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When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.
- Viktor E. Frankl

In this episode of The Originals, everyone will be making life changing choices. Klaus’ rule of New Orleans will take a wicked detour when Celeste unleashes her devious plan to destroy the Mickaelsons and take control of the city.

As the episode opens, Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami), Sophie’s niece, who was sacrificed in the Harvest, wakes up inside her tomb. Panicked, she cries out for someone to help her.
At St. Anne’s Church, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) is conducting a service to celebrate the opening of the newly constructed church. Cami (Leah Pipes) steals a look across the aisle of parishioners at Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). When Klaus meets her gaze, she turns away in disgust. Marcel meanwhile has spotted a red headed woman that he recognizes, sitting across the way. When Klaus looks at Marcel and asks if there is a problem, to which he replies no. As the service concludes, Bastianna (Shannon Eurbanks) enters and waits at the back of the church.

Meanwhile, Celeste is giving a tour of the cemetery and stops at the Deveraux family tomb,
pointing out that the family has strong ties to witchcraft. Monique hears them and starts screaming and punching on her enclosure. Celeste points out that the fresh bricks indicate someone recently has died. The tourists hear Monique screaming inside and their confusion turns to shock when Monique kicks out the wall and falls out of the tomb. As the tourists snap photos, Celeste calmly approaches a confused Monique and welcomes her back to land of the living.

Sophie Deveraux (Daniella Pineda) rushes to the cemetery, sees where the tomb has been broken. Not far away in the witches area, Sophie finds Celeste and asks what is going on. Celeste claims it’s a miracle as Monique turns around. Sophie hugs her but Monique’s face reveals no emotion, no connection. (Red flag that all is not what is seems).

Back at St. Anne’s, Father Kieran is greeting parishioners as they leave the service. Klaus asks him if his sources have revealed anything about Papa Tunde and Kieran replies that no one has seen him. Marcel stresses that Tunde is walking around with all of absorbed of his Garden vampires and warns him to put his ear closer to the ground. Klaus gets a call from Diego saying they have a big problem on their hands. Diego is looking at the dead body of Tunde but won’t disclose that to Klaus. Klaus and Marcel leave and Bastianna approaches Kieran. He is shocked to see her (Especially when she’s dead!). She grabs his hand in hers and tells him to give her regards to his nephew Shaun when he sees him in hell. Then she places a hex on him by chanting and scratching an ‘X’ into his hand.

At the compound, the bloody body of Papa Tunde (Owisa Odera) is sprawled out inside of a white diagram. Elijah (Daniel Gilles) is examining the body when Klaus asks him if he get him a magnifying glass or perhaps a pipe. (It’s Sherlock Elijah! Best line of the episode). Elijah asks if Klaus wants to share anything but Marcel says that witches used to threaten people by leaving a dead chicken on doorsteps in the old days. To which Elijah replies, “A rather large and ominous chicken, wouldn’t you say?” (He even sounds like Sherlock Holmes here). Klaus wonders why Tunde, who is the witches prize fighter would be killed and left in their compound. Rebekah (Claire Holt) walks in and announces that a “girl exploded from a grave” while a tour was being given of the City of the Dead. And that girl is Monique, causing celebration among the witches. Marcel thinks it could be a miracle, given that she was a Harvest girl. He suggests that is how they get Davina back — kill the witch that took her place. Haley interrupts, suggesting it is Celeste is that witch. She reminds them that Davina warned them that a great evil was coming (and shows them the sketch of Celeste). Klaus says he believes the witches are declaring war on the vampires, not just attacking them.

Later, Elijah asks Rebekah to take Haley to the Plantation house where she would be safe.
Rebekah asks if he trusts her and Elijah says he does, that’s why he’s asking. She asks why he doesn’t and Elijah responds then he’d be the hypocrite that Rebekah accuses him of being. Since he shows his emotions, he’ll take action instead. She agrees to do it only because she wants to end the silly quarrel between them.

