Feb. 11th, 2014

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You may know Joseph Morgan as Klaus from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but he’s fighting different demons in his latest role.

Joseph stars in the new film Armistice as a Royal Marine who finds himself trapped in a house occupied by inhuman enemies. We caught up with the London native to hear how he prepped for the movie, his biggest challenge on it and his dream role.

1: What made you want to play A.J. in Armistice?

JM: When the director pitched it to me, it was just the concept of a man alone in the house with himself essentially. The idea of playing this man who is kind of struggling with his demons–both literally and metaphorically. And not having another actor to bounce off–just doing that is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an actor.

2: How did you prepare for a role that required you to be stuck in a house the whole time?

JM: I just came straight off doing a mini series so I was physically–I felt more ready for it. I’ve been through a kind of boot camp. Then I worked a lot with our producer and military adviser who was a royal marine. Luke [the director] and I spent a night or two in the war house improvising scenes and playing with ideas.

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