leeches and her own poor judgment. (How comforting). She asks him why he forbid her to love Marcel. Klaus angrily tells not to mention his name. She asks Klaus whatever happened to the sweet boy who made her laugh; gave her gifts, who loved art and music. Rebekah says she wanted to be like him and asks how he could have fallen so far. Elijah chimes in that Klaus accuses Rebekah of betrayal yet no one has stood by his side for so long. Perhaps it is Klaus who has forgotten.

In a flashback, Mikael is beating Klaus with a whip as Elijah recounts their father did this because he caught Klaus whittling chess pieces with his hunting knife. Elijah feared for Klaus’ life and tried unsuccessfully to stop the beating. Rebekah tried to stop it by pointing a large sword at their father. He takes the sword away and accuses her of standing against him for Klaus. Their father then leaves them. Back to the present, Klaus accuses Elijah of painting Rebekah as his protector but that she betrayed him out of lust for Marcel. He tells Elijah that he might temper his rage if Rebekah admits that she betrayed him out of her own idiocy. That Marcel used her so that he could oust the Mikaelsons and take his city. Rebekah denies that Marcel manipulated her. She says they loved each other and it was the lack of respect for their love that led to Klaus’ ruin. Klaus asks why then did Marcel not come after her? Rebekah says she will not renounce Marcel. It was she who called Mikael, not Marcel. She did it because of Klaus’ wickedness. Elijah tries to interrupt twice, seeing Klaus getting more and more worked up, but Rebekah talks over him (Elijah looks exasperated. You can’t stop a woman when she’s on a roll!). She admits she was afraid of their father and hated him, but he was a lesser evil than Klaus. She tells Klaus she’d do it all over again if she had to. Klaus tries to stab Rebekah but Elijah knocks him down and grabs the white oak stake. Elijah tells Rebekah to leave. He tells Klaus that since he wouldn’t listen to her, he must deal with him. Elijah raises his arms holding the white oak stake in one hand, and the torture blade in the other. (Klaus doesn’t look like he’s worried!).

Back in the attic, Cami tells Davina she’s studied the effects of trauma and abuse; the witches that forced her into the ritual lied to her. Davina tells her that nothing Cami has studied in a book can help her. She tells Davina that when her brother died she became sad and self-blaming for what happened but she decided that after weeks of feeling that way, she wasn’t going to let it affect her. Davina says it isn’t that simple; the witches aren’t going to let her go. Cami tells her that no one can control her. Davina asks who can she even trust. Meanwhile, Marcel is on his way up the stairs to her room when he stops to listen to their conversation. She tells Cami can she trust herself. Marcel tried to use her again to help Rebekah as soon as she came back. She asks Cami to be honest; that she wants something too. Cami says yes, to get Davina’s help for her sick uncle. She tells Davina she’s only there because she cares. Davina says the only the witches can help her, but she can’t ask for their help because they hate her for what she did. A dejected Marcel turns around and leaves without going in to see Davina.

At the cemetery, a hidden Rebekah tells Marcel (via cell) that she isn’t surprised that Davina can’t help. Marcel promises to get another witch but Rebekah isn’t convinced. Marcel tells her not to provoke Klaus again but she said she did when he accused Marcel of seducing her to get Mikael. Marcel denies it. Rebekah regrets that they almost got away even though Klaus would eventually hunt them down. Marcel doesn’t think Klaus will kill her, because she’s his sister, but Rebekah tells him that Klaus will surely kill him even though he is like a son to Klaus. Rebekah finds death terrifying; being here one minute and gone the next. She never has had to think about hit because she is an Original. She tells Marcel to run before the moon is at its apex and Klaus is free. She ends the call.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the cemetery, Klaus asks Elijah what he’s going to do. Tunde’s blade could put him down but the white oak stake would finish him off for good. Elijah tells him he has no taste for fratricide unlike Klaus. He’s got the stake to keep it from Klaus and the blade is insurance. Klaus asks why Elijah defends Rebekah because she also betrayed him when she summoned Mikael. Elijah responds that he likes to remember her the way she was, before they became what they became. (I feel flashback coming on). Flashback to when they were children, all five siblings playing together and having fun. He remembers her as an innocent girl; quick to laugh and full of life. Klaus says his memories make the betrayal more painful so Elijah asks him if he can’t accept part of the blame. Klaus scoffs at his remark and says she’s always hated him. She didn’t want to run him off, she wanted him dead. Elijah says that’s not true and that he has no idea what Rebekah was prepared to do for him. (Flashback coming!). In a flashback, Rebekah is holding a knife over her sleeping father.