As Rebekah goes to find Haley, Marcel ambushes her in the hallway. He tells her that he thinks he has seen a resurrected witch at the church service that morning — Genevieve. Rebekah is shocked to hear her name. Marcel believes she’s back because of unfinished business and she has secrets that he and Rebekah don’t want getting out. Rebekah tells him she’s taking Haley to the Plantation but to go find Genevieve and end it like they did last time. (They must have killed her back then?).

Meanwhile, at Sophie’s bar, Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) walks in, sits at the bar and orders tea from Cami, who is bar tending. Father Kieran walks in and sits down not far from Genevieve, looking distracted and overwrought. Cami confronts him on the fact that she tried to make amends that morning with him at the church and is angry that she sees him conducting business as usual with Klaus. Kieran says it is business as usual and has been for three centuries, to keep the peace. Kieran asks for a drink and Cami watches him shakily down it. She asks him what is wrong and he tells her that he’s been hexed like Shaun was and the same things are going to start happening to him. As Genevieve listens in, Cami tells him there must be an antidote. He tells her to stay away from him once it starts, but she tells him she won’t, there has to be a solution. Genevieve approaches them and tells them there is. She tells Cami that to save her uncle’s life, all she has to do is take the bone knife (that she has unwrapped and laid out on the bar) and stab Klaus in the heart. A shocked Cami stares at her.

Rebekah and Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) arrive at the Plantation house where Haley tells her that she wants to throw a party for her clan that night. It’s going to be a full moon but her clan will be human unlike other werewolves (because of the curse placed on them). Haley asked Josh to get the message to Eva and the others. Rebekah notes that Josh isn’t dead and says she’s glad to hear a good survivor story. They watch a delivery man coming out of the house to which Haley confirms he has delivered the kegs out back. Rebekah notes that Haley hasn’t waited to get permission to throw a kegger party. Haley says she can tell on her, send her to her room, or join her in throwing the party. (Party on!)

Back in the Quarter, Elijah meets up with Celeste and proposes they become allies, since she’s helped them in the past, in order to avoid conflict with the witches. Celeste responds that a deal may be possible with the “noble” Elijah, but there will never be peace while Klaus is around. Elijah asks if they want him out of town, but Celeste says this is how the witches feel; they’re scared and desperate but not dumb. She states that Elijah has a niece on the way and want to discuss running Klaus out of the city. He suggests they take a walk and talk; maybe she can take him on one of her famous tours. (Said the fly to the spider!).

Meanwhile, Monique asks Sophie what happened to her mother. Sophie says she believed in the Harvest and she sacrificed herself for the cause, for the witches and for her. Monique asks if Sophie has her faith. Sophie admits that she lost it and tried to get it back because of Monique. Marcel enters the room and greets Monique. Sophie confronts him that he killed her mother and now is threatening Monique, but he denies threatening anyone. He tells Monique he wants to bring back the other three girls who were sacrificed at the Harvest. Sophie says he just wants Davina back so he can use her power again. He replies that he just wants Davina alive. Monique says he’s telling the truth; she can feel it; he’s loyal to Davina and is there to help.

At St. Anne’s Church, Cami stashes the bone knife under a hymn book as Klaus walks in. He says he got her message and wants to know where Kieran is. She says he’s resting and praying in the attic. She asks if he’ll go crazy like Shaun did, and die. She feels remorse that they had a stupid fight over him lying about knowing about the vampires and witches. Klaus says he knows she hates him, but he says Kieran is a good man with a loyal heart who told lies to protect her. He reminds her that Kieran is her family. Klaus says that the attack on Kieran by the witches should be proof enough they are the enemy and that he and Kieran are united.
As Klaus gets up, Cami takes the knife and stands behind him. She calls his name and when he turns around, she is pointing the knife at him. He stares at it and then at her, but Cami turns the handle towards him, and he takes it. He recognizes it as Papa Tunde’s blade. Cami tells him a witch gave it to her and said it would cause unknown pain and torment even to an Original. Sticking it in Klaus’ heart would cure Kieran, she was told. Klaus responds that even so, she rejected the witches offer. Cami says she would have done it but she’s not like him. To which Klaus replies “a monster”, but Cami says no, she’s not stupid. If there’s a war, she wants to be on the winning side. Klaus tells her they will see what they can do to save Kieran.

