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Consider the consequences, of betrayal; for there is no greater a driving force for revenge, than the betrayal of another’s trust. – Wes Fessler

In this week’s episode of The Originals, revenge for betrayal is the central theme. The witches Genevieve and Celeste put their torturous plan into action as Elijah and Marcel race to rescue Rebekah and Klaus. The secret of 1919 is revealed, resulting in deadly consequences for Marcel and Rebekah.

The episode opens with a wounded and bloody Rebekah (Claire Holt) awakens in a busy old-fashioned hospital. She sits up in a panic and what she saw dissolves into a run-down, abandoned hospital but no for long. Suddenly she sees patients on hospital beds, coughing up blood or dead with blood all over themselves. Then the hallucinations abruptly end and a frightened Rebeka hears laughter. She asks who is there but gets no reply so she hightails it out of the room and finds the exit. The building looms large behind her as she runs, passing a leaf covered, weathered stone marker that says ‘Fleur-De-Lis’ Sanatorium. As she stands at the top of the stairs leading down from the sanatorium, a large knife is stuck into her back. She collapses and sees her attacker is no other than Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) (Ta-da!). She tells Rebekah she thought that they might reminisce. Rebekah passes out and Genevieve looks up at one of the windows, and smiles at Celeste who is watching. Celeste (Shannon Kane) makes her way over to Klaus (Joseph Morgan), who is regaining consciousness, strapped down to a wooden gurney. His naked chest (oh yeah) reveals a pattern of red spidery lines down the middle.

At the Lafayette Cemetery, workers are bricking up Sophie inside the family crypt where her niece, Monique recently came back to life. Her niece is watching with a crowd of mourners when Elijah (Daniel Gillies) elbows his way in and politely asks where his siblings are. Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami) tells him he’s interrupting Sophie’s consecration to which a shocked Elijah asks what happened. She tells him Sophie was a casualty of war. Elijah threatens her to tell him where Klaus and Rebekah are, but Monique has a message from Celeste. She throws her hand up toward Elijah and he watches as tattoos are burned into his skin. She tells him to follow the path and he’ll find what he’s looking for.

Back at the sanatorium, Rebekah is back inside, knife still protruding from her body. She’s on a bed trying to pull out the knife while Genevieve mixes some herbs and her own blood in a bowl, near-by. Genevieve pulls out the knife and lets Rebekkah’s blood drip into the bowl. She asks Rebekah how she liked the wolf boy who seemed her type, trashing and willing, Rebekah threatens to take her head off. Genevieve tells her she takes care of her friends and reminds her that they once were friends. She places a wet cloth on Rebekah’s forehead and we get a flashback.

It’s 1919 in New Orleans and Rebekah is a nurse at the Fleur-De-Lis Sanatorium. It’s the year of the Great Flu Epidemic. She seems a bit out of her league as she tends to sick patients who cough blood everywhere, including on her. One particular man patient is having a coughing fit and Rebekah calls Genevieve, also a nurse then, to attend to him. A timid Genevieve explains to Rebekah that she only gave the man an herbal remedy to help his cough when Rebekah calls her a witch. Rebekah asks for tips in helping and Genevieve comments that it’s weird having a vampire do that. Rebekah says as an Original vampire and it being her city, she feels it’s her duty to help. Rebekah thinks they’ll be fast friends and invites Genevieve to a jazz club for fun. When Genevieve hesitates as she looks over at another nurse named Clara (Teri Wyble) (Is this Celeste?), Rebekah invites them both. Genevieve then brings Rebekah back to the present, leaving Rebekah alone, in agony from her wolf bite wounds.

Back at the compound, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) tells an arriving Elijah that his Day Walkers are still putting the word out. Elijah asks Marcel for a pen and paper to which Marcel takes offense. He asks if he and Elijah are in this together, not him working for Elijah. As Marcel looks for pen and paper, Elijah unbuttons his shirt (swoon!) and calls out for Haley. Haley (Phoebe Tokin) enters the room asking if he’s heard anything and stutters on her words as she sees a chest bare Elijah holding his shirt. (Looking hotter than hot!). She asks what’s going on and he asks her to write down the names that are tattooed onto his body. (I’d never be able to concentrate!). As Haley looks over his body, reading (yeah, right) when she sees Sabine’s name. Elijah says he believes they are the names of the women Celeste has inhabited for the past two centuries. Marcel says it’s called Debenett (??), an old school riddle used to teach kids. You solve the riddle and it disappears. Haley asks what the point is. Elijah says that Celeste is mocking his choice of saving Haley over his siblings with a childish game. The longer the game, the more Klaus and Rebekah will suffer. To find them, they must solve the riddle. Marcel points out Annie Le Fleur, a witch who was shunned from her coven the year before but didn’t know why. He volunteers to find out.

