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“After me, the deluge (flood)” – Louis XV of France

Last night’s episode of The Originals was a game changer for the Mikaelson family. As Davina’s power grows too strong for her, it will set in motion a series of events that will bring the Mikaelsons together, rip apart their alliances, and put Klaus’ rule of New Orleans in jeopardy.

As the episode opens, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is explaining to Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) that witches over the centuries have been both the vampires’ allies and adversaries. And a force to be reckoned with. The witches ancestral magic is what anchors New Orleans and there has never been a such a powerful witch before Davina. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) enters the room and announces that Davina is safely in her room, under his protection. He comments on the drawing of Celeste about how beautiful she is and evil, according to Davina. However, Elijah believes that Davina has mistaken power for evil because Celeste was very powerful in her day. He doesn’t understand why she did all of the sketches now, after Celeste has been dead for over 200 years.

Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) enters a bedroom room with a tray of food, and Davina (Danielle Campbell) sends him flying across the room telling him to go away. Marcel wants to make things right between them but Davina accuses him of not making Klaus pay for killing her friend Tim. Marcel assures her that he will, but for right now, he wants to make peace. She accuses him of wanting them to be one big happy “Frankenstein” family so he have control of her again. Using her powers, she sends a large vase at Marcel’s head and it smashes against the wall.

Downstairs, Haley, Elijah, and Klaus glance at each other as they hear the ruckus going on in Davina’s room. Klaus comments that things aren’t going too well and Elijah replies that you can’t win a girl’s trust when you poison her boyfriend. Klaus asks him if there are any other inopportune deaths he wants to wave in his face, to which Elijah responds, he’ll get Klaus a list if he gives him a month (Ouch!). Klaus announces that witches are a pain in the ass and makes his way to Davina’s room.

Meanwhile, Marcel is side-stepping everything that Davina is flying towards him. Suddenly, she starts coughing violently, and as Klaus enters the room asking what’s with all the racket, Davina coughs up a large amount of dirt onto her bed. Downstairs, Haley tells Elijah there’s something he needs to know, but before she can tell him, the compound starts violently shaking, sending things crashing down, like an earthquake is happening. Haley and Elijah run outside to see what’s happening. Klaus runs out of Davina’s room and onto the balcony of the compound, and sees people panicking as tables and chair shake off the floor and car alarms go off. He sees Rebekah who looks up at him and asks what is happening. Klaus answers her with one word: Davina.

Rebekah (Claire Holt) goes to see Davina and asks her what’s she’s doing. Rebekah reminds her she wanted Davina to disrupt the household, not the city. Davina is lying on her bed and she says she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, but she didn’t do it on purpose. Rebekah stares at the dirt on the bed. Downstairs, Klaus asks Marcel how she could rock the entire French Quarter and asks how he controlled her in the attic. Marcel says he’s only seen her do the same thing to the church and he didn’t have to control her because he didn’t kill her boyfriend (Dig, dig!). Elijah says she has too much power that she can’t control but wonders why it’s manifesting itself like it is, so he exits saying he’s going ask a witch since this is witches business.

Haley tells Elijah as he’s leaving, that if he’s going to see Sophie, she needs to tell him something. She says that Sophie asked her to get information on where Celeste was buried, in exchange for lifting the werewolf curse. Haley said she went snooping into his personal journal and told her. She admits it was wrong and that she should have told him. Elijah is shocked and angry. He tells her that when a powerful witch is consecrated, their power goes back into the witch community. Celeste did not want her remains to be found for that reason, and he promised to bury her where she would not be found. Elijah tells Haley his promise to Celeste has now been broken by her. Haley says she believed they were only bones; Elijah retorts that if that is what she believed, why didn’t she directly ask him where to find Celeste. Haley can’t answer him and Elijah walks away.