Outside the Plantation house in the evening, Haley is hanging clothes on a clothesline. The wolf that has been watching her for awhile, approaches. She tells the wolf is she looking forward to meeting it again, soon.

At St Anne’s, Klaus pours his blood into the altar’s chalice, which Father Kieran finds offensive. Klaus reminds him he is a vampire trying to reverse a hex put on Kieran by witches and is surprised that Kieran finds his use of the chalice sacrilegious. Kieran cuts his hand and bleeds out. Klaus explains to Cami that this might not work, but they need to bleed Kieran out because he can’t counter a witch’s hex if Kieran has vervain in him. Cami tells him to do what he has to do.

Back the Plantation house, the wolves (now naked people) of Haley’s clan raid the clothes line and get dressed. Rebekah is in the kitchen leaving an angry voice mail for Marcel because he hasn’t updated her on Genevieve. Just then, in walks a half naked man, to Rebekah’s surprise; she was expecting someone “furry-er” (hahaha!). They are clearly attracted to each other and the werewolf introduces himself as Oliver (Chase Coleman). She introduces herself and calls out to Haley that the party has arrived. (Oh and what a party!).

Meanwhile, while Monique looks on, Marcel has Sophie prepare a locator spell to find the witches. But first, Sophie tells Marcel that she wants a deal She doesn’t want Monique getting into the middle of the vampire vs. witch conflict. The Quarter isn’t safe for her, and if the witches know what Sophie has done (located them; betrayed them) they will kill Sophie. Marcel offers protection but Sophie shrugs him off, saying he can’t protect her. She asks Marcel for money in order to get Monique out of the Quarter. Marcel tells her to find the witches and he’ll give her anything she needs.

At the Plantation, the party is in full swing outside in back of the house. The werewolves are playing instruments and dancing. Oliver finds Rebekah and persuades her to dance with him in celebration of the few hours they have to be human. Haley heads back inside the house and is greeted by name by a man who introduces himself as Jackson (Nathan Parsons). When he says it’s nice to see her again, she acknowledges that he’s the wolf who’s been watching her. He says he’s been protecting her because his interest is in her, not the baby. She counters that he doesn’t know her. He says his and her parents who were of the same people, but not of the same bloodline, knew each other. And according to pack hierarchy, he and Haley had their part to play which was that she was supposed to have been his wife.

Celeste is giving Elijah an architecture tour and she notices that he doesn’t appear very interested. He tells her that not everyday someone asks him to betray his brother and calls her Celeste. She asks how he knew. He said Davina drew her likeness and then Sophie discovered there was no magic in her bones; he wondered if she had cheated death by placing her essence into the body of another. And figured out that would be Sabine, who long ago had recognized who he was. Also, the visions of Klaus’ baby resulted in the death of the last person in her coven, ensuring that the Harvest wasn’t completed unless she controlled it. He asks her to what end is she playing this game. She responds by kissing him (uh-oh, watch out!). Elijah starts to feel woozy. She tells him that she died because of Klaus and even though he lied about her death, Elijah stood by Klaus because of his vow. Elijah asks what she has done to him and she tells him just a simple enchantment. It won’t kill him, but it’ll teach him the error of his ways, that his vow was his biggest mistake. He collapses partially to the ground.

At St Anne’s, Kieran drinks Klaus’ blood from the chalice. Klaus then compels Kieran to resist the dark urges of the witches hex and overcome it. Cami asks Kieran if it worked and he lashes out at her, saying he doesn’t know. But now that the vervain was gone, he’s at the mercy of the murderous bastard Klaus. Then he lashes out at a shocked Cami. As Kieran staggers off, she asks Klaus what he’s going to do and he said he’s going to find the witch who did it and do what he does best. (Oh goody!)

