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The Originals – The Casket Girls – Recap/Review

It may be a man’s world, but never underestimate the power of a woman.

The mid-season opener of The Originals takes on a powerful theme: Oppressed women will triumph over selfish men when they are brave enough to fight for themselves. Rebekah, Davina, Sophie, Cami, and Haley make plans to take back control of their lives.

The episode opens with Rebekah (Claire Holt) narrating the story of the legendary Casket Girls. A horse drawn coach with three women and their male companion ride across Louisiana Territory, with a flat bed of three coffins hitched behind them. It is 1751 and like other society women seeking love, they have came from France on a promise to marry proper New Orleans gentleman. They are on their way to the Governor of New Orleans’ mansion, but a band of rowdy, torch carrying men intercept the coach and try to get to the women. The frightened women hear a commotion outside and then everything goes quiet. Their male companion gets halfway out of the coach to investigate and is promptly killed. Rebekah appears, wipes blood from her mouth, and reassures them that the bad men are gone (evident by the bodies scattered near-by) and that “us girls” need to stick together. She then asks them if they need to bring anything, and escorts them away from the scene. The camera pans to the three caskets and then to the women. Two are opened and partially empty, containing lace and such; the third one is closed. Two women are running, following Rebekah, each carrying their wedding dresses in their arms. (Maybe the Casket Girls will be turned into vampires by the not so proper gentlemen they meet at the Governor’s mansion (hint: where the Mikaelson family entertains) and the men on the road were trying to intervene or had other horrible designs on them).

Back to present day. In the French Quarter, Rebekah walks amongst the celebrants of the Casket Girl day, a yearly reminder of how women can be oppressed by selfish men and how they can triumph when they are brave enough to fight for themselves.

Meanwhile, Davina (Danielle Campbell) has been ridding Cami (Leah Pipes) of Klaus’ mind compulsion (a painful process) throughout the night in Cami’s apartment. She still doesn’t understand what’s happening, but Davina reassures her she will when it’s completed. Josh (Steven Krueger) tells Cami that she’ll be fine as he’s been through it too and commends her on the notes she kept while compelled. Davina offers to stop the process, but Cami declines, as she wants to remember everything.

Haley (Phoebe Tonkin), wearing an off the shoulder wedding dress, is assessing herself in a full-length mirror, when Elijah (Daniel Gilles) joins her. He helps zip and button up the dress in back as she can’t reach it. He points out that her wolf tattoo is showing and it might not be a good idea to be out in public, unless he went with her. She unhappily decides not to join in the Casket Girl festivities so as not to rock the boat between Klaus and Elijah. She asks Elijah to undo the dress and their expressions leave no doubt that there is an unfulfilled chemistry between them.

Out in the Quarter, Rebekah is searching for a wedding dress costume when Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) interrupts her. She brushes him off, saying he relinquished his right to touch her when he and Klaus became best friends again. (Ouch, that hurt!) Marcel’s cell phone rings and Klaus informs him that Davina has escaped the compound. Back at Cami’s apartment, Davina continues the mind compulsion cleansing and Josh lays down her notes in front of her. Cami picks one up and remembers she saw a picture of Klaus and Marcel taken back in 1919. She also remembers Klaus telling her to date Marcel so she can spy on him; that Klaus told her to forget him and leave New Orleans; that her brother was sick. Davina tells her she’ll take her memory back further.

Meanwhile, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) insists that Davina has escaped but Marcel disputes that she would. Elijah comes into the room and says the violin is missing, so she must have left on her own volition. Marcel confronts Elijah about what he might have said to her and accuses Elijah of taking her. Elijah denies both accusations and says he doesn’t know why she left or where she is. Klaus insists she is now an enemy since she is not a friend of the family any more, and says he knows how to get her back. As he exits the room, Elijah tells Marcel that if Elijah perceives Davina as a threat, it will be bad news for her. Marcel and Elijah agree that no one will lay a finger on Davina. (What is this, the Knights in Shining Armor club?)