Elijah says she can be stubborn, impetuous, dangerous when she perceives an injustice. And never more so than the night she tried to kill Mikael. Klaus doesn’t believe him. Elijah says she would have done it if he had not stopped her. A flashback shows Elijah taking the knife from her. He wishes he could go back to that moment and finish the task himself. Klaus asks him why he’s telling him this now. Elijah says Rebekah acts without thinking sometimes, that she’s quick to temper and to fall in love, but she loves Klaus. Rebekah listens in as Elijah tells him that his malicious actions have broken her heart. He doesn’t blame her for summoning their father even though it was a mistake. Klaus says he does and quickly moves across the cemetery and Elijah blocks his path. Klaus tells him he’ll just have to use the white oak stake, because if he uses the blade, he’ll have to take it out again some day and Klaus will hate him as much as Rebekah. (Goading him!). Klaus accuses him of seeing in himself what he abhors in Klaus; that Elijah just dresses it up with suits and a mask of civility and eloquence when he’s every bit the abomination that Klaus is, or worse. Klaus tells him to use the stake, but Elijah throws it away. Elijah tells Klaus that he isn’t such a coward that he would kill him; but if he has to make him suffer to protect Rebekah, he will. Klaus turns and walks away saying that Elijah won’t do it because he still thinks there’s hope to redeem Klaus, the bastard, and if so, then there’s hope for himself. Klaus suddenly attacks Elijah, sticking the blade into his stomach. Elijah screams out in surprise and pain as Klaus gets up into his face and says, “Now you know how it feels.” The blade disappears into Elijah and he collapses. Rebekah appears behind Klaus shortly afterwards and says, “That was supposed to be my line”. (Yes, it was!). Klaus turns around to see Rebekah holding the stake. She tells Klaus she now decides who lives and who dies. (You go, girl!). Rebekah tells Klaus she’s taking out the blade from Elijah but Klaus says she has to kill him first. And she has the means to do so now. Rebekah says she didn’t want to kill him; she wanted him to run. Klaus calls her a liar. She tells him that he wants to kill her to justify what he did instead of accepting it was his own fault. She says instead of him being happy for her and Marcel, but in his paranoia, he feared losing them both, and he did. And he only has himself to blame. Klaus asks where Marcel is now; he’s left her trapped inside the cemetery with him.

Back in the Quarter, Marcel is meeting with Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) at Sabine’s shop. She tells Marcel that the witches lack direction but fortunately the coven now have her as their new leader. She notes that Marcel has asked her to lower the boundary spell cast by Celeste, but he doesn’t control the witches any more and last time she agreed to a deal, he tried to kill her. Marcel says he learned his lesson and wants to broker a deal that if she accepts, he promises no more vampires in the cauldron and no more executions. Genevieve calls it a nice start but she wants Davina in exchange for lowering the spell. She tells Marcel it’s his fault that Davina was shunned by the ancestors in death but now that’s over, the witches can welcome her home. She’ll be safe and not surrounded by vampires. If he brings her Davina, she will find a way to break the boundary spell; if not, she won’t be the one to mourn Rebekah. (She has you over a barrel, Marcel. She has Klaus’ negotiation skills).