Sophie works the locator spell under the eyes of Marcel and Monique. She finds one witch but Marcel reminds her he needs all three for the deal. Marcel tells her to keep trying when Klaus appears and takes Monique, saying he has all the leverage with her.

Meanwhile, a crumpled Elijah tells Celeste that she has poisoned him with a kiss. She says she is going to cure him of his devotion to his lunatic family. She tells him she will have her revenge and Klaus will know pain and torment like never before, unless Elijah saves him. Or he can save Rebekah who will soon have herself in quite a predicament. (With Oliver, perhaps?) But then that would leave Haley in jeopardy. Elijah is going out of his mind at this point. Celeste says Haley doesn’t know how dangerous it is to be loved by him. She tells him that he will just enough time to recover from her spell to choose one person to save; he can’t save them all. She says she can’t wait to find out who he chooses. (And this is the woman he once loved? Yikes!)

Out in the streets of the Quarter, Klaus calls out to the witches that he has Monique and he will kill her (he has the bone knife in one hand and Monique gripped in the other) if they do not give up Bastianna to him. Marcel appears and reminds Klaus about rule of not killing kids rule to which Klaus reminds him that didn’t stop Marcel from killing Monique’s mother.
Klaus calls out to Bastianna threatening to kill Monique with the blade meant for him. Marcel warns him again and Klaus holds the knife to her neck. Marcel then attacks Klaus and gets him to drop the knife. They trade body slams until Klaus breaks Marcel’s neck. He tells Marcel he decides who lives and dies. As he turns around, Sophie stabs Klaus in the chest with the blade and they watch it slowly disappears into his chest. Klaus screams out in agony and then collapses unconscious next to Marcel. Bastianna appears and tells Sophie she’ll take it from there.

Back at the Plantation house, Haley tells Jackson she never thought meeting her family would mean meeting her husband of an arranged marriage. Jackson says she didn’t know because there was no one around to teach her. He explains that the Crescent blood line goes back to the beginning of two families — his and Haley’s. Haley isn’t impressed that they’re like royalty. Jackson further explains that the werewolves used to rule New Orleans but lost it to infighting. They were defeated by the vampires because they weren’t united. So, their parents brought the two lines back together and betrothed Jackson and Haley. He told her that by not backing down from the vampires, Marcel had them cursed by a witch. He tells her that she (he calls her Andrea) is the last of her blood line and that their people will follow her because of what she represents — she can fight back. And she will break their curse. Haley asks how and Jackson tells her that her witch friend told her she was coming here tonight to do it. Haley asks what witch friend. (Uh-oh; can only mean Genevieve).

In the woods, Oliver and Rebekah are enjoying a romantic interlude when he backs off. He tells her he’s sorry, that he really liked her, but said it was the deal “we” made. Rebekah asks him what deal when several snarling wolves appear out of nowhere. She turns to run and they give chase.

Back at the cemetery, Celeste, Bastianna and Genevieve light candles at the sight of the Harvest altar and begin to chant and fire ignites in the altar columns. Meanwhile, Elijah wakes up as his cell phone is buzzing. It’s Haley telling him there’s something going on with the witches. Elijah tells her she’s right, Celeste is back. He tells her that she, Klaus and Rebekah are all in danger. The doors to the kitchen slam shut and Jackson asks what’s going on. Haley tells him it’s a trap; she didn’t make a deal with any witch. Elijah tells her to find Rebekah and stay with her until he gets there. She tries the doors, but they are locked and then a fire breaks out. She tells Elijah it’s a spell trapping them inside. As the witches chant, fire breaks out all over the house and all the doors shut and lock. They run into the piano room where Jackson tries to break a window with the piano stool, but can’t. They hide under the grand piano and Jackson gives Haley a cloth soaked in water to hold over her mouth. They watch the room going up in flames but Elijah swoops in and rescues Haley (Our hero!). When he gets her outside he asks where Rebekah is, but she doesn’t know. She begs Elijah to rescue Jackson still trapped inside, which he does, although he’s torn, wanting to go find Rebekah. (Poor guy; it’s a gut wrenching decision).