Haley and Rebekah look through wedding dresses in trunks, on the main floor of the compound. As the trio leaves to find Davina, Haley confirms with Rebekah that Davina is missing. Haley says she told Davina about the witch elders being dead, but Rebekah doesn’t understand why that would bother Davina enough to run off. Haley said she believes it’s because Marcel didn’t tell Davina that she was now free since the elders are dead. And they were just keeping her to keep their control over the witches. Rebekah likens Davina to a modern day Casket Girl: Used by the witches, lied to by Marcel, manipulated by Elijah, threatened by Klaus. Haley asks if Rebekah is talking about Davina or herself. (Thank you, Captain Obvious!). Rebekah responds that it doesn’t matter; the girls have got to stick together.

Meanwhile, Sabine (Shannon Kane) interrupts Sophie (Daniella Pineda) having a tryst in her shop, to tell her about Marcel and his Day Walkers out searching for Davina. Sophie brightens up and realizes that if she’s not with Marcel, they can practice magic without him knowing, find Davina, and fix everything. Sabine reminds her that when the sun goes down, the Night Walkers quadruple so time is of the essence to find Davina before Marcel does. Sabine holds up a hairbrush of Davina’s she found at her family’s old house and she asks Sophie if she wants to do a locator spell.

Back at Cami’s apartment, Davina is getting Cami to down vervain water so she can be protected from being compelled again. Josh is hungry, so Davina offers her wrist, but as she does, she has a vision of magic being practiced. The vision shows a map and Davina says that the witches are trying to find her. Cami suggests they need to leave the Quarter, but Davina says it would be impossible to leave without Marcel or Klaus knowing. Cami suggests getting her uncle to help them, but Davina says he knows everything and works with Marcel. Cami is shocked at the revelation. Josh gives Davina his key cars and tells them to go get it at the dock. Davina tells him to meet up with them later.

At the compound, Haley gets a call from Sophie about Davina. She needs something from her in order to complete the harvest. Haley needs convincing so Sophie tells her that without the harvest, their access to magic will be gone for good, which won’t bode well for Haley’s wolf family. She tells Haley that her bloodline executed the curse that Marcel put on the wolves and if Haley helps her complete the Harvest, she promises to undo the curse. Haley agrees and Sophie tells her she needs to consecrate the remains of a powerful witch, Celeste, whose body was never found, so she can absorb her magic. This was Elijah’s lover and he buried her in a secret spot when she died. Sophie needs Haley to find out where that is.

Meanwhile, Cami spots Klaus as she and a disguised Davina walk the Quarter during the festival. She tells Davina they need to get off the street and they take off. Elijah meets up with Marcel just a few feet away and tells him that Father Kieran will call him if he hears anything. Klaus accuses them of looking cozy. Rebekah shows up and offers to help look for Davina, much to their surprise. Klaus announces that they are only moments away from finding her. Elijah asks what his plan is and Klaus walks a few feet away and finds Timothy (Shane Coffey), Davina’s friend. He compels Timothy to have a chat with him.

At Cami’s apartment, Josh tries to get Cami on her cell phone to find out where to meet her and Davina. A call comes in from Klaus and Josh hilariously tells him that he’s in Turkey (and he’s eating turkey! Funny boy). Klaus accuses him of being with Davina and then asks Josh if he wants Timothy to be left alone with him. He tells Josh to get Davina to come back home soon. Taking that as a threat to Timothy, Josh desperately tries again to reach Cami.

Cami and Davina arrive at St. Anne’s, but Davina doesn’t want to stay. Cami finally gets Josh’s call and tells her about Klaus killing Tim if Davina doesn’t show up at the compound. Davina tells her she has to go but is interrupted by the appearance of several witches. They knock Cami unconscious, and Davina unleashes her power by elevating them into the air simultaneously and breaking their necks. (Ding dong, the witches are dead). She tries to wake up Cami who is still unconscious and then leaves for the compound.

At the Mikealson house, Haley tells Klaus’ two “bodyguards” that she is just going to grab some clothes and tells them to wait. She goes to the library and finds Elijah’s journal. She skims through the entries about Celeste until she comes to the part where Elijah says where he buried her.