Back to shirtless Klaus strapped to the gurney at the sanatorium (And is just as hot as Elijah).
Genevieve lightly touches the his chest, picks up a knife and tells him she’s there to help. She cuts him open and plunges her hand inside his chest, pulling out the blade that Sophie stabbed him with. Much to Klaus’ agony and he looks at her with murderous fury.

Marcel and Elijah find a man (Annie’s man?) who tells them that Annie was a good person but the witches did her wrong, accusing her of practicing dark magic. They said they had proof, so she quit. He said that once you’re shunned, there’s no point in going on. Elijah calls Haley to tell her that Annie drowned herself in the Mississippi River. He said that Celeste was tired of the body and ready to take Sabine’s. Haley asks how he know this and he says that Annie jumped from the very spot that he and Celeste had their first kiss. Elijah says they have to find out where the names take them; The names of all the lives that Celeste took to take her revenge. Haley asks Elijah to ask Marcel if he knows anything about one of the names – Bren Deveroux. If Celeste was this person, then she might still be able to break the Crescent werewolf curse because Sophie said it was her blood line that was the only one to break it.

Meanwhile, at the sanatorium, Genevieve has bandaged Klaus’ chest and put his sweater on (Damn! Don’t do that!). He’s in a weakened state and complains that the wound isn’t healing and she replies that there was a lot of black magic in that wound and it will take time to heal. Klaus asks her if she is one of the witches back from the dead seeking vengeance, why show him kindness. She strokes his face and tells him that she pities him. He offers to reward her “in ways she’s never fathomed” (Oh my!) if she joins his side. She gets close enough to kiss him before she tells him she’s flattered that he’s offering her a deal, but first, they need to talk about Rebekah. Klaus warns her about harming her, but Genevieve says that what he and she have in common is that they’re no strangers to Rebekkah’s treachery. She tells him to drink from the bowl she earlier concocted of her and Rebekkah’s blood, reassuring him that it will show him Rebekah’s betrayal. She places her hand on his forehead.

Out in the hospital halls, a weak Rebekah is trying to find a way out when she see’s Klaus.
She calls out to him but he disappears. As she passes rooms, she hallucinates, seeing patients coughing up blood or are bloodied, reaching out to her. Terrified, she stumbles into the crematorium which takes us into a flashback. It’s 1919 and Rebekah is in the crematorium where she makes out with Marcel (No surprise!) with gurneys of dead people around them (That will get you into the mood. Not.). He asks if she’s asked Genevieve to do the spell so they can be together forever. She says she will when the time is right but hesitates because she feels bad about using her. Marcel asks if she’s changed her mind. She says no, if this is the only way to love him without Klaus’ interference. As they make out, Genevieve walks in on them and leaves embarrassed. Rebekah calls after her and walks out the door and into the present day.

Klaus tells Genevieve he already knew about Rebekah and Marcel and this was adding up to be a waste of her endeavor as Genevieve slides her hand up his thigh (holy cow, lucky girl!) and then pulls away. She says it’s not the sum total of their treachery.

Meanwhile, back in the Quarter, Elijah and Marcel are at The Pit interrogating the city mayor about where the file of the supernatural community’s death records is located(that the former mayor kept). When he says he doesn’t know, Elijah calls him out on his “fib” (love it) and asks the vamps if anyone is hungry. That convinces the mayor to tell Elijah that the records were moved after the former mayor’s death, to St. Anne’s Church.

Back at the sanatorium, Rebekah is still running through the halls trying to find a way out.
She encounters not so real twin boys of 1919 whose screams throw her back into a wall. Genevieve then appears and asks her is she’s had a rough day and that her bites are looking nasty. Rebekah asks why she is making her relive the past since they both know how it ends. Genevieve says that’s true, but Klaus doesn’t, so she linked her mind to his to show him. Rebekah begs her not to but Genevieve tells her its too late and sends her reeling in pain to the floor where she passes out.