Rebekah is lying in the woods, bleeding from the wolf attack, barely conscious. She sees someone and asks for help. But it’s Genevieve, who tells her it’s been such a long time; she’s going to enjoy this. Later, Elijah finds a dead wolf and Rebekkah’s jacket in the woods. Celeste asks him if he’s missing something (hahaha). Genevieve and Bastianna are following behind her. Celeste knows he won’t hurt her because only she can break the curse on Haley’s family. Genevieve knows where Rebekah is and Bastianna has Klaus who is suffering terribly. Elijah tries to go for her, but she holds him back with intense power, and he collapses in pain. She calls the ending of his family pathetic; that nothing is forever.

Back at the burning Plantation house, Jackson tells Haley he must go and she thanks him for protecting her, not only tonight. He said he’d been dreaming of meeting her since he was a kid, but never dreamed it would turn out like it had. Haley promises to Jackson that she won’t stop until she finds a cure for the curse. Jackson gives her a sad smile and leaves.

Cami and Kieran are walking in the Quarter as Cami tries to reach Klaus by phone. Bastianna stops them and tells Cami that Klaus is indisposed. She asks what happened and Bastianna says someone completed her task for her. She tells Cami that her uncle will die in aguish because she like Kieran, has decided to side with evil. His punishment will atone him for trying to prevent the Harvest and his suffering will purify him. She warns Cami it’s best she not oppose the witches as it is to oppose the natural order by force or by choice. The witches of the French Quarter will rise again.

Back at the compound, Diego reports to Marcel that Klaus isn’t anywhere in the Quarter. Elijah arrives yelling at Marcel as to where Klaus is. He says his guys are out looking for him. Elijah throws a few of the vamps to the wall and Haley yells out at him. Marcel tells Elijah that Klaus snapped his neck, tried to take on a coven of witches and got dropped. He doesn’t know where he is or how to find him. Elijah says they also have Rebekah and he says they will all help him find them and he will kill them all. (You go, Elijah!)

Meanwhile, Sophie has loaded her truck and tries to get Monique to get in, but she won’t.
Sophie tells her there’s no time for a debate because she just stabbed Klaus and he’ll be coming to kill her. She tells Monique she’s sorry she didn’t get her before the Harvest, but now she can live a normal life without being a witch. But Monique argues she is a witch and that she doesn’t want to leave. Sophie suddenly has pain inside her head. Monique tells her the ancestors said Sophie didn’t have enough faith and she was hoping they were wrong. Sophie is bleeding from her mouth and nose and tells Monique not to do this. She tells Sophie she was wrong not to complete the Harvest. The four witches will have enough power when they return to rid New Orleans of vampires and will kill anyone who doesn’t keep the faith. She says Sophie should have believed. She joins up with Celeste, Bastianna and Genevieve and they walk out of the Quarter. Sophie collapses and dies in the road.

Wow, a lot was packed into one episode! Shocker that Sophie is obviously dead but I guess she’s outgrown her usefulness. What have the four witches have in store for Klaus and Rebekkah? If they can’t kill them, will they just drive them insane? Why did Celeste spare Elijah? Was his punishment not being able to save his family, the breaking of his vow? Will he be able to save them both now? How will the vampires and Elijah defeat the four witches without any witch allies? Will the werewolves be able to help or will they be on the witches side hoping for a cure to the curse? Will Father Kieran be cured or will he meet the same fate as his nephew? Will Cami help her uncle find the cure? Will Jackson continue to protect Haley? What did Monique mean by “when they return”? Are they not holding Klaus and Rebekah in the Quarter? And will they try to gain more power for their return by destroying Klaus and Rebekah? Are all werewolves hot when they become human? Is it mandatory of them to wear beards too?

Tell us your thoughts about this episode!

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