On the street, Davina encounters Josh. She tells Josh she will kill Klaus and the rest. She says her power is getting stronger and it’s growing. Josh tells her if she does kill them, not to hold back and give it all she’s got. Rebekah appears as Davina leaves, and tells Josh that he was very noble not telling Davina that if she kills Klaus, he will die too. (Since Josh is in Klaus’ lineage). She believes if Davina goes after Klaus, she will die and that will be tragic, so she offers Josh the opportunity to help Davina.

At the compound, Klaus has Timothy up on a high beam near the ceiling, playing his violin. He asks Elijah where Rebekah is, but Elijah wants to know how he can be so sure that Davina will show up. Klaus says she will; she’s infatuated with Timothy.
Marcel shows up and tells Klaus that he should do the talking. Davina enters the compound and demands that Timothy be let down but Klaus says first they have to talk about her coming back. Marcel intervenes and asks her why she ran; that she can talk to him; he’ll make it right.
Klaus butts in and says threats always get him results, to which Davina unleashes her anger. She knows Klaus for what he truly is and uses her powers to turn him into the hybrid and then breaks his neck. She tells Elijah he lied to her and for thousands of years he’s been a murderer like Klaus. She has him choke on all that blood and he collapses to the floor with blood pouring out of his mouth (poor Elijah; he didn’t deserve that). She tells Marcel that she loved him but he used her to stay in power, that he doesn’t care about her. He says she’s wrong. She says she should boil him in bronze (Just like what happened to Hans Solo! Star Wars fans will remember!). He tells Davina he took her in like she was his own, blah blah blah. She looks like she’s being convinced but then Marcel crumples to the ground with two gapping holes in his chest.
Rebekah has staked him. (Got to love Rebekah!) She tells Davina that what she did was impressive and well deserved. She tells her she has a surprise for her and in walks Josh. Rebekah grabs Josh by the throat and tells Davina that if she were Klaus, she would rip his head off and feed it to a Day Walker but she’s not him. She doesn’t play boyish games. She demonstrates this further by having Timothy jump off the beam he’s on and helps him land safely on the ground. (She’s obviously trying to win Davina’s trust). Rebekah tells her she has one more thing to show her.

Sophie is on the phone with Haley wanting more detail about where Celeste is buried other than “between two lovely oak saplings”. She says after 200 years, there’s only trees. Haley suggests she have a little faith that she can do it. So Sophie hangs up and chants, asking for help. A strong wind starts blowing and a light appears across the field, highlighting the burial spot.

Meanwhile, Rebekah has taken Davina, Josh, and Timothy to The Garden, and explains this is where Marcel punishes his friends who betray him. They see the bricked up vampires which horrifies Timothy. Rebekah shows them Thierry (Callard Harris), Marcel’s most trusted friend. She explains that Marcel knows Klaus tricked Thierry into betraying him, but Marcel keeps him locked up and suffering. Rebekah tells Davina she is showing her this because she needs to know who she’s dealing with; who she can trust. Timothy tells Davina she’s going to be all right, handing her a bottle of water and tells her to drink, which she does (Uh-oh). Rebekah suggests that together they can get payback on Klaus. Just then, Tim admits that Klaus compelled him to make Davina drink the water that he has drunk too. Tim collapses, chokes and dies, to Davina’s horror. Rebekah realizes Klaus has poisoned the water (Didn’t see that coming?) and then Davina then collapses.

Back at St Anne’s, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) finds his niece Cami waking up at the alter and asks if she’s eaten today. She retorts that she got “cold cocked by some witches” (hilarious). She asks him if Marcel knows that Davina was here. She confronts him about knowing of the witches and vampires, as well as her brother, and not telling her. He weakly says “it’s complicated” (His answer is a Facebook relationship status?). She accuses him of lying to her and he says he was protecting her. She tells him to stay away from her, that he’s as bad as the other monsters in New Orleans, and she storms out of the church.