Meanwhile, Klaus is taunting Rebekah about her standing a chance against him if Marcel were with her. That by now, he’s probably found another younger, prettier girl. Rebekah tells him that Klaus takes joy in other people’s pain and then wonders why she hates him. And Klaus says that is why she wanted him dead. He badgers her to admit that she wanted him dead and she counters she only wanted him to run. Klaus offers in exchange for her to admit it, he will allow her to help Elijah but Rebekah won’t. He keeps screaming inches from her face to admit she wanted him dead. She finally gives in and says maybe she did. (Nah. He just broke her down with all that screaming in her face.). A shocked Klaus (Really?) takes the stake and drives it into Rebekah’s chest but not her heart which is fatal. As she drops to the ground, Klaus looks defeated at what he’s done (Maybe he’s not the monster he believes he is).

Rebekah recovers and tells Klaus he missed her heart. He responds that maybe he did; maybe he didn’t want to kill her but for her to feel a fraction of the fear that he felt when their father came for him. He says she calls him evil yet she conspired to kill her own blood. Rebekah says that he made their lives a living hell; he tormented them. A tearful Klaus (oh he has a heart after all!) says he loves his family, her and Elijah. He loved all of them. He says he can be difficult but he didn’t make himself that way, it was Mikael that ruined him. A tearful Rebekah says Mikael ruined her too and that’s what Klaus forgets. She says they are broken centuries later — Klaus with his anger and paranoia, her with her fear of abandonment, and Elijah (she glances at him still unconscious with the blade in him) who dedicates himself to everyone but himself. She says they are the strongest creatures on the earth but are damaged beyond repair. They live without hope but they will never die. They are the definition of cursed, always and forever. Klaus doesn’t respond, only looking at her through his tears (Bring out the tissues! Heart breaking scene).

Back at the attic, Cami is with a sleeping Davina when Marcel walks in and asks how she is. Cami says she’s depressed and would be better off in an institution getting help and medication. (Wow, really?). Marcel says she’d never get out if she goes into one and has a better idea. He suggests taking her back to the witches but Cami doesn’t like the idea. He tells her it’s the only chance she has and when Cami says they have to talk about it, he says he’s not asking for permission.

In the cemetery, Klaus goes to Elijah who lies suffering on the ground. He smashes his fist into his chest (Ewwww) and takes out the blade as Elijah screams out in agony. He looks at Elijah and says, “Now we’re even”.

Back in the Quarter, Marcel visits Genevieve in her shop. She asks if they have a deal and Marcel says that Davina is sleeping and when she wakes up, he’ll explain everything to her, but now he wants the barrier taken down. She tells him she’ll channel Celeste’s power that went back into the ground after she died. She says it’ll take some doing (to break the powerful boundary spell) but she’s pretty good at what she does. (No ego problem here!). Marcel asks her to heal Father Kieran. Genevieve says there’s no undoing a hex once it’s taken root. He says fine but just get Rebekah out. She tells him to break the spell she has to let them all out, not just Rebekah. Marcel says okay but if she hurts Davina — to which Genevieve tells him it’s over, he lost, and to try and have a little dignity. (Sharp tongued aren’t we).

Back at the cemetery gates, Rebekah tells Klaus that they are still trapped and to do to her now whatever it was he was going to do. Klaus reminds her that she said their father ruined them but he wonders if Mikael’s father ruined him. A breeze stirs up some leaves and the cemetery gates slowly swing open. Klaus remarks that the barrier is down (Thank you, Captain Obvious). Rebekah tells him that she knows he hates her, but what’s done is done. To which Klaus replies, what’s done is never done; The story that we tell ourselves remains inside us so we know who we are — A vicious father. Bastard son. A sister who betrayed him. He tells her that perhaps it’s time for a new story. He asks her what she wants. Rebekah answers she wants the same things she wanted as a child — a home, a family, someone to love her, and to live. He tells her to go; to go and never come back. He tells her they are far too damaged than to remain together now. They are a volatile mix of ingredients. Klaus tells her that New Orleans will be his; he will raise his child in the city Rebekah took from him. He says Elijah will no doubt stay but that she is free. She looks at Klaus surprised and then she walks past him and walks through the gates.

Elijah finds Rebekah in the burned out mansion. She tells him she came to collect her things that didn’t burn and then she’s leaving. She asks him if he has any desire to join her. He tells her he hopes she finds everything she’s looking for. Rebekah tells him that when she brought Mikael that she didn’t mean to hurt him. He said he knows. She said that she was sure Klaus would kill her and maybe he changed his mind but just maybe, the brother they knew is still deep down inside. Elijah responds that yes, deep down; he’s still in there. She kisses him on the cheek and asks Elijah to help Klaus find his way.

Back at the compound, Klaus encounters Marcel and his vampires. He tells Klaus they need to settle things out in the open. Klaus is surprised that Marcel hasn’t run off by now but Marcel says this is his town. He came to face Klaus, to end it, in front of his people. Marcel says if he’s going to kill if for that, to get on with it. Klaus says nothing and proceeds to walk upstairs. Elijah enters and body slams Marcel into a wall. He announces that this was once his family home and he’s taking it back. He tells Marcel that out of respect for his sister, Marcel can keep his life, but he’s now exiled from the Quarter and if he’s seen there, it won’t end well for him. He tells the others to “run along” and everyone slowly and quietly walks out. Klaus tells Elijah that was nicely done and he’s beginning to sound like him; he’s impressed. Elijah doesn’t look too happy about that observation.

Rebekah meets with Marcel at her mother’s grave site at the mansion. She tells him that she, unlike her mother, isn’t bound to the land; that she is finally free. Marcel says her brothers came into town acting like they owned it and him. They took his home, his people and everything. He can’t just run away. She tells him she’s not asking him too; she’s no fool. She knows how much he loves the city. And she’s not the kind of girl that likes to share. She remarks that it was too bad he didn’t finish building their home; it would have been the last beautiful thing standing. They share one last passionate kiss and she says goodbye to Marcel and tells him to try and stay alive.

At the Bayou, Rebekah says goodbye to Haley. She asks what happened to the girls sticking together. She tells Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) that she and Klaus came to an all or nothing arrangement. He allowed her to live if she left town for good. She believes that there’s hope for him in their unborn child. She tells Haley to keep her safe from the family’s enemies. Haley tells her she can always come back and visit; she’s known to keep a secret from Klaus. Rebekah asks her to tell the child crazy stories about her Auntie Beks and tell her that she loves her very much (We know the gender of the kid already?).

Back at the compound, Klaus opens up a box of items from his past and pulls out the carved knight. He looks at it intently and remembers the night he had given it to Rebekah to hold, that night she was scared of the storm.

Meanwhile, Rebekah leaves New Orleans as she arrived — in her little red convertible. With the roof down, and her hair flying carelessly around her, she breaks out into a big smile. Freedom feels good.

What an incredible episode that was. The only sad part was obviously seeing the exit of Claire Holt as Rebekah. Her strong character will be greatly missed and here’s hoping she might return for a few guest spots in the future. But it seemed the only logical ending to the story of the broken and damaged Mikaelson family, after they aired all their past hurts and grievances, with an uneasy truce. There was no other way to have them go on because there would always be that lack of trust and between Rebekah and Klaus. It looks like Genevieve will be playing a more pivotal part as she takes over the coven of witches in the Quarter. Klaus may be in for a surprise. What will the witches do with Davina? Where will Marcel go? Will he challenge Klaus to get New Orleans back? Will Haley leave her family once their curse is broken or remain with them? Will Father Kieran beat the hex or will Cami watch him slowly go insane? Will Cami find a way to help him? Did Genevieve lie to Marcel about the hex not being curable?

What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts!

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