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“The only completely consistent people are the dead.” – Aldous Huxley

This episode of The Originals unveils the secrets of the year 1919. Celeste unleashes a powerful warlock on the French Quarter. Rebekah is sacrificed and Haley’s baby holds the key to her rescue. Cami comes to Marcel’s aid in a most unexpected way.

As the episode opens, Celeste (Shannon Kane) leads her summoned warlock Papa Tunde
(Owiso Odera) and witches Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) and Bastianna (Shannon Eubanks) through the witches’ cemetery. Genevieve remarks how she remembers this place and Celeste admits she has returned to this cemetery many times over the past century, but “wearing one face or another” (Is she a body snatcher?). Celeste stops at a wall of grave markers. They all have the Chopin last name and begin with Edna born in 1847- died 1919, then Simon 1852-1937; Flora 1899-1963; Charles 1902-1974; Lucy 1930-1986 and ending with Grace 1937-2007. Celeste lights a incense stick and when she blows them out, the names disappear from the bottom up as Celeste remembers each person (Maybe not her because they overlap in births. Her original family maybe?). The only plaque remaining is Edna Chopin.

Cut to a flashbacks of different women over time, ending with someone called Clara Somerline. Clara is taken by Genevieve out to the cemetery where they witness what looks like a voodoo ceremony with dancers all dressed in white. Genevieve tells Clara that every witch in the Quarter is there to see Papa Tunde. Shortly thereafter, he makes his appearance with a boa constrictor wrapped around his neck. He hands it off to one of the men in the circle and claps. The dancers and drummers stop and all eyes are on him. He thanks the witches for coming out to welcome him. Papa Tunde warns them they will need to draw on the strength of their ancestors because a great darkness is coming to New Orleans, which is currently over run with pirates, beasts and vampires. He throws the snake onto the fire and explains he practices sacrificial magic to vanquish his enemies as will he punish theirs. In exchange, the witches are to accept his twin sons into their coven and him as their leader.

Next is another flashback to a year unknown (maybe 1930?). Elijah (Daniel Gilles) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) have invited two members of the Gurerra (spelling?) crime family to broker a deal. Elijah assures them it will be done in peace, to which Klaus responds lucky for them that Elijah is there. Klaus mocks them about their crimes being compared to what happens on a full moon. (A werewolf crime family? Interesting!). Elijah tells them that their bite is not lethal to an Original and conflict is not either. He states that he and Elijah own the docks and don’t want the Feds attention on them once Prohibition ends. So he proposes a system where by the Guerra family, under Elijah and Klaus’ supervision, still traffic in alcohol into New Orleans for a profit, and their rule would remain a secret. A clapping is heard and they see Papa Tunde enter the room. He asks Elijah how his proposal would benefit the witches.

Elijah says their meeting is private; Tunde responds that he knows it’s for Kings of the City but that he too is a king with rules. Klaus mocks him about being impressed and asks who he is. Tunde responds with his real name and asks that the witches be given fair tribute for allowing them to exist in New Orleans. Elijah asks if he speaks for the witches, to which he responds that yes, he speaks for the witches of the French Quarter and to guarantee smooth negotiations he has brought them a gift. One of his sons presents to them a case. Tunde says he looks forward to their next gathering and leaves. Klaus opens up the bag and says it looks like they’ll need a new mayor. Inside is the mayor’s head with a star pattern cut into his forehead.

Back to the present day. The Day Walker vampires are gathered inside the compound. Diego (Erka Darville) approaches Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) as he comes down the stairs. He wants to know where Klaus is since he called a meeting and then didn’t show. Marcel asks what he wants from him; it’s a new regime and Diego needs to get used to it. Just then, in walks Klaus with Thierry (Callard Harris) saying that he has pardoned him and asks everyone to welcome him back. Elijah watches from the shadows. Marcel remarks that Klaus has been in such a good mood and he should visit Mystic Falls more often (hahahaha! More like visit Caroline more often!). Klaus smiles like a devil and says he would, but he has more pressing responsibilities here. He tells his men that since Davina is dead, it will be hard to keep tabs on the witches, but since their Harvest failed, they will soon lose their power forever. Klaus suggests keeping them on their toes and orders Diego to do a rousting in the Cauldron. Marcel tells a disappointed Klaus that he won’t be joining in; he’s taking a personal day (Hahaha…Does he get vacation days too?)

Meanwhile, Elijah and Rebekah (Claire Holt) are taking a stroll down in the Quarter. Elijah noted that Klaus actually showed mercy to Thierry, an enemy and asks her if that’s not progress. Rebekah responds that she is the one who got Klaus to let Thierry out of The Garden. She sees him as valuable because he dated a witch and knows all about French Quarter covens and therefore he might lead her to who stole the Harvest magic. Then, she’d like to make an ally out of that person. Elijah asks her to what end and she responds she is tired of being bullied by Klaus and needs power to tackle a tyrant like him. Elijah expresses his disappointment that she is behaving like Klaus and asks if she doesn’t see Klaus making an effort to change. Rebekah says Klaus lulls them in with a sense of camaraderie and kinship and then he’ll turn on them like a snake (Oooh maybe like a cobra?). Elijah says that leadership is perhaps a good thing for him, but if she can’t support Klaus, he asks that she promise to do nothing to provoke him. Rebekah glares at him and walks away. (Seriously, Elijah? Remember who you’re talking to!).

Back at the compound, Klaus confronts Marcel about shirking his responsibility in front of the other vampires. Marcel responds that he isn’t interested in vampire “hi-jinx”. Klaus points out that Marcel is wallowing in his sorrow for Davina while Klaus takes on all the responsibility of ruling. Diego interrupts their argument to alert them there is a problem. Outside, in the Cauldron are two Day Walkers are lying dead inside a white circle, asterisk shapes carved into their foreheads. Diego said they went missing while they were rousting the witches and later found them as they are. He says the two dead vampires weren’t staked. Marcel walks off and Klaus calls him out on it. Marcel says he wants no part of taking revenge and warns the others not to. He points out that the marks are of some serious “mojo”. Klaus tells the other Day Walkers he will find out who did this and show them what suffering is.

Meanwhile down at the docks, Thierry takes Rebekah to a warehouse to show her something he has found before Klaus does, and it makes his skin crawl. He said he’s never seen anything like it. They see a large white circle with curious white markings and animal bones inside it, and white unlit candles outside. Rebekah has seen it before, a long time ago and she thinks someone is copying a very dangerous witch. It is used to draw power from a sacrifice. Rebekah wonders why anyone would leave it there unless they wanted it to be found. Someone calls out to Rebekah and when she and Thierry turn around, there is Papa Tunde. She can’t believe it’s him and when she confronts Tunde, he grabs her around the throat and chants. Thierry sees what is happening and quickly leaves (To get help hopefully!). Tunde takes out a serrated bone knife and starts carving into her forehead. (Uh-oh. Sacrifice time!)

Back at the compound, Elijah and Klaus are examining the bodies of the dead Day Walkers. Klaus says he will kill who ever did it, to which Elijah says he agrees (Put so elegantly too!). Elijah remarks that he would like to know who is practicing this dark magic as he hoped never to see that symbol again. Klaus recognizes the symbol from a rival he long did away with and believes it is an “upstart” witch who has dug up old tricks. Klaus asks Diego to take all the vampires out that night and bring back the head of the person who did this, on a stick. Diego tells him that they are all scared since it’s been a while since a witch killed a vampire, citing that Marcel kept it that way for them. Klaus points out that Marcel has run away and they’re stuck with Klaus. He asks the vampires who will help to defend their home and none of them answer. Klaus asks if they are so afraid of the new threat that they won’t stand with him. He tells them they should know better and then leaves, saying he will handle it himself.

Meanwhile, Cami (Leah Pipes) is at the messy Rousseau bar trying to reach Sophie on her cell but Sophie isn’t picking up the phone nor her messages. In walks Marcel and Cami threatens him with a bottle and warns him not to try anything since she’s on vervain. Marcel responds that Klaus mentioned she’d broken free of his compulsion. He asks if Sophie is around and Cami says she’s not and asks him why. He replies that he’s having witch problems and wanted to see if she could help. He makes himself comfortable at the bar, pours himself a drink and says he’ll wait. Cami is surprised and asks if he has Klaus problems. He glares at her. She comments she thought he’d be happy now that Davina is back. Marcel tells her Davina is gone, that it wasn’t Klaus’ fault. Her powers became too big for her and they tried The Harvest ritual but it didn’t work and she’s now in limbo waiting on her ancestors. He throws the bottle across the bar and breaks down. Cami tells him she’s sorry and he replies he is too.

At the compound, Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) is looking through Davina’s drawings of Celeste when Elijah enters her room. Elijah notes the drawings and she tells him she wonders why Davina made the sketches of Celeste. She says she’s killing time while on vampire lock-down (Not a Klaus lock-down?). Elijah assures her they’ll take care of what is happening. Haley notes that it took a supernatural threat for him to be in the same room as her. He apologizes for neglecting her but he’s been busy and also reminds her that their interactions enrage Klaus. (He’s so sweet and polite!). Haley responds that she gets it; she and Elijah can’t hang out because he’s trying to be the good big brother to Klaus. Elijah for once, doesn’t have an answer. (That’s okay, we can just stare at his hot self).

Back in the bar, Marcel draws the symbol he saw on the dead vampires, onto a napkin. He ignores a call from Klaus, telling Cami that Klaus likes to keep tabs on his people. Cami asks Marcel why he is so loyal and Marcel retorts that for someone who dislikes Klaus, she asks a lot of questions about him. She says her interest is purely academic. Marcel warns her not to take revenge on Klaus for using her because it won’t end well. He tells her the story, shown in a flashback, of someone who went up against Klaus.

In the flashback, Marcel narrates that right after he returned to New Orleans after serving in World War I. (Here we get the story behind 1919) He notes that he’d been wanting to get away for awhile but Rebekah kept drawing him back. In his Army uniform, Marcel enters a Welcome Home party for him at the compound (Looking good!). He approaches a table where Rebekah and two men are talking and drinking. Marcel asks her if she’s going to welcome him home, to which she doesn’t. He asks how long is she going to hate him and she responds that he left her in a box for 52 years and that seems like a good start (Ouch! She’s punishing him for not standing up to Klaus when he daggered her). She gets up from the table and leaves with the two men. Klaus welcomes Marcel home with a big bear hug and a few drinks. Elijah comments that Klaus was beside himself when Marcel was gone. (Jealousy?). Klaus tells Marcel he wants him to settle an argument. While Marcel was gone, a war has begun in the Quarter with a rouge witch who is trying to take over New Orleans and Elijah wants to negotiate, to which Klaus thinks is wrong. Elijah argues that Marcel has seen how small the world is, how news travels fast, etc., and that the best way to defend their home is to use discretion. Marcel asks who Klaus wants to kill (to Elijah’s almost eye roll!) and he says Papa Tunde, who Klaus thinks is a charlatan. Just then, in walks said warlock, followed by Tunde’s twin boys (with the symbol on their foreheads), and Genevieve. Marcel questions Klaus’ decision to invite them. Klaus replies they’re not savages (hahaha smooth operator) and welcomes Tunde. He offers Tunde anything he wants (booze, women).

Back to the present day, Marcel tells Cami that he didn’t get why Klaus would invite his enemy into his home, why be so generous to someone he wanted to kill. But then realized that is how Klaus planned it. He feels Tunde out to find his weaknesses, his strengths, getting him to let his guard down and then goes in for the kill. Cami responds that Klaus is just a two-faced sociopath; a monster. Marcel tells her they are all monsters; Klaus doesn’t have to hide it because he’s powerful. Cami retorts that Davina was powerful but not a monster. Marcel just nods.

At the warehouse, an unconscious Rebekah is laid out inside of the lighted circle. Papa Tunde scarifies a snake, pours its blood on her calves and then lays the corpse at her feet (Major gross-out!). He touches the symbol on her forehead and lets out a cold breathe. Celeste appears and he tells her that all the Original power from Rebekah now flows through him. She asks if it’s enough to hurt Klaus and Tunde responds that he will make him suffer the way Klaus made him, and Klaus will wish he could die.

Back at Rousseau, Cami starts cleaning up the place but doesn’t intend to open it because she doesn’t want Marcel eating the customers. Marcel gets a call from Klaus who asks him to meet him at the Cauldron so they can stake passer-byes. (Now that’s a visual! Love his sense of humor). Marcel turns him down, saying he’s going to follow up on his own leads. He’s going to stay at Sophie’s bar until she shows. Klaus responds that Marcel could get out of his funk and help him end what is going on. Marcel hangs up on him.

Klaus glances up and sees the circle design written on the wall in front of him that the dead vampires were placed on earlier. A drunk Sophie holding a half empty bottle of alcohol, appears behind him and says, “Big, Bad, Klaus Michaelson” (Not the way to get on his good side). Klaus responds by putting his hand around her neck and asking her to explain the attacks on his men. (Uh-huh, see what I mean).

Back at the compound, Elijah tells Haley is worried that he can’t reach Rebekah on her phone. Haley asks if he’s worried she might have met with the person who killed the vamps, but Elijah is more concerned she has something to do with what is going on. He says she’s unhappy with Klaus and has been conspiring with others. Elijah then sees Thierry sitting in the corner, drinking and asks what the magnetism is between he and Rebekah. Throwing Thierry up against the wall in a hand choke, he asks what Thierry knows. He replies that she asked him to keep an eye out for “witch stuff” and when he found something, he showed it to her. He said that some guy then desiccated her with his touch. Elijah accuses him of being a coward and leaving her. He said he couldn’t be expected to fight a warlock. Haley asks where this took place and Thierry says at Warehouse 57, on the docks. He asks they don’t tell Klaus about it, to which Elijah responds by tossing him against a wall and saying he’ll take it into consideration. Haley tells Elijah she is coming with him against his wishes but he relents when she promises to stay close to him.

Back at the bar, Marcel is still drinking away his troubles. He tells Cami he broke things off with her to save her from all this. She asks him about what happened with Klaus and Tunde. Marcel says that Tunde wanted to empower the witches, but really wanted money and territory. When Klaus and Elijah didn’t give that to him, Tunde went on a rampage where no one was safe.

Flashback with Marcel narrating. Tunde killed the human faction (he slaughtered police), the Guerra werewolf crime family (he displayed their heads on sticks), and the witches who opposed him. Elijah arranged to meet Tunde with a promise to negotiate. But Klaus didn’t want that and had a plan and he turned up to the meeting Tunde instead of Elijah. Tunde threatened him with his power but Klaus tells him he has learned all about his power. The twin boys with the distinctive marks is where Tunde gets his power from and Klaus wondered what would happen if it were taken away; if his sons were suddenly struck down. Cue Marcel into the room carrying a large case (gee, wonder what’s in there?). Tunde looks in the case and there are the heads of his sons. He tells Klaus he will kill him, but Klaus retorts that he can’t be killed and gouges out Tunde’s eyes (Holy cow; that will make you squirm!).

Back to present day, Cami comments awful that was, and Marcel responds it’s only business to Klaus. She asks Marcel if he wonders if one day he’ll end up one of Klaus’ victims too. Before he can answer, Papa Tunde appears in the bar. He challenges Marcel “to climb out of the shadow of his father so he can die like a man.” Marcel tells Cami to run (which she doesn’t) but Tunde tells her to stay to watch the show he’s about to put on. Marcel lunges at him and breaks his neck, but Tunde recovers and laughs. He grabs Marcel telling him he has the power of an Original and soon he will have all three. Tunde begins chanting to desiccate Marcel, but Cami smashes a bottle over Tunde’s head (Big mistake). He in turn throws Cami over the bar and into a wall of bottles and resumes with Marcel.

Meanwhile, a more sober Sophie tells Klaus that the pattern/symbol on the wall is powerful old school type spell rooted in sacrilegious magic. She says whoever did it, killed the vampires to get power and the more they kill, the more power they receive. Klaus gets a frantic call from Cami asking him to come to Rousseau’s because there’s a crazy witch doctor trying to kill Marcel. Klaus tells her to get as far away from the bar as she can. (Of course we know she won’t listen to him).

At the warehouse, Elijah and Haley find Rebekah in the circle but can’t enter it because of a boundary spell. Elijah tells Haley someone is channeling her power which is usually lethal, but being an Original, she won’t die, making her an endless source of power. Haley asks what should they do and Elijah (stating the obvious) says they need to get her out of the circle.

Back at the bar, Tunde is standing over an unconscious Marcel. As he prepares to kill Marcel with the bone knife, Klaus appears. He says he remembers killing Tunde a long time ago and will enjoy doing it again. Tunde grabs Klaus by the throat and body slams him into the wall. He tells Klaus that he is stronger now and he will consume both him and Marcel.

At the warehouse, Elijah is on the phone with Sophie about the containment spell around Rebekah and asks how he can break it. Sophie tells Elijah it’s a convoluted spell, a witches’ recipe and they can break it by adding a more potentate ingredient to it like mystical binding, “volcanic ash, rock salt, anything up to and including eye of newt.” (Love that line!). Elijah asks what about witch’s blood and Sophie asks if they have any. Elijah hangs up and tells Haley he needs a favor. She responds the baby’s is a quarter witch and holds up her arm for Elijah to draw the blood. He takes her hand and spills the blood on the white powder around the circle. The powder boils and bubbles (sorry, bad joke) as the blood touches it.

Back at the bar, Tunde has a hold of Klaus and is about to carve his forehead. Cut back to Elijah and Haley, where they complete their task. Elijah enters the circle and carries Rebekah out of it. Cut back to Tunde going in for the carving. Klaus’ eyes roll into the back of his head but Tunde falls backwards, gasping. Klaus throws something at Tunde and he collapses, only to disappear when Klaus goes to check on Marcel. Cami enters the bar and asks if Marcel is dead. Klaus tells her to get out of there but she refuses (predictable Cami!). He tells her Marcel is not dead but he needs blood and to get someone off the street. She refuses and says she will give Marcel blood, but Klaus doesn’t want her involved. Her response is that Klaus doesn’t control her any more and she goes to Marcel. She tells him it’s all right as he feeds off of her. Marcel briefly recognizes it’s her and repeats “no” as he feeds. (What will happen to her? Did Marcel “heal” her afterwards?).

Back in the Quarter, Rebekah confronts Thierry about what happened and he apologizes saying it’s every man for himself. She tells him she’s sick of narcissists who can’t commit to an alliance. Before Thierry can answer her, Elijah breaks his neck. Elijah confronts Rebekah on her being warned about making moves against her own blood/family. She retorts that Klaus is growing stronger while he does nothing. Elijah believes that Klaus being in charge over the vampires (derelicts — good one) will bring Klaus some happiness. Rebekah asks him what about her happiness that Klaus has denied her for over a thousand years. Elijah says he will never stand against her or Klaus even when making sacrifices is part of the family. She asks him about his feelings for Haley which will bring more harm to their family than her treachery would. She calls him out as a hypocrite, for choosing love over family and then condemning her for doing it too. She walks away, leaving Elijah speechless (gotcha, big brother!).

At a shop in the Quarter, Rebekah is looking at a symbol painted on the wall when Marcel walks in. He says the symbols have been painted up and down the Cauldron. Rebekah thinks it’s Papa Tunde making his mark. After confirming he encountered Tundre, Marcel says it brings up a lot of memories. Rebekah says those are better left alone. (I feel a flashback coming on).

Flashback to the compound in 1919 again, at the Welcome Home party. Rebekah walks into the room and nods to Genevieve at a table. She goes over to her but something catches her eye. It’s Marcel drinking by himself at a corner table. Rebekah goes over to him and asks if he’s celebrating Klaus’ victory over Papa Tunde. Marcel says no, more like drowning his sorrows. He admits that he brought Tunde to New Orleans. While overseas he made some inquiries where to find the most powerful witch and he did it for her. The plan was to have Tunde occupy Klaus or have him chase Klaus out of New Orleans so that Marcel could get Rebekah back. She confronts him with the fact that he has risked his life and what they have built with the hope that she would show him some affection. He acknowledges that he would do it all again. Rebekah tells Marcel that there is only one man that Klaus has ever feared and that is their father, Michael, the vampire that hunts vampires. She said if Michael were to come to New Orleans, Klaus would flee and never turn back. And all they need is a witch to find Michael. Rebekah looks over at Genevieve and back at Marcel. (Ah-ha that is how their father chased them all out; her plan obviously back-fired).

At the compound, Haley studies Davina’s drawings again and then walks outside her room. Elijah watches Haley come out onto the balcony briefly. She looks around and goes back into her room. Elijah’s expression is one of contemplation (or is it resignation?) over what Rebekah had said to him earlier. (Is it decision making time?).

Later, Klaus calls his men together and announces that it is they that need to earn his loyalty and respect, not the other way around. He states that their community is under attack and he needs warriors not cowards to stand with him. Klaus then gives them an ultimatum to either stay and fight or to leave. After a few moments, about a quarter of them leave, much to Klaus’ surprise.

Over drinks, Marcel expresses surprise that Klaus didn’t lose more men. Klaus responds that he doesn’t need cowards in his kingdom. He tells Marcel it’s time to move on to other business, and Sophie who is in the room, says she has no reason to help either of them. Klaus wants her to explain how a witch he killed a 100 years ago came back for revenge. Sophie points out the obvious to them — resurrected witches with great power is the Harvest. Four girls were meant to be resurrected but weren’t. So, someone has hijacked the power and used it to bring back four witches, just not the right ones. Marcel realizes that maybe then they could use that power to bring back Davina. Klaus brushes his suggestion off; he wants to know how to stop Tunde. Sophie says he needs a lot of vampires to sacrifice to get their power. Klaus then realizes the one place where there are vampires ready to be sacrificed. They go to The Garden and discover Tunde has done just that — scarified all of the entombed vampires.

Meanwhile at the cemetery, Tunde is on his knees, chanting over his serrated bone knife when Celeste asks him if it’s done. He says the knife now contains all of the power from the harvested vampires and it will do things worse than death, even to an Original. Celeste stands in front of him and asks if he is ready for the final offering. He says in the name of the witches of the French Quarter, it is his honor. Celeste takes the knife, stands behind Tunde, thanks him and slits his throat. (Was hoping he’s stay around a bit longer!)

Quite an episode! Lots of secrets finally revealed — First off, that nagging question about what was so important about 1919; The secret Rebekah is holding over Marcel that would make Klaus hate Marcel forever. Here are my questions are: What the heck happened to Cami after Marcel fed on her? Did he “heal” her with his blood? Did she become a vampire (that would be entertaining)? If Celeste now has a knife powerful enough to kill the Originals and all vampires, why did she bring the two other witches back from the dead? Will Elijah have to deal with his feeling for Haley head on or bury them to protect the family? When will this baby werewolf be born? Who will figure out that Celeste has the Harvest power? Will it be Haley since she’s studied the drawings enough?

What did you think of this episode? Tell us your thoughts!

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