At St. Anne’s, Elijah and Marcel looks through the record books. Elijah finds the name from their list — Bren Deveroux who drowned herself 20 years ago. Marcel says he recognizes her name; she used to do spells for him. She cursed the werewolves for him because they were making him angry. Marcel says he knows about the wolf pack party out at the mansion and thanks him for letting it burn down. He asks Elijah what Haley has to do with the wolves to which Elijah threatens to kill him if he lays a finger on her. Marcel thinks he’s hit a nerve and Elijah ignores him when he finds the name of Clara Summerlin. He says that every name on him signifies a witch that died by her own hand except one – Clara. Marcel asks how she died and Elijah says influence epidemic of 1919. Marcel and Elijah watch as the names disappear from Elijah’s skin.
Elijah says they have their answer, but doesn’t know what it means. Marcel does and his face shows it.

Meanwhile, Genevieve puts on a jazz record that wakes up Rebekah. She begins to have a flashback that stops. She runs to find the source of the music while Genevieve rejoins Klaus.
She tells him that what Klaus feared the most came to pass. Marcel and Rebekah’s love overcame their love for him and turned it into hate. They conspired to rid themselves of Klaus forever.
Rebekah finds the record player and smashes the record, but then she flashes back to the night
at the jazz club.

Inside the club, Genevieve tells Rebekah she thinks her family is quite elegant (as she spots Elijah across the room) but admits her attraction to Klaus. Rebekah is surprised she would prefer the bad boys. At the bar, Clara is jostled by a man and his drink is spilled over her. Elijah appears, gives her his handkerchief and tells her to keep it. Clara (Celeste) watches him walk away with a knowing smirk on her face. (Pretty cool that she looks just like Celeste when she makes that expression). Rebekah tells Genevieve if she likes bad boys, she’d probably like her brother Cole but can’t tell her where he is. In the background, we see Klaus observing them (through the mind link). She tells Genevieve their family has had its ups and downs and then asks if she can help her contact someone they haven’t seen in a very long time but no one can know. Genevieve agrees and Rebekah tells her it’s their father, Michael she wants to contact.

Klaus comes back to the present, tears in his eyes, screaming at Genevieve that it’s all lies. She confronts him not to dismember the messenger (now that’s creepy), that part of him must have known or suspected. She continues that his father came to New Orleans in 1919 to kill Klaus and as the city burned, he almost succeeded. Klaus argues that their family has done some horrible things, but no matter how angry Rebekah was with him, she would not call his father. Genevieve compliments him for being sweet in believing that, but he’ll be convinced once things are over.

Back at the compound, Elijah secretly tells Haley that she was right about Bin Deveroux. Marcel comes in and asks if she’s found out anything about Clara. Looking at the laptop, Haley says not much, except she was a nurse at the Fleur-De-Lis Sanatorium. Marcel looks uneasy. She asks Elijah if he recognizes her as she points Clara out in a picture online. Elijah says he doesn’t.
Elijah notices Marcel pacing back and forth and tells him if he knows something, to say it.
Marcel tells him that the sanatorium is where he’ll find Klaus and Rebekah. Elijah and Haley ask how does he know. Marcel responds that he and Rebekah did something that the witches are trying to use against Rebekah. Something that Elijah is not going to like.

Genevieve takes Klaus back to the mind link to see more proof. In yet another flashback, Rebekah and Marcel are in the Lafayette Cemetery with Genevieve as she does her spell.
Klaus is in the background, watching them. Genevieve produces the newspaper photo that Cami was so obsessed with and crumples it up. She then takes a blade and holds it over a candle’s flame. In the present, she asks Klaus what he sees. He says the blade is his father’s that was lost when he was a boy. He now realizes Rebekah had stolen it, but Klaus’ father beat him because he thought Klaus had. He said she can’t stand weapons that aren’t meant for girls. Then we go back to the cemetery where Genevieve is finishing the spell. Back to the present again, and Klaus screams out her name in anger.

Back at the compound, an angry Elijah tells Marcel that he wondered for half a century how his father had found them; what they had done to bring him to the city. He even blamed himself for a time. He body slams Marcel by the neck up against a wall. He tells Marcel that Klaus treated him like a son and he goes and does that with Rebekah. He tells Elijah that he loved and still loves Rebekah. He said as long as Klaus was around, they could never be together. Marcel equates his and Rebekah’s situation to him (implying him and Haley). (Touché, Marcel). Elijah lets him go with a warning. He won’t let Rebekah suffer Klaus’ wrath when he finds out. Marcel says they must get to Klaus before he learns the truth.