Marcel and Elijah recover from their ordeal as Klaus is on the phone asking Rebekah where she is. She tells Klaus that Davina is dying and accuses him of poisoning her. He tells her that Davina isn’t their friend or hers. She asks him how to cure her because vampire blood isn’t working (Josh tries to feed Davina). He tells her the poison he gave to Timothy and her is potent. Rebekah says he could have dealt with her fairly; to which Klaus says that Davina made her choice when she stood against him. Marcel and Elijah give him withering stares to which Klaus laughs at, saying that Davina bested the lot of them and he did what he had to do. Elijah accuses Klaus of compelling Timothy to poison Davina without consulting them. Marcel tells Klaus he’s so predictable that he made an alliance with Elijah whom he doesn’t even like. Klaus looks surprised and asks Marcel what he wants to share. Marcel says Kieran called him earlier right after Sabine and the other witches found Davina at St Anne’s.

Flashback to St Anne’s, Marcel is standing over Sabine when she comes back to life. He asks her if she used a protection spell which she says she did. She said the others should have done the same as she looks over at the dead witches. Marcel asks and Sabine confirms that the spell is a one time deal so he gives her two choices for breaking his rule of using magic. Either she can join the dead witches or do the protection spell for Davina. (Guess what choice she made?).

Back to the present. Klaus tells Marcel he was very clever for slipping away under false pretenses and colluding with a witch; Klaus sarcastically says he should probably be proud of him Marcel says he wanted a fail safe in case Klaus starting acting like, well, himself. Klaus is angry that he involved the witches which are enemies to their family. Elijah reminds Klaus that Davina is Marcel’s family. Elijah tells Klaus to call Rebekah and tell her that Davina will recover; he wishes the same could be for Timothy.
Back at The Garden, Davina comes back to life. Rebekah and Josh are relieved and happy, but as Davina tries to wake up Timothy, it’s obvious that he’s dead. She pleads for him not to leave her alone.

Rebekah carries a sleeping Davina back to the compound and Marcel carries Davina up to her room. As Marcel stands by her bedside, Elijah enters the room and Marcel says that she’ll never trust him again. Elijah responds that perhaps not, but he should never give up the fight to gain her trust back. Elijah looks at Davina’s drawing easel and asks Marcel what the sketches are. He said she draws them when she’s not sensing magic and called them evil.

Back on the street, Cami encounters a surprised Klaus. She tells him that she knows he compelled her to leave town and that she’s gone through painful de-compulsion but it was worth it. She tells a stunned Klaus that if he hurts Davina or Josh, she’ll tell the world about him and then he will lose the French Quarter forever.

Back at The Garden, Rebekah tells Thierry (and feeds him a bag of blood) that she is tired of being oppressed for the past thousand years and tired of Klaus taking whatever he wants when he wants it, regardless of the consequences. She is tired of Marcel and Elijah waiting around for Klaus to redeem himself. To which Thierry states the obvious, “So, men suck” and asks what she wants him to do about it. She asks Thierry to help her take New Orleans away from them and she’ll do it right under their noses. They won’t see it coming from someone on the inside.

At the mansion, Haley finds Elijah with Davina’s sketches spread out on the coffee table. He wants to know if they are some sort of premonition; he thinks they suggest something sinister is coming (A nod to “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury perhaps? Good creepy book). Elijah puts the sketches together and to his shock, Celeste’s face stares back at him and Haley gasps. Meanwhile, Sophie has finished digging and has reached the coffin of Celeste. Haley excuses herself and tries to call Sophie to warn her, but she’s not answering.

Wow, what an episode! Lots and lots of interesting stuff going on in this one. My questions are: Who exactly were the Casket Girls? Did they become vampires or were they “food” for the vampire parties at the Governor’s mansion (hosted by the Mikealsons)? Why is Celeste evil? Will her power that Sophie wants, be the threat to all witches or to The Originals or to New Orleans? Will Sophie become an all powerful witch, more so than Davina? Will Elijah be the key in stopping it? Will Rebekah be able to take down Marcel, Klaus, and Elijah by using Davina and Tierry? What will Tierry’s role be? Why did she pick him to help and how will Marcel react to her freeing Tierry? Will Davina’s power grow so much that it might kill her?

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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