Meanwhile, at the cemetery, Sabine (Shannon Kane) is in the process of creating a spell when Sophie (Daniella Pineda) walks in and tells her to stop what she’s doing. She’s figured out a way to complete the Harvest and they need to find Davina. Sabine asks her how and Sophie tells her she’s figured out how to become an elder. Sabine reminds her that to become one, she has to have that power bestowed upon her by all the other elders, who are dead. Sophie tells of a time in the 1742 when a massacre left the witches without any elders and they were told that if one of them consecrated a powerful witch, they’d become an elder. Sabine counters that, asking where is such a witch and Sophie presents her with Celeste, explaining she was Elijah’s lover and a powerful witch who was drowned. She lays out her bones and says she got Haley to find out where Elijah buried her. She will consecrate Celeste, absorb her power and become an elder. Sophie says they only have a couple more weeks to complete the Harvest otherwise all the witches will lose their power and they won’t be able to resurrect the three girls, including her niece who were sacrificed. She states she doesn’t care about anything else to which Elijah joins them and says that he cares and tells Sophie to go with him. Sabine’s expression softens when she watches Elijah leave.

Back at the compound, in a room with Klaus and Rebekah, Elijah has Sophie look at Davina’s sketches of Celeste and asks her to explain the coincidence of her stealing the remains of the person Davina has been sketching for months, but she can’t. She admits not even knowing who Celeste was. Just then, Davina screams upstairs and the house begins to violently shake, which startles Sophie. Sophie asks if that was Davina just then and if it was her that caused the “earthquake” earlier, to which Klaus confirms. Rebekah mentions that Davina is vomiting dirt as well. Sophie says they have to complete the Harvest now, because the power Davina got from the other three sacrificed girls, was meant to flow back into the earth and not meant to be held by one person and it’s now tearing her apart. Sophie says it will take them down with it.

Marcel meets up with Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) and explains they need to prepare the city. Sophie has explained that as Davina self-destructs, she will cycle through the four stages that represent the four elements that bound together the Harvest. The first is the earthquake. Cut to Rebekah explaining the same thing to Davina, that the next stage is wind, and she’ll blow the roof off the place. Back to Klaus telling Kieran the next stage after wind is water, which likely means a flood. The worst will be the last stage – fire. He tells Kieran he didn’t take over New Orleans to see it burn down. He tells Kieran he’s going to stop it but he won’t like how.

Rebekah tells Davina that they are going to complete the Harvest. Davina cries out; she doesn’t want that to happen; she doesn’t believe the witches who say she’ll be resurrected. She says like Marcel and her, the witches will say anything to get what they want. Rebekah disagrees, tells Davina she cares about her; that she can relate to her. Downstairs, Sophie warns Elijah and Marcel they don’t have much time since the first sign has already come and gone. Marcel tells her to fix Davina, but Sophie responds that she can’t be. Upstairs, Rebekah administers a sedative to Davina explaining it will keep her calm and alive. Sophie warns that if they wait it out, only the Originals will be left. Just then, a strong howling wind starts up, banging the shutters of the windows and scattering stuff around the streets of the Quarter. Rebekah administers the sedative and Davina goes to sleep. The wind abruptly stops. Sophie asks if they’re now convinced.

Marcel goes up to Davina’s room and paces. Downstairs, Elijah tells Klaus that Davina has been sedated too heavily to which Klaus disagrees. He tells Elijah that just because they agreed to sacrifice Davina, there was no need to let her blow the roof off in the meantime. Marcel yells out that they are not touching her and jumps the balcony where upon he lands a right hook on Klaus’ jaw. Elijah tells Marcel that there is no way they can wait things out; Davina is going to die. He said if Sophie a non-believer thinks that completing the Harvest will resurrect the girls, then he too, is a believer. Marcel can’t believe that after he saved Davina, Klaus wants him to just hand her over to be sacrificed. Klaus responds that he doesn’t want it to happen either, but he has to protect the city. Marcel accuses him of only caring now about it. Elijah reminds Marcel they built the city. Klaus says he watched it burn to the ground twice and he won’t stand by and watch New Orleans be burned to the ground for a third time. Marcel leaves angrily. Klaus tells Elijah he’s off to warn a couple of prominent people. Elijah declines to go along, citing he wants to pay his respects to Celeste when she is consecrated (which he finds reprehensible). He brushes off Haley as she tries to ask him something. Klaus remarks that he thought Elijah was the people person. (hahaha! Good zinger!).

Meanwhile, Rebekah hits up Sophie with an alliance proposition. When the Harvest is completed and the witches have their power back, she will need an Original on her side since Marcel and Klaus will still be in charge and they don’t fight fair. Sophie asks why should she side with her and Rebekah tells her it’s not who you side with, it’s who you side against. In Davina’s room, Marcel thinks back to the Harvest and the girls who were sacrificed and how he saved Davina. He undoes the IV of sedative from Davina’s arm. Two of Klaus’ goons try to stop him, but he just easily breaks their necks and carries Davina out of the compound. (Can he really hide her?)

Back at the cemetery, Sophie begins preparing Celeste’s bones for the consecration. Sabine is near-by watching her, and Elijah is a few feet away, observing. He thinks back about Celeste and walks away. Sabine tells him he doesn’t have to stay as it will take time for Sophie to prepare. He responds that he has the time; he owes Celeste this. Sabine asks him why. Elijah asks her if she’s ever experienced something so wonderful that when it was taken from you, your life felt unbearable. Sabine says she has. He responds that when you love someone you have a bond that makes you vulnerable and that person has the ability to hurt you, like no one else. His phone rings. It’s Rebekah.

Klaus with Rebekah, have found the unconscious Day Walkers in Davina’s bedroom. She tells Elijah that Marcel has run off with Davina. Rebekah suggests they divide and conquer to find Davina. Elijah says he’s with Sabine, so maybe she can try a locater spell. Sabine nods yes. Klaus says he’ll check the church and talk to Kieran. Rebekah says she’ll check everywhere else (uh, yeah).

Meanwhile, Klaus finds a crying Haley is putting cans of ham into boxes. He warns her not to take them out to the Bayou as it’s not safe (is he caring now?) and she answers not for anyone. (That takes him back!). He grabs one box, tells her to grab the other and to go with him.

Back at the cemetery, with the strong winds blowing, Sophie does the consecration ceremony. Inside, Sabine is doing a locater spell, to find Davina but it’s not working. She explains to Elijah that it’s like Davina is everywhere, which means her magic is hemorrhaging and they have little time to find her. Elijah politely asks her to concentrate and try again.

In a warehouse somewhere, Davina wakes up and once again sends Marcel flying into a wall (he must have a headache by now). He assures her he isn’t going to hurt her, but Davina says she doesn’t believe him. Marcel explains that he put the protection spell on her and that’s why she’s alive and Tim is dead. If he’d known what was going to happen, he’d have protected Tim too. She asks if he saved her and Marcel says he did. But Davina confronts him that he just wants her as a weapon. Marcel admits to her that he did at first, that with her power, he could control the witches and rule the city, but it went to his head. However, that’s not the case now; he just wants to keep her alive. He promises no one will touch her, that he will fix things.

At St. Anne’s church, Klaus and Haley deliver the boxes of canned ham. Haley looks around and see a group of people. Father Kieran accepts them but says they haven’t used what Klaus had given them. Haley looks surprised but Klaus tells Kieran they are from Haley. Haley asks who the people are, and Klaus said he asked Kieran to give them shelter because that’s Father Kieran likes to do good (Great deflection tactic Klaus!). Klaus tells Kieran that Marcel has taken Davina. He is surprised and says they didn’t come back to the attic, so Klaus asks him to use his resources to help find them. Haley comments that the people are werewolves and is surprised that he is helping them. Klaus responds that they aren’t her werewolves; they are his clan from very far back. They’ve have fallen on hard times which has brought out the philanthropist in him and might be Elijah’s influence. (Poor Haley; he loves jerking her chain). She asks about his clan; Klaus says their blood runs in his and their baby’s veins. (Ah ha! The real reason he’s helping them). He advises Haley not to treat Elijah as he does. He says Elijah is accomplished in many things, but he is the Master of Forgiveness. (Hint, hint, girl! Klaus noticed there’s a rift between them. Awww.)

Back at the cemetery, Sabine concentrates on the map, and tells Elijah that Davina is located near the river, nothing specific. Just then, Sophie appears and says the consecration didn’t work because there’s nothing there. Elijah doesn’t understand because the magic is in the bones until consecrated. Sophie says someone must have taken it because there’s nothing there. Sabine has her head down while Sophie is talking (hmmm, is this a clue as to what happened?). Elijah says there must be another way, to which Sabine says no. But Sophie says unless he knows of another powerful dead witch whose bones were never consecrated, it’s over. To which Elijah responds, he does know of one — his mother.

At the compound, Rebekah tells Elijah that he has officially gone mad. Elijah points out that Klaus has stashed their dead, not staked, mother in a coffin and it’s in their basement. Elijah suggests that they put her to rest on land of one her ancestors, she becomes a New Orleans witch, and they will share in the ancestral magic. Rebekah points out that vampires can’t do magic, or own property to which Elijah agrees about the magic, but says they can own property.

Sophie back at the cemetery explains to Sabine that when the Mikaelsons bury their mother, they can channel all of her power to Sophie, but the hitch is that as the conduit, they must attend the Harvest. Cut back to Elijah, who explains to Klaus and Rebekah that not all their mother’s descendents are dead; the plantation is now in Haley’s name, because of the baby. If they bury their mother at the plantation, and consecrate the grounds, they can finish the Harvest Festival. Klaus agrees with Elijah to do this, but Rebekah, being the voice of reason, explains that their mother was the most powerful witch on Earth, and her power will go to the witches, their enemies, and used against them. Elijah says they have no choice. They look out the window at the rain storm starting and Elijah points out that next sign has begun. It is water. Rebekah reluctantly gives in and agrees with the plan. Klaus gleefully goes off to get their mother for the family reunion.

Rebekah goes to The Garden and asks Thierry (Callad Harris) where Marcel would hide something precious to him. Thierry however, isn’t eager to give up the information since he’s still entombed and not happy thinking he might drown. Rebekah reminds him that fire kills vampires and asks him if burning would be more pleasant than drowning. She promises to free him once everything is done. Thierry tells her there is a place by the docks where Marcel would go.

At the hideout, Davina tells Marcel she wants to hide out for a few weeks. He promises Davina he’ll get her out of town once everything is over. She tells him of her dream of being normal again with Tim. Rebekah appears and tells her that it was just a dream. Marcel yells at her to get out. Suddenly, Davina starts vomiting large amounts water. Rebekah tells Marcel that his stubbornness will cause her death. Marcel says he won’t let her die without a fight and Rebekah says he owes it to her, as her family, to do so.

In a pouring down rain and thunderstorm, the Mikaelsons and Haley stand at the open grave of their mother. Klaus asks Rebekah if she found Marcel and Davina, to which she says yes. He asks if Marcel will bring her, and she says she believes he will. Father Kieran passes a knife to Klaus and he cuts his palm. He passes it on and each of them do the same. The knife is handed back to Kieran and he tosses it into the grave, saying it is done.

Back at the cemetery, Sophie and Sabine are getting ready for the Harvest. The bodies of the three girls who were sacrificed have been laid out side by side. Sabine hands Sophie a silver dagger, in a cloth. She takes the knife and holds it over an open flame.

Meanwhile, Davina tells Marcel, it’s okay (to take her to the Harvest) but he says he failed her. She tells him she’ll die whether she does the Harvest or not. The only other option would be if she takes everyone with her. She tells Marcel that if this is the end (and she doesn’t get resurrected), she feels that she’s had a lot in her life, that not everyone gets even if they live to be 100 years old. And she had Marcel, who fought for her the moment they met. She says she’s ready.

At the cemetery, there is pouring rain with thunder and lightening. The three sacrificed girls lie side by side on a cement slab/alter. The Mikaelsons and Haley stand on one side, Sophie and Elijah on the other side. They watch as fire lights up the sky, trailing Marcel as he cradles Davina in his arms and brings her to the alter. Sophie runs the knife through an open flame and stands before Davina. She asks Davina if she believes in the Harvest and she says she does. Marcel watches as Sophie slits Davina’s throat. Haley gasps in horror and looks away. Rebekah closes her eyes. Elijah looks at Klaus who watches as Davina collapses into Marcel’s arms and takes her last breath. The rain abruptly clears up. The magic flows down Davina’s arm to her hand and disappears.

Davina is lying next to the other scarified girls. As the others stand near-by, Sophie starts the Reaping, and calls “upon our elders to resurrect the chosen ones” as she looks down at the girls. But nothing happens. Sophie repeats it twice, still nothing happens. She begs and then breaks down, realizing it won’t happen. The others are left in stunned silence. Marcel, angrily disappears and returns to the compound where he smashes up the furniture. Klaus finds him there. Marcel blames him for everything, saying they were all fine until he returned to the city. Davina was in control and she was safe until he got her worked up and killed Tim. Klaus tries to diffuse him with his condolences, and says they still have their vampire community, but Marcel says he doesn’t care; Davina is dead.

Klaus looks him in the eye and then embraces him as Marcel breaks down and cries on his shoulder. (Wow. Tissues please!). He tells Marcel he’s truly sorry. He also tells Marcel that he may think he knows nothing of his grief, but Marcel is wrong, Klaus does. With his hand on the back of Marcel’s head and one hand on his shoulder, Klaus looks him in the eyes and tells Marcel that in the days when he had fled New Orleans, he thought Marcel was dead and it took years before he could speak his name, because that’s how keenly he felt the loss. He again tells a crying Marcel he’s sorry twice more and embraces him. (Oh my goodness. That was heart wrenching. Klaus does have a soft, caring side after all. More tissues please!).

Out in the Quarter, Elijah bumps into Haley. She asks if he can forgive her yet and he says it’s not that easy. She apologizes again for what she did, but Elijah says she knows what Celeste means to him when she was in his head in the Bayou. She corrects him and says don’t you mean, meant to you. He says no and asks if she knows what love is. He says he has known it only twice in a thousand years and has honored it. She tells him that was 200 years ago and she prefers to live in the present, taking whatever she wants. (Hint, Elijah?). She asks him why he is choosing the dead over the living and walks away. He catches her arm and they are millimeters away from kissing. After some deep looks into each other’s eyes, he lets her go and she walks away (What is the deal, Elijah? So close!).

Meanwhile, Klaus pours Rebekah a drink and says even though things didn’t go the way he thought they would, they saved the city and he’s not complaining that the witches have lost their power. He compliments Rebekah on her resourcefulness on finding Marcel and Davina and asks her how she did it. She smiles and says she has her own spies in the Quarter, just like him. She says even Elijah’s plan was crazy, she thought it would work. Klaus agrees, believing that Davina would survive because she had so much life in her. Then a thought comes to Rebekah. She asks Klaus what happened to all that power from their mother, since the four girls were supposed to resurrect and none of them did. Klaus just stares at her, the wheels in his head turning.

Somewhere in the Quarter, Sabine is working a voodoo doll. Three pins are stuck into its chest and she drains blood from its neck into a challis. Out of the cemetery walks Bastianna (Shannon Eubanks), an elder who was killed by the vampires during the Harvest. The next person to appear is Papa Tunde (Owiso Odera) a man dressed in a 1930s (?) stripped suit and fedora. The last one is Genevieve (Elyse Levesque) dressed as a 1920s flapper. They join up on the street and Genevieve asks the others why are they here. Papa Tunde says because someone summoned them. Sabine appears before them and says she did. Bastianna looks at her and asks what is the meaning of this. She says she’s tired of being called Sabine for the past year and to call her by her real name….Celeste.

Okay, that was quite the creepy episode with lots of surprises. Here are my questions:
Did Sabine capture all the power from the Mikaelsons’ mother? Will she be so powerful that she will fight the vampires and Klaus for control of New Orleans? Can she be defeated? Why did she raise those particular elders? For more power? Is this what Davina saw coming in her sketches, what she meant by Celeste being evil? How did Sabine become Celeste or is she just thinking she is because she has her power? Why did she wait so long to emerge? What will Elijah think of Sabine/Celeste? What happens to the witches now that they have lost their power? Can they get it back somehow? Will Celeste give it back to them through the resurrected elders?

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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Over 2500+ HD screencaptures of last night’s “500 Years of Solitude”, aka TVD #100, were added to the gallery. Click the thumbnails to view the entire album! Enjoy them but please PLEASE credit if you use them! It is VERY time consuming to cap, sort, upload and add screencaptures to the gallery (which explains why I haven’t been doing them in a long while because of lack of time).


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