At the sanatorium, Rebekah runs into Celeste who tells her to give it up. Rebekah calls her Sabine but Celeste corrects her. She tells her of all the names she’s had, she still prefers the first one, Celeste. She thinks it’s because of the way it sounded on Elijah’s lips. She says what a good liar he is and all of them are. She tells Rebekah that the family loyalty will do them in. Once Klaus finds out the truth, he’ll kill Marcel, do something horrible to her and never forgive Elijah. This will pit brother against brother and their bond will crumble. Rebekah says she’ll kill her, but Celeste said she already did but at the time she was someone else.

Back to 1919 at the sanatorium (whiplash anyone?) Genevieve and Clara are tending to a patient who is coughing blood into a cloth Genevieve is holding to his mouth. Rebekah asks to see Genevieve privately. As she leaves, Clara tells her to wash up and incinerate the cloth full of blood (her face turns into Celeste’s. Guessed that one!). Back to the present, Rebekah tells Celeste it wasn’t any of her business but Celeste says she suspected that her friend was being exploited. Again, back to 1919. Inside the crematorium, a tearful Rebekah asks Genevieve to call off the spell, that it was a mistake that will tear apart her family for her own selfish happiness. She says if Klaus finds out Genevieve did it, her and her entire family will die. Rebekah begs her, but shocked Genevieve says she can’t. She suggests telling Klaus what they’ve done but Rebekah says not to say a word. Genevieve realizes that Rebekah’s friendship was only to get a favor from her and now she wants it back. She tells Rebekah that she won’t perish because she was foolish enough to trust her. She makes Rebekah’s head spin in pain. Rebekah grabs the bloodied cloth out of Genevieve’s uniform and holds her down with the cloth against her mouth and apologizes to her. She can’t let Klaus destroy her. Clara (Celeste) walks in on them.

Back to the present, Celeste reminds her that she infected her too and then compelled the orderlies to keep them in quarantine until they died. Back to 1919 where we see Clara and Celeste dying in the isolation room. Klaus stands outside, watching this through the mind link and when it breaks, he nods to Genevieve. Celeste tells Rebekah that she just took another body, but Genevieve wasn’t so lucky. She tells Rebekah her luck has run out. Genevieve tells an angry, tearful Klaus she’s sorry, but he needed to know the truth, to see it. And to take his and her revenge. She let him feed off her so he can become strong again. She then unlocks his shackles and gives him the blade. He goes to kill her, but changes his mind. He’s off to find Rebekah.
Elijah and Marcel arrive at the sanatorium and decided to split up to search for Rebekah and Klaus. Klaus finds Rebekah where she says it isn’t true but Klaus says her face tells a different story. She limps/runs off with Klaus in walking pursuit. He tells her she can’t hide nor can she run (funny boy!).

Outside, Celeste is coming down the stairs of the building when she is knocked unconscious by Haley. (Where did she come from?) She tells Celeste that they’re going to have a little chat.
Meanwhile, Rebekah is still trying to escape Klaus and finds herself trapped in a downstairs room with no way out. Klaus catches up with her. He tells her no more dagger for her, it will be the blade (he shows her it) which will be far less merciful. She will be in a living hell, which fits her treachery. Rebekah tells him to go ahead and do it. He tells her he was looking forward to her begging for mercy. He asks what her father would think of her now and she tries to run. He throws her through a wall. She grabs an iron something and whacks him about the head to no avail. He gets up and smiles with so much evilness, like he’s enjoying this. He then body slams her to the ground. Marcel comes in and he throws him across the room. Rebekah tells him that Marcel had nothing to do with what happened. Klaus replies that if she had just the fraction of the loyalty for him as she does for Marcel, he wouldn’t have to knife her. As he raises the blade, Elijah grabs his arm and plunges the blade back into Klaus’ chest, to the horror of Marcel and Rebekah. Klaus looks up at Elijah in disbelief. Elijah tells Marcel and Rebekah to run as far and as fast as they can. He holds Klaus until he collapses in his arms.

Well, that episode finally answered the eternal question about what happened in 1919. Not quite what I was expecting and a bit underwhelming. Now we have a Romeo and Juliet kind of love story as Marcel and Rebekah run for the lives. Not sure how that is going to pan out but I suspect they don’t get far. Rebekah will most likely feel some regret or guilt and go back. Will Elijah pay for what he’s done to Klaus if Klaus recovers? Will Haley force Celeste to break the werewolf curse on her family? What did happen after she knocked out Celeste? What about the other witches, Genevieve and Bastianna? Will they seek more revenge? Will they help Klaus? Will Elijah get rid of them and Celeste, but how will he do it?

What did you think of this episode? Let us